Implementing Microsoft Dynamics for Retail Business: Best Practices

In today’s business environment, the obsession to streamline business processes has seen many retailers are looking for MS Dynamics developers to help them adopt Microsoft Dynamics retail management systems. Basically, the system helps optimize the management process by making it easier to integrate all the critical business functions such as finance, operations, sales, supply chain, services, projects, reporting, and analytics. Along with that, Microsoft Dynamics for retail also helps enhance the brand value, streamline processes, reduces redundancy, and integrate all departments under one roof, all of which are important in staying ahead of the curve.

In this article, we are going to look at how the MS retail management system functions, how to successfully implement it, and why it is important to have the right team when implementing retail CRM solutions.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Industry

According to a report published by Dynamics Focus, Dynamics AX retail was ranked as the second most used CRM with a 19% market share. This growth is largely driven by the versatility of the platform since it can be integrated as a whole end-to-end solution or as a stand-alone function to supplement already existing technologies. 

Some of the benefits in the retail sector include:

Best Practices of MS Dynamics Implementation in Retail

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the retail sector is a complex undertaking that requires significant financial and technical commitment. 

Below, we have prepared 5 tips to help you successfully implement Dynamics 365:

Plan Strategically

Every successful project starts with good planning. When looking to implement Dynamics 365, the first thing you need to get right is to plan for the infrastructure.  And since it is cloud-based, you need to ensure that all these unforeseen instances are catered for to avoid redundancies once the system is deployed.

Involvement Engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

One of the biggest assets you can have when implementing Dynamics 365 applications is to consult SMEs. They not only provide crucial feedback about the product but also offer the best implementation methodologies, reducing the overall risk. 

Customize Before Integrating

Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most flexible and easily customizable CRM for retail industry, it is important to ensure that customization and migration happen before integration. This not only makes the integration process smooth but also helps in accommodating future updates.

Establish the “System of Record”

When deliberating about the integration process, the best place to start is to determine the system that will be used as the “Master Data”. By doing so, it becomes easier to design the peripheral environment as well as enhance the system’s security requirements. 

Build Cross-Functional Teams

Whether you are in the retail sector or looking for Dynamics CRM for healthcare, you need to have cross-functional teams of experts that excel at identifying system time gaps, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and quality control issues. For instance, experts can help garner support management, employees, and vendors, as the IT specialists focus on Dynamics AX development and the implementation process. 

How Mobilunity Can Assist in Dynamics AX Development

Unfortunately, the cost of retail Dynamics consulting services varies enormously. Generally, though, most Microsoft partners earn an annual base pay of between $250K-$302K. With that in mind, it is important to have a qualified retail CRM  solutions provider to not only help you with installation, but also ensure the project stays on track, on budget, and follows best practice towards end-user adoption. If you need help with that, you’re in the right place. Mobilunity has 10 years of experience in the nearshore and offshore dedicated IT services. We are experts in helping SMEs and multinational companies adopt and implement innovative digital solutions without losing control of the development process.

If you are looking for retail Dynamics consulting services or retail CRM solutions, contact us, and let’s discuss your project!

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