How Zend Developer Can Be Useful in PHP Project

Development Process of Zend Developers

PHP enjoys one of the largest and most active developer communities. It has numerous tools for almost any programming task imaginable, including a plethora of web development frameworks. This has led to incredible technology diversity among companies that use PHP. You are as likely to find a company employing a Symfony developer team while a similar company will opt for Zend, CakePHP, or another option.

Zend Advantages

While these technology alternatives look all alike at first glance, there’s a time and place for each one. With Zend, in particular, certain web applications become stunningly simple to create when you use this framework.

Hiring Zend developers can greatly improve your PHP projects by allowing you to develop high-quality web applications faster. In the absence of Zend, your team might struggle to settle on a proven and tested development standard. The framework solves all that in one complete solution for PHP.

MVC Architecture

In short, Zend will work great for your project if you are looking for the following combination:

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture
  • Simplicity combined with reusability
  • The ability to reuse existing open-source web app components
  • Loosely-coupled software that relies on configuration rather than convention

Examples Of Zend Application Development

Zend is actually one of the older PHP frameworks. It was started in 2006 and is developed by the Zend Technologies company. The framework uses an open-source BSD-style license. This makes it unrestrictive to use, modify, and repackage the framework code.

The use of the framework is mainly for developing large scale web applications. These range from content management systems, corporate websites, and enterprise apps, all the way to end-to-end ecommerce solutions. For example, the following applications are all developed on top of Zend:

  • Magento – Leading ecommerce software solution
  • Open Ticket – A support and ticketing package
  • Humhub – Social networking platform
  • Shopware – A software solution for ecommerce
  • Flarum Core – Open source forum software

Hire Zend Developer

There are multiple companies offering Zend development services around the world. Since PHP is used widely by many businesses, this has led to a large community of development services. Working with a Zend development company is a great way to obtain quality software built quickly and reliably. If you would prefer to develop the software yourself, then you should consider hiring a Zend developer. There are several important ways how Zend developers can be useful in a PHP project.

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Faster Speed Of Development

Zend developers can craft complete web applications in a fraction of the time it might take to do the same in the absence of a framework. This saves you money on development.

In addition, you are able to launch your web application much faster. These subtle advantages compound. For a startup, hiring a team of Zend developers could thus be the secret to a competitive advantage when developing a minimally viable product (MVP).

Well Structured Code

Working with this framework results in well-structured code. The framework makes this much easier to achieve than when rolling your own solution from scratch.

With this comes the ability to add features to an application quickly and easily. Integrating new functionality into a well-structured code-base follows a logical process along well-established integration points.

Reduce Technology Risk

Hiring Zend developers works because it mitigates technical risk. If you are working with a tight deadline where you cannot afford failure to implement features, Zend developers can be indispensable.

A small team of developers that know the framework well can be more effective than a larger team using alternatives. This is because the long-running history of Zend programming has created one of the most stable PHP software libraries. You are less likely to run into bugs in the framework itself than with a newer, less well-tried framework.

reasons to hire zend php developer

The Skills Of A Zend Developer

Zend developers have a wide range of skills that will help any PHP software development project. These developers need to master a range of other skills such as HTML, CSS, XML, web services, NoSQL, and others, which work with Zend applications. When evaluating a Zend developer, you will want to look for the following combination of skills.

Object-oriented PHP code

Zend uses the object-oriented features of PHP to make composing large applications clean and effective. Developers who know the web framework, therefore, will be able to organize code using object-oriented interfaces which result in better applications. The applications from such code will be easy to maintain or refactor in the future.

Database Interoperability With MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Zend developers are able to integrate your PHP applications with a range of databases. These include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and Oracle. With such broad interop capability, you can use the framework with your existing database. Regardless of how your database changes in the future, this web app framework is in a great position to support any new databases you might need.


Developers skilled in a major framework like Zend bring the experience of working with modern web app standards. For example, the framework encourages the use of logical, attractive URL schemes. This is one example in which the framework improves the experience of users of applications built with the framework.

Good Zend developers are highly sensitive to these standards because the framework is replete with such a focus on modern ways. The use of REST, along with JSON and other API development is another modern standard that Zend developers should be familiar with.

Best Options For Zend Framework Development

In order to hire Zend programmer talent or PHP developers for hire, you should consider the following ways in which you can accomplish this.

best options for zend framework development

Zend Developer Salary: Ukraine And Other Nations

zend developer salary in different countries

Salary for Zend Developer Around The World

The salary of a Zend developer varies widely depending on location. This is one reason why it can be so beneficial for a client to look abroad when hunting for talent.

In London, for example, a Zend developer earned an average GBP 45,000 according to ITJobsWatch. This amounts to approximately USD 62,558 at current exchange rates.

According to Stack Overflow, the average for Germany is around $41,400. In Poland, on the other hand, Zend developer salary is around $33,000 based on estimates from salaries posted on In Ukraine, it is approximately $23,601 based on Payscale data.

Given that development is cheaper in Ukraine and similar countries, concentrating on these countries makes sense for building Zend development teams. When you engage developers in Eastern Europe, you get the most value for your development budget.

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