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The development of IT business, like any other, requires a flexible approach, the right decisions, and the very output of interaction schemes. Whatever the company does, all its actions should bring the maximum income with the minimum expenditure of time, effort, and resources. That is why there are different options for the interaction of the company and the performers of tasks. For example, offshore development services. These are special services that provide for business a working team of specialists abroad, usually to reduce costs. Thus, a company can delegate part of its tasks without distracting the core team from work and without recruiting new employees to the office. In modern Europe, there are many countries that can offer software outsourcing services but offshoring to Poland occupies almost the most remarkable place among them. Let’s look at the features of offshore software companies in Poland.

Offshore Software Companies in Poland

The IT field in Poland is quite developed, and the country itself is ranked 11th among the top 50 digital nations in the world. Offshore development services in Poland is a great option for searching and hiring experienced developers who will help save the company money and bring its work to a new level. Offshore software development Poland will improve the performance of any European company.

When searching for offshore company Poland there are some questions among which there is the question of choosing a city. All cities here can be divided into three levels according to the intensity of the development of the IT sphere and the saturation of tech companies. The first and most important centers are the cities of Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. Top offshore software companies in Poland are located here. In Warsaw, the capital of the country, is considered to be a business center with more than a half million residents and prestigious business centers, then Krakow, the former capital, is famous for its 50 large multinational corporations, Google, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell along with other British, German and Scandinavian-based firms. So offshore software development Krakow is no worse than in the capital, maybe even better.

Second level places are TriCity, Lodz, Poznan, and Katowice. These are big cities with developed infrastructure and community. They combine the development of technology and history. Their main advantages are the relatively low cost of labor, the possibility of renting an office or other premises, constant stimulation of investors, easy adjustment of trade with Germany, a large number of people and a very small rate of the unemployed. It is a good place to search for a software development company in Poland if not to invest in offshore web development Krakow. Last years it has become very popular to outsource to Asia. For example, a software development company in Pakistan can also offer its IT services for low price, but the quality will be under question.

And the third ones are Szczecin, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszow, and Opole. They are good at having experienced industry professionals, a growing number of available offices, high unemployment rates, and rapid development. This is a good chance to find a good custom software developer Poland for little money and get a team near top offshore software development companies in Poland, but let’s talk about this in a bit more detail.

What Are the Benefits of an Offshore Development Center in Poland

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of the offshore software development center in Poland is the presence of experienced professionals whose skills and work will cost Western companies very cheap. In some places, there is a high unemployment rate and people are trying their best to find a way to apply their skills anywhere. In addition, the cost of development in Poland is lower than in a number of other European countries and even more so in the USA. In addition to the fact that a company that has created a remote team here can significantly save on taxes and rent a room, the cost of a team in Poland will be much less than the cost of a core team. In addition, the location of the country makes it easy to customize a convenient schedule of interaction between teams around the world. The time difference from the USA is 6 hours, which means that specialists can receive tasks and feedback with a margin of almost one working day, which will help to track the performance of small tasks on the roadmap. In addition, Poland is famous for its app developers. Offshore mobile app development in Poland can bring a great profit to its client. So, what will you get

So, there are a lot of benefits to start offshore mobile app development in Poland or any other offshore IT activity.

Technologies that Polish IT Market Has to Offer

Polish IT market has a wide spectrum of specialists in all major technologies. According to the recent report the most popular ones are:

  • Android;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • Python;
  • C++;
  • PHP;
  • Angular;
  • iOS;
  • Ruby;
  • Python;
  • Scala;
  • .NET.

The demand for mobile development company Poland specialists has grown significantly in the last couple of years. It is also a great time to nearshore a Web development company Poland, as this industry is in constant rise now. Overall, the Polish IT market can provide high-quality professionals in almost any technology, whether it is Ruby on Rails development Poland or Python development company Poland. Here are several reasons why:

  • The IT market is well-developed here with more than 280,000 professionals. The majority of them are located in several cities, such as Krakow or Warsaw. It makes outsourcing quite easy as the competition is pretty high among employees;
  • A big number of IT companies. There are qualified Android, Java, or .NET developers Poland. There are hundreds of businesses that offer top-notch services for affordable prices. And they provide great results as they already have experience in international projects. That’s why nearshore Java development Poland or any other technology is a popular option among European companies;
  • Professional education with 10 technological educational institutions to prepare specialists. They are ready to respond to the growing interest in particular specialization to fulfill the market demand;
  • Affordable prices in terms of salaries and related costs. Not only Ruby on Rails development company Poland is 25-30% cheaper than the same team in other countries. But it is also much more cost-efficient to place business here as the rent and taxes are also cheaper than in the majority of European countries.
  • IT market has a significant value for the Polish economy, that’s why it remains stable. And because of that, the amount of professionals grows here every year.

All of these factors make Poland a desirable destination for outsourcing and nearshoring for many EU businesses.

Who Buys IT services in Poland

According to the Future Processing site report creation of offshore development center in Poland can be a great idea. First of all, offshore software companies in Poland are growing really fast and IT outsourcing services market will grow from $590 billion to $865 billion. Big Data projects and mobile app development Poland are the most trendy things in the country. So the country is trying to create more specialist in other spheres too. Secondly, now, about 70,000 people are studying IT-related fields and 94% of these students speak English, which will make their interaction with foreign customers as easy and convenient as possible.

So, who buys IT services in Poland:

  • External clients from Western Europe – 80%
  • Polish Business – 74%
  • Eastern Business Partners – 51%

And half of the Polish companies and offshore software development agencies Poland provide their services globally (49%).

Offshore Software Companies in Poland & Ukraine

If you suddenly for some reason do not want to place your offshore development center in Poland or are looking for other options, you should take a closer look at Ukraine. It is the largest country in Europe with a forty-million population which is famous for its IT sector for the whole world. Here is also a very convenient location in the country regarding the time in other possible partner countries and almost all of the IT specialists know English very well. Every year more and more students with technical specialties find their jobs as employees of foreign companies in local offices or sell their services remotely. It is not as cheap as workers from India or China, but no one is worried about the quality of the works provided. In Ukraine, as in Poland, there are many cities that are considered centers of industry development. Among them: Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv. About 200.00 professionals live here and the country ranks 8th in the ranking of the quality of provision of IT services in the world. The set of skills and knowledge of programming languages ​​is very wide and each company will be able to easily find a team to perform almost any project. So, compare and choose whether you want to work with offshore software companies in Poland or in Ukraine.

Mobilunity Has Its Benefits Over Software Development Companies in Poland

Wherever you decide to create a remote team, our company will help you with this. Our experience in the market allows us to easily find experts with the necessary set of knowledge to perform the tasks. You do not need to spend forces and resources on the search, the smooth implementation of developers in workflows, communication settings, and building teams interaction. We will take care of all your concerns about creating powerful support for your company and we will work for you more successfully, efficiently and quickly.

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