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November 28, 2016 - Anastasia

In-Depth Look At The Visible And Invisible CAPTCHA

The topic is as broad as the captcha use on whatever web-page you go. The main reason this test became so popular on the internet is because it helps to keep out bots from spying and spamming on your source.

invisible captcha

Captcha Types

There are lots of visible captcha types and their number grows each day. They provide form spam protection, user email protection, and other kinds of so-called weapon in this long-lasting war with spammers. If you are a programmer, you can surely make your captcha, implementing the exact design and type of protection you need. If you don’t want to waste your time on that, it’s not a problem, there are tons of ready-to use jquery captcha variants for you. Here are the examples of visible captchas we are all accustomed to:

The Standard Distorted Word Captcha

word captcha formThis type of the captcha form is the most popular. There is also a great advantage, which is an audio option, in case you are unable to solve the distorted word. It is reliable but not the most effective one due to its popularity, hence the growing desire of hackers to create bots, which can outsmart it.

Picture Identification Captcha

picture captcha formThis one shows you several pictures from which you are expected to choose right ones as in the example. Quite effective type.

Math Solving Captcha

math captcha formMath problems are basic and effective at the same time. If your users aren’t smart enough to solve 1+3, maybe you don’t need their comments on your thread anyways.

3D Captcha

3d captcha formThis is the hardest one to solve, therefore the most effective and also quite unique nowadays. There are two types you can use: with words or with pictures shown.

reCAPTCHA by Google

google captcha formThis is the latest and the most convenient visible captcha that you may have faced in your internet-surfing experience.

Alternative to captcha

Some people, or should we say most of them, are annoyed by wasting their time on solving captchas daily. Therefore it is a perfect time to talk about their best alternative: invisible captcha. Here are some examples of them:


This solution by Phil Haack, honeypot was probably one of the first attempts to solve the spam problem by using invisible techniques. It’s old, but still works.

SMART Captcha

Developed by ProtectWebForm, this type is based on JavaScript. It is great, because almost all spam robots can’t parse the code written in JS.

Plugins on WP

  1. Advanced Invisible anti-spam
  2. Invisible Captcha

There’s nothing much to talk about this. Plugins just perform their job perfectly and are easy to install as a bonus.

Automated and manual spam-detection services

Alternative to captcha, Akismet serves greatly as an advanced utility for your website.

‘I approve implementation of CAPTCHA on the websites due to the security reasons. The invisible one is more likely to be chosen, because it improves user experience, doesn’t distract your client and does its job. On we installed invisible captcha that helps our Sales Team to get only relevant and real clients’ requests and doesn’t bother visitors.’  – Svitlana Sazanova, Web Manual Tester Team Lead

Now it is your time to choose the right variant of captcha and implement it in your website to increase security level, or speaking simple words: get rid of spam-bots.

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