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The Symfony framework is one of the most popular, oldest, and trusted frameworks for the PHP language. In short, Symfony provides reusable PHP components to build high-performance web applications. As the old saying goes, “Why reinvent the wheel?” This is especially true in programming where speed and security are critical to business and technology success. Another plus is that large multinational companies all around the world have placed their trust in Symfony. For example, here are only some of the projects that are listed on Symfony’s official website that use or were built using Symfony web development: Drupal, phpBB, Laravel, BlaBlaCar, Spotify, MeinFernbusm.

Now hiring a Symfony programmer might be a challenge if you are not located in a major city, that’s why hiring a remote php developer might be just the answer you were looking for to create the next Symfony project. Especially that there might be a limited quantity of developers in your area, by looking for developers who work remotely, you get a chance to find a highly skilled professional for a better rate.

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Hire Symfony Developer

reasons why you need symfony development

They Are Experts in the Framework

This is important as every framework acts similar to its own language, Symfony is no different. Having a developer who understands and can utilize all the benefits of a framework is important to making sure you benefit from everything a framework has to offer. What good is using a framework if your developer doesn’t know how to maximize its potential?

They Will Help Your Business or Product Launch to Grow Faster

Because Symfony development has been around for a long time and has a large community, a vast majority of common components that every web application/software would need is already prebuilt. That means when you hire Symfony developer, they will be able to launch your product or business faster.

It Will Reduce Cost

Similar to the point above, hire Symfony developer speed up development time, but in the same stroke will reduce labor and cost. Having a successful product or business is about minimizing risk and development cost, and hiring a Symfony dev will do just that.

It Helps with Security

As the old saying goes, two minds are better than one, but how about thousands of minds then? That’s the benefit of having a Symfony programmer. Yes, developers are smart individuals, but it’s almost impossible at worst and inefficient at best for a developer to track every single security issue. Having a developer use Symfony makes security stronger as there are countless people who are constantly supporting your Symfony developer in maintaining the framework and security.

There Is a Set Standard and Easier Maintenance

One of the largest expenses and headaches of any application is to maintain the code base. The problem with writing something from scratch is that it makes it very difficult, time consuming and expensive for someone else to review and update the code. Hiring a Symfony developer ensures that there is a set standard and the next developer knows where everything is, how it works, and can easily find his way around any Symfony application. This again helps with security, cost, and speed.

Comparison of Symfony Developer Salary in Different Countries

Now, Symfony developer salary depends on the location and whether it’s an entry level position or a position for an experienced developer. Here are approximate yearly salaries for a developer in different cities across the world:

symfony developer salary

7 Reasons to Hire Symfony Developers in Ukraine

In conclusion, here are major reasons of hire Symfony developer in Ukraine makes the most sense:

reasons to hire symfony programmer in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Talent Pool for Programming

Ukraine’s Talent Pool for ProgrammingUkraine’s technology talent pool is large, vast, and diverse, which means that Ukraine has countless programmers for any kind of a project. So finding a highly skilled Symfony programmer is not an issue and can be found reliably here.

The Cost Is Lower than in Other Countries

The Cost Is Lower than in Other CountriesIn general costs are lower here for developers, and this benefit of course extends to Symfony developers as well. Being able to build your project quickly, but also cost efficiently will help ensure your project and/or company has the greatest chance of success.

Large IT Community Speaks English

Large IT Community Speaks EnglishSince many international companies choose Ukraine as a prime location for developers, it is very common that most developers have a strong command of English. This is extremely important to your project, this way your requirements are not misinterpreted which can cause unnecessary delays.

Time Zone Benefits

Time Zone BenefitsHaving a team work while you sleep is a large advantage for companies who are looking to gain an edge. Because of the complementary time zone difference, you will have the benefit of being able to speak with your developers at a reasonable hour, then having them work through your night so you can pick up and review once you wake up (assuming you are located in North America). Now, for those who are in West Europe the benefits is that Ukraine is not far away from most cities, and since there is very little time zone difference, you benefit from continuity of your business hours.

High Standards

High StandardsUkraine is a country that is very prideful and as a culture strives for high quality results. Because of the close proximity to Western Europe, the high standards for quality products and software are transferred to Ukraine.

Large Technology Community

Large Technology CommunityBecause there are so many tech specialists in Ukraine, there are numerous national IT events with international speakers and experts. This technology community is important, especially for developers as it serves as a resource to help continually challenge them to improve and perfect their skill, in addition to allowing them to learn solutions that other developers have reached.

Hard Working Culture

Lastly, Ukraine’s culture and people are very hard working. This is reflected in the corporate culture as well. It is not unusual to see Ukrainians working late nights to ensure a high quality product.

hire symfony developer at Mobilunity

Mobilunity Is Your Right Choice

If Ukraine looks good to you in terms of hiring dedicated development teams, Mobilunity can be perfect for you, as we are one of the top dedicated developers provider in Ukraine with a huge package of experience and large number of clients from different countries including Switzerland, Germany, Israel, USA, Canada etc. We would be glad to provide you with the best Ukrainian Symfony development teams. We are waiting for your message.

If you are looking to hire Symfony developer to help you grow your business in the right direction, then hire them from Mobilunity.

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