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Offshore Java Development Team

Offshore Java development team develops web or mobile applications with efficiency and dedication. Hire Java developer offshore to level up your product.

Java development technology is a programming language that allows developing applications starting from your smartphone to scientific operating systems. As the digital world is gaining momentum, many companies incline to an offshore development model to hire their Java developers overseas. Since its introduction to the IT world in 1995, offshore Java development services have been proved as the most reliable, fast, and secure technology for applications and website creation. 

Reasons to Hire Java Developer Offshore

The key reasons to hire Java developer offshore include reduced labor costs, convenient cooperation, and quality services. From top Fortune 100 companies to SMEs, organizations see limitless opportunities by delegating their projects to a Java offshore team. 

  • Low Labor Costs

According to PayScale, normally, a US-based corporation spends around $75,000 a year on Java Developer, while offshoring to CEE (Romania, Ukraine, Poland) costs them twice less.  

  • A Vast Talent Pool

While the United States offshores Java developers due to cost-effective benefits, the countries in Europe are inclined to nearshore Java software development due to a scarcity of talents. For instance, Bulgaria’s ICT sector counts for 26% of the overall labor force of the country, while Ukraine’s pool accounts for around 180,000 software developers, consequently, there are big chances for Bulgarian companies to find the best match in Ukraine. 

  • Fast Hiring Process

The company comes up with the business need and refers to an offshore Java company, agency and firm that hires employees to construct the solution. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete the shortlist of candidates and build the team. 

  • Rich Technical Expertise

With all this variety of skilled professionals across the world, you also get innovative ideas introduced to your project.  

  • Staff Turnover Isn’t Your Pain

Once you start using the services of offshore Java agencies, companies, and firms, it is their responsibility to retain your staff and prevent the turnover to dramatically affect your project’s execution. 

Offshore Java Developers Wanted: Critical Locations in the World 

Official statistics show that as of 2019, the world’s number of software engineers hit 24 million and predicted to grow up to 29 million by the year 2029. Speaking of specifically Java developers, the number has been rapidly increasing since 2003; according to Evans Data Corporation, in 2003 the world saw around 1.5 million Java developers, in 2007 – 6 million, and these days the number goes up to 7 million specialists. 

The United States has the largest number of 21.4 million software developers in 2018, the United Kingdom employs around 813,500 (2019), and Germany – 837,398, according to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

Offshore Java Development – 2023 Trends

March 2020 forced most of the companies to transfer employees on the remote model of working due to the COVID-2019 outbreak. With this in mind, companies that haven’t applied an offshoring model of hiring developers will consider outsourcing as a way to prevent their operations from falldowns in the future. 

Central and Eastern European countries have always been at the peak of delivering software development services for their Western neighbors. Therefore, many companies will realize that Java nearshoring has its benefits: cultural similarities, minimal language barriers, and fast travel time. Another 2020 trend is to hire Java consultants who manage the tasks of the project, establish the vision of Java Development, and construct the initial coding. This practice is useful for organizations who question Java offshoring, thus having an opportunity to hire a specialist who will consult them if Java developers are needed. 

Since the world of technologies has no intention to stop, Java 8 will soon be inoperable forcing companies to adapt to Java 11 and Java 14. This trend would require organizations to look for skilled offshore Java programmers to satisfy their needs and solve the issue of such a shift. 

Top Offshore Java Development Outsourcing Services

The key services that Java development outsourcing offers include custom Java software development, Java Web Application, Java Enterprise Application, and others. An average experienced offshore Java developer is operating on frameworks such as Core Java, Spring, Advance Java, SWT, and Swing.

Agile Java Development is also quite demanding on the market. A tremendous amount of corporations in the world are striving to hire teams who run the software development on the Agile principles as they help accelerate the growth, make changes quickly and align to business objectives. 47% of companies in North America and 30% of CEE countries preferably operate on Agile methodologies. 

The computer software industry employs around 54.3% of the world’s Java developers, IT & Services – 33.6%, financial services – 3.1%, and around 1.5% in Defence & Space domain. 

Nearshore Java Software Development Services

Nearshore outsourcing allows you to build a team of developers in the requested quantity. The optimal size of the team recommended by a vendor is 2-6 employees that maintain a top-notch quality, easy management, and excellent communication. However, the model also allows you to scale up or down the team easily without facing dramatic expenses. By nearshoring your team, you spend only 1-2 hours traveling, which allows you to schedule business trips quite often. 

The IT nearshoring industry has brought Ukraine about $2.5 billion in 2016 by exporting software development services overseas. The country takes the leading position among the countries in CEE to deliver quality IT solutions for countries across the globe. The country also is an attractive destination for R&D creations – in 2019, 45% of global corporations decided to settle in Ukraine and take all out of Ukrainian labor force. 

Since the remote model of working is at peak of its demand (around 4.3 million people in the world spend most of their working time remotely) the practice of hiring distributed team is popular. Moreover, after the COVID-19 crisis, which made most organizations go remote, they will be likely to hire remote teams who face no issues of proper performance even at times of global panic. 

Need an Offshore Dedicated Java Developer? We Are Here to Help

Mobilunity has been hiring remote dedicated software development teams for over 9 years to clients in Canada, Japan, Switzerland. We are driving under the core principle of 3Rs –  Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention, thus customer satisfaction is prioritized. As we are requested to build a team, whether of developers or Java consultants, we carefully investigate internal staff and the Ukrainian labor market to find you a perfect match. If you decide to hire dedicated Scala developer from Mobilunity, you only have to hire the candidates for the project duration. With Mobilunity you: 

  • Build a dedicated team from scratch within 2-3 weeks
  • Have full control of operations (communication tools and task tracking systems facilitate this process)
  • Agile methodologies are properly followed by our developers 
  • You are welcome to visit your team and work side-by-side 
  • We will take care of your team’s professional development and overall satisfaction


  • What can I expect from your offshore Java development services?

Our offshore Java development services offer comprehensive solutions including custom software applications, system integration, and enterprise solutions. As an established offshore Java development company, we ensure high-quality development practices and the use of the latest Java technologies to deliver robust and scalable applications.

  • How can hiring an offshore Java developer benefit my business?

Hiring an offshore Java developer allows you to access specialized skills and advanced expertise at a lower cost compared to local hiring. Our offshore Java developers are experienced in diverse industry projects, ensuring that they bring best practices and innovative solutions to your project, significantly enhancing your software capabilities.

  • What differentiates your Java development outsourcing services?

Our Java developers outsourcing are distinguished by our client-centric approach, which includes a thorough understanding of your business requirements, a flexible engagement model, and a commitment to delivering on time and within budget. We focus on transparent communication and continuous improvement to ensure the success of your outsourced Java offshore development projects.

  • Can I hire offshore Java developers for both short-term and long-term projects?

Yes, you can hire offshore Java engineers from us for both short-term and long-term projects. We offer flexible hiring models that allow you to scale up or down based on your project needs, providing you with the agility to respond to changing business environments effectively.

  • How do you ensure quality in outsourcing nearshore Java development services?

We ensure quality in our outsourcing Java development services by adhering to strict coding standards and best practices. Our offshore Java programmers undergo rigorous training and continuous learning to stay updated with the latest Java technologies. Additionally, we implement regular peer reviews and use advanced testing methodologies to ensure that the software delivered is of the highest quality.

  • What industries do you serve with your nearshore and offshore Java development services?

Our nearshore and offshore Java development services cater to a wide range of industries including finance, healthcare, technology, retail, and more. We tailor our Java development nearshore services to meet industry-specific challenges and compliance requirements, ensuring that our solutions are both effective and secure.

  • How can I start working with your Java outsourcing company?

To start working with our Java outsourcing company, you can contact us through our website or by email to discuss your project requirements. We will then provide you with a consultation to better understand your needs and propose a tailored solution. Once you approve, we will initiate the project setup and team allocation, allowing you to hire offshore Java experts and begin your project development promptly.

Mobilunity is waiting to build an offshore Java development team to fulfill your technology stack. Contact us and get world-class services immediately!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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