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List of Java Application Developer Responsibilities and Skills

Java is one of the most powerful technologies in the field of software development, and the Java programmers are the most sought professional roles for SW developer in the marketplace around the world. According to the TOIBE index, Java is the number one computer programming language with the 16.88% ranking followed by C language with the 14.96% ranking.

The question about how to hire remote java developers appears as the demand for Java programming services is very high in the market, which pushes up the number of Java development companies across the globe. The as far as the choice of the software developers’ is concerned, Java sits again on the top of developers’ choice list. When compiling a list of Java application developer responsibilities and skills, it is important to highlight the ability to hire web app developer who possesses expertise in both front-end and back-end development, while also considering the potential benefits of mobile development outsourcing to ensure a comprehensive and successful application development process.
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Java App Developers’ Demand in Global Market

At the time of writing this article, more than 32 thousand jobs that required Java skills were available on the Indeed.com job portal. According to the comparative information of this job portal, Java was on the top of the list with over 62 thousand job postings followed by the Python with 46 thousand jobs, and JavaScript at third position with 38 thousand job postings.

If we have a look at the existing figures regarding the market penetration of Java development language, we come to know that more than 90% of the desktops and enterprise desktops run Java. Similarly, more than 3 billion Smartphones and over 125 million TV devices run Java. Thus, a huge demand of the Java application developers will remain for many years to come. In such circumstances, opening a Java application development company has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the domain of the software industry.

As far as the demand for the Java application developers in the outsourcing domain is concerned, you can find thousands of vacancies for offshore java programmers jobs through multiple freelancing and recruiting web portals. Despite the presence of a huge number over 9 million Java application developers in the world, still, the demand for Java applications developer is not reducing at all.

Major Responsibilities of a Java Application Developer

The responsibilities of a Java application developer may vary with the requirements and the type of projects, but we can generalize the key responsibilities of a Java developer as mentioned below:

  • Understanding the application requirements and developing a comprehensive program architecture
  • Developing, implementing and testing the software code developed based on requirements
  • Developing a technical layout and design for the software applications
  • Debugging the faulty codes
  • Carrying out analysis of the software as per the set quality benchmarks
  • Finding out the application issues both in production and non-production ecosystems
  • Make desired changes in the application as per requirements of the Java development company
  • Managing Java application development framework and environments
  • Creating the code in compliance with the industry standards and regulatory authorities
  • Deploying the tested code in the real world environment for performance assessment
  • Keep a close eye on application bugs and remove through the development of new patches

Main Skills Required for a Good Java Developer

Like many other software programming platforms, the Java app development has also become so complex, which needs the expertise in many domains. A good Java application developer should be very well versed in the following software development skills.

  • Strong command over Java J2EE framework
  • Comprehensive understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Strong knowledge of the Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) environment
  • Knowledge of web services based on the Java technology
  • Deep knowledge of Java Servlet and Applets
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming OOP
  • Knowledge of XQuery and XML
  • Strong at Java XML parsing
  • Knowledge of Oracle SQL, relational, and ORM
  • Command over JSP, JSF, and XSL
  • Knowledge of behavior driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD)
  • Knowledge of Linux, Sun Solar System, Windows, and other operating systems
  • Knowledge of Python, Perl, JavaScript and other platforms as an added advantage

Top 10 Java Programming Services Today

The Java app programming is one of the leading software development categories in software industry across the globe. It is a multipurpose software development technology that covers almost all major software products across all industries in the global marketplace. A few important Java programming services are mentioned below:

#1 Custom Applications

Custom Applications

The custom software development market was estimated between $130 billion and $140 billion. The modern businesses have become so innovative and unique in offering their services to their clients in a unique way, which cannot be accomplished by generic software apps. The custom apps are developed based on the company needs and the way the company offers its services to the customers. Java is the best option for the custom Java development.

#2 Mobile Applications

Mobile app development

The mobile application market size is expected to cross the $311 billion mark by 2023 with a 19.2% CAGR. The Java technology is one of the most suitable platforms for the mobile application development across the globe. A large number of Java developers are engaged in the mobile Java apps development around the world.

#3 Interactive Websites

Interactive Websites

The large professional websites use the Java, flash or HTML5 for interactive participation of the visitors to create a desirable user experience. So, Java is great for developing professional-level interactive websites.

#4 Software Tools

Software Tools

A large number of software tools like Netbeans IDE, Java FX, Eclipse and many others commonly used for the development and management of the software applications are developed in the Java language. Developing such a tool paves the way for a new entrepreneur to start a Java software development company based on the innovative ideas in his/her mind.

#5 eCommerce Applications

eCommerce Applications

The global market volume of eCommerce sales is expected to cross the $4.5 trillion mark by 2021 with a long jump of over 246.15% in the past 7 years. Java is one of the most popular technologies to develop eCommerce platforms, tools, and websites across the globe. A huge number of small and startup businesses hire Java programmer online as a part-time developer for maintaining the eCommerce websites remotely.

#6 Android Applications

Android Applications

There are more than 3 million Android apps available in the marketplace, and this number is consistently counting. A few years back, the J2ME was one of the most powerful Java platforms for the development of Android applications. A large number of Java-based applications are already in the Android market. To work with the Android SDK, the knowledge of Java technology is very critical in developing the modern Android applications.

#7 Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

The market value of cloud computing services is anticipated to reach $411 billion by 2020. The SaaS application revenue was anticipated to touch $58.6 billion by the end of 2017. Numerous cloud applications are based on the Java applications development technology due to the availability of Java compatible platforms like Oracle Java Cloud, Java SDK for AWS, and many others.

#8 Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications like CRM, BPM, ERP, CMS, and SCM are the powerful business management platforms extensively used by the business organizations to improve their business bottom line. The total market size of cloud-based enterprise applications is expected to reach $144 billion by 2023. The share of Java technology is huge in this field, and the scope of Java will remain high in the enterprise Java programming applications.

#9 Big Data Applications

Big Data Applications

big data software and services is expected to reach $42 billion by the end of 2018, and it will cross the $103 billion mark by 2027. Programming Java applications for big data has a huge scope in the future.

#10 Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

The desktop applications are extensively used in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. There are many top-level applications developed with the Java technology. The main Java tools used to develop a Java programming app for desktops include Netbeans IDE 7, JFX, Eclipse, Swing and others.

Top 10 Most Interesting Java Applications

Thousands of projects have already been developed with the Java technology. Let’s talk about the most interesting applications developed with the Java technology.

#1 Android


This is very interesting to know that the Android operating system is developed in Java along with the C++ platform. Everybody is very well aware of this platform and its popularity across the globe.

#2 Apache Hadoop

Apache Spark

Almost every engineer working in the field of information technology is very well aware of the Apache Hadoop platform. It is also developed with the Java programming language.

#3 Jenkins


Jenkins is a big name in the domain of server automation and testing field. This platform is very popular in the software testing and automation field. It is also developed with the Java technology.

#4 Eclipse


Eclipse is one of the most powerful integrated development environments (IDE). But, it is also developed with the Java programming language. This environment has numerous extensible plugin systems used in the software development.

#5 JUnit


JUnit is a popular as well as the powerful name in the field test-driven development TDD. It is interesting to know that it is also developed with the Java technology.

#6 ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree office platform, which is capable of running on Mac, Linux, Windows and other operating systems is also built with the Java technology. ThinkFree suite is considered as a potential alternative to MS office in the marketplace.

#7 NASA WorldWind

Everybody is very well aware of the 3D virtual view of the globe through an API. This project is developed with Java technology by the US space agency.

#8 War Worlds Game

war world game

This is a popular multiplayer strategic war game very popular in the gaming field. This game was developed with the Java technology. It is a galactic space war game, which can be played online.

#9 Data Explore (Dex)

Data Explore

This platform developed in Java language is a very powerful tool for data visualization in different forms and formats. This tool helps the users to visualize and manipulate the data in multiple forms, shapes, graphs, and tables.

#10 Guava Library

guava library

Guava is a powerful library, specially designed for Google developers. It is also developed with the Java technologies. It has many capabilities like graph library, API utilities, string processing and much more.

3 Level Samples of Java Application Developer Resumes

Junior Java Developer Resume Sample

Middle Java Developer Resume Sample

middle java application developer resume sample

Senior Java Developer Resume Sample

senior java application developer resume example

Final Takeaway

After having learned all that you are now probably wondering about how long does it take to develop an app. Lots of factors have to be considered for this one, such as how complex the project is, how many people are on the Java development team and what is the budget. There are plenty of companies these days who do tasks like that, however, not all of them deliver great results. However, there is one company, worth checking out. It is located in the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv and is called Mobilunity.  Mobilunity offers the professional level Java development services for web, mobile, and desktop applications. Need to find Scala development company for your new development projects? Do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity’s expert team. The company also specializes in custom and enterprise software solutions. We offer:

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