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Offshore Development Company in Poland

The development of IT business, like any other, requires a flexible approach, the right decisions, and the very output of interaction schemes. Whatever the company does, all its actions should bring the maximum income with the minimum expenditure of time, effort, and resources. That is why there are different options for the interaction of the company and the performers of tasks. For example, offshore development services. These are special services that provide for business a working team of specialists abroad, usually to reduce costs. Thus, a company can delegate part of its tasks without distracting the core team from work and without recruiting new employees to the office. In modern Europe, there are many countries that can offer software outsourcing services but offshoring to Poland occupies almost the most remarkable place among them. Let’s look at the features of offshore software companies in Poland.

Overview of the IT Market in Poland

Poland is well-established in the IT market and is one of the leading tech hubs in Europe. The country has a good central location, which makes it a great destination for business overall. It also shows how big their IT market has become in comparison with most other  European countries. In fact, nearshore in Poland and offshore development Poland have become two of the leading services in the country. 

The industry is expected to continue with its upward growth pattern in the coming years. According to Statista the expected growth between 2023 and 2028 is predicted to be 8.25%. The more than 15000 companies operating in the IT market in Poland, including custom software development company Poland organizations, employ more than  286000 IT professionals producing a tech export value of over USD 23.83 billion.

Poland also features some of the best universities in the world which helps produce top-quality IT professionals offering nearshore services Poland for companies to choose from. Poland is ranked third worldwide for software development services and the main programming languages used in the country by IT professionals are PHP, .NET, Lua, Python, and Node.js. This means these developers are proficient in all the main programming languages and can assist businesses with a variety of software development  projects through nearshore Poland solutions.

Polands’s English Proficiency Index score of 13 reflects a High proficiency of English among its population.

Poland’s Employment Landscape

  • In recent years, Poland’s job market has undergone significant transformations, reflecting a diverse array of industries. From manufacturing to information technology and agriculture (contributing to 18.61% of the market) to services (comprising 51%), the landscape is rich and varied. This diversity has fostered a competitive labor market, particularly for skilled professionals, as the demand for tech-savvy talent continues to rise.
  • Typically, employees in Poland receive their salaries at the end of each month, with employer taxes already deducted. These taxes cover social security, health insurance, and unemployment insurance, as mandated by labor regulations. Employers are required to contribute to these funds at rates outlined in the labor code.
  • Minimum wage rates in Poland have seen incremental increases over recent years, with the current figure standing at $702 per month. Additionally, overtime pay rates are significantly higher than standard salaries and are governed by labor laws to ensure fair compensation for extra hours worked.
  • Employee benefits in Poland often include health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, among others, which are provided as part of the overall compensation package. These benefits play a crucial role in enhancing staff satisfaction and retention, contributing to a positive work environment and employee well-being.

Offshore Software Companies in Poland

The IT field in Poland is quite developed, and the country itself is ranked 11th among the top 50 digital nations in the world. Offshore development services in Poland is a great option for searching and hiring experienced developers who will help save the company money and bring its work to a new level. Offshore software development Poland will improve the performance of any European company.

When searching for offshore company Poland there are some questions among which there is the question of choosing a city. All cities here can be divided into three levels according to the intensity of the development of the IT sphere and the saturation of tech companies. The first and most important centers are the cities of Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. Top offshore software companies in Poland are located here. In Warsaw, the capital of the country, is considered to be a business center with more than a half million residents and prestigious business centers, then Krakow, the former capital, is famous for its 50 large multinational corporations, Google, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell along with other British, German and Scandinavian-based firms. So offshore software development Krakow is no worse than in the capital, maybe even better.

Second level places are TriCity, Lodz, Poznan, and Katowice. These are big cities with developed infrastructure and community. They combine the development of technology and history. Their main advantages are the relatively low cost of labor, the possibility of renting an office or other premises, constant stimulation of investors, easy adjustment of trade with Germany, a large number of people and a very small rate of the unemployed. It is a good place to search for a software development company in Poland if not to invest in offshore web development Krakow. Last years it has become very popular to outsource to Asia. For example, a software development company in Pakistan can also offer its IT services for low price.

And the third ones are Szczecin, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszow, and Opole. They are good at having experienced industry professionals, a growing number of available offices, high unemployment rates, and rapid development. This is a good chance to find a good custom software developer Poland for little money and get a team near top offshore software development companies in Poland, but let’s talk about this in a bit more detail.

Hire developers in other Countries

Delve into the international talent market to enrich your team with skilled developers from multiple countries. Utilize their unique viewpoints and specialized knowledge to fuel innovation and progress in your technology initiatives.

An Overview of Poland’s Top Tech Hubs

With a population of around 37 million people, Poland is not a small country and has several big metropolitan areas where most of the country’s business takes place. It comes  as no surprise that the country’s big IT industry is also mostly concentrated in the cities where internet connection is fast and stable. 

Let’s take a look at the five major cities in Poland from an IT industry point of view and how they contribute to the market as a whole:

  • Warsaw

Known as the “Phoenix City”, Warsaw is a business hub and is especially thriving in the  IT sector, being home to many Unity developer Warsaw experts and other IT pros. Google even established their Google for Start-Ups in 2015 here and has since hosted more than 100,000 start-ups that employ Python developer Warsaw talent and other software engineers. 

A web or Android developer Warsaw salary on average is around $6,058 per month, which offers a decent quality of living in this beautiful historic city. 

  • Kraków

A city that used to be Poland’s capital is quickly catching up and in some areas even  surpassing Warsaw in the IT sector, and being home to many front end developer Kraków talent. With companies such as Google, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, Cisco and Motorola established here you have to assume that the IT sector is well-developed in this city. In 2020 it was estimated that there are more than 82000 IT professionals, including Java developer Kraków specialists, in the city with more than 50 multinationals employing the majority of them. 

With all these global companies operating in the city, a Python developer Kraków or  other software engineer can expect to earn around $5,544 per month, which is a bit lower than in Warsaw but keep in mind that the cost of living is also always a bit cheaper in smaller cities. 

  • Łódź

A city traditionally the main hub in the textile industry has undergone major changes in recent years and transformed itself into one of the leading IT hubs in the country. The  local government has refocused its investment campaigns on the IT sector and has had much success in obtaining massive investments.

The Łódź University of Technology has special initiatives to motivate young people to get into the sector with programs specifically focusing on developer Lódź courses. The  city is also home to specialists such as Java developer Lódź pros, Python developer Lódz experts and Android developer Lódź talent that can assist with specific tasks and projects. As for young web developer Lódź talent, there are many opportunities in the city and they can earn great salaries at around $4,650 per month

  • Wrocław

Known by locals as the startup hotspot, this city offers many of the best and most successful startups in Europe, employing top talent such as .Net developer Wrocław pros. With 21% of local startups focussing on Ai and machine learning you can be sure that this city is pathing the way forward in new tech. Wrocław University of Science and  Technology is also located in the city and helps grow the number of IT professionals available in the country with top-class education and real-life experience.

Most front end developer Wrocław pros and other software developers in the city earn around $4,614 per month, which is in line with how rapidly the IT sector is growing in the region. There are also specialist engineers such as Java developer Wrocław pros, Python developer Wrocław experts, Android developer Wrocław  talent and iOS developer Wrocław professionals that earn major salaries, far beyond the average in Poland. 

  • Poznań

This city is well-located for business and has been dubbed as one of the most  business-friendly cities in the country. It also has awards to show for being innovative and focusing its efforts on becoming a smarter city with IT investments being at the forefront. 

A front end developer Poznan looking to make it in this welcoming city with its beautiful historical sites can expect to earn $5,114 per month. However, more specialized talent such as iOS developer Poznań experts, Android developer Poznań pros, Python developer Poznań experts and web developer Poznań professionals can earn much more.

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, software development has become the  backbone of countless industries. As businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition, finding and hiring top-notch developers has become a challenge. In such a scenario, outsourcing the hiring process of developers to a professional software development company from Poland can prove to be a strategic decision. An expert RoR development company in Poland specializes in identifying and attracting the best talent, making them valuable allies in the search for skilled developers. Let’s explore eight key benefits of outsourcing the hiring process of developers to a professional app development company Poland:

  • Access to a Vast Talent Pool

Top software companies in Poland have extensive networks and databases of talented developers. By outsourcing the hiring process, businesses gain access to a vast talent  pool, increasing their chances of finding the perfect match for their specific needs. This access to a broader range of developers, including passive candidates not actively seeking jobs, can significantly enhance the quality of talent hired.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing the hiring process to a Ruby on Rails development company in Poland saves valuable time and resources for businesses. Searching for candidates, conducting  interviews and evaluating skill sets can be time-consuming. Professional recruiters streamline the entire process, allowing companies to focus on their core operations. Moreover, reducing the time-to-hire leads to cost savings and ensures that projects are staffed promptly.

  • Industry Expertise

Recruitment professionals offering Ruby on Rails development services in Poland possess deep knowledge of the tech industry, its trends, and the specific skills required for  various developer roles. Their expertise helps in crafting accurate job descriptions, screening candidates efficiently, and evaluating technical skills effectively. By leveraging their industry know-how, businesses can make well-informed decisions when hiring developers who can contribute to their success.

  • Reduced Hiring Risks

Making a poor hiring decision can be costly and detrimental to a company’s productivity. A professional app development company in Poland mitigates such risks by employing stringent screening processes, conducting background checks, and verifying references.  Their experience in assessing candidates minimizes the chances of a mismatch between the developer’s skills and the job requirements.

  • Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing the hiring process to find development teams in Poland allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies. While recruitment is crucial, it might not align  with a company’s primary functions. By entrusting this task to professionals, organizations can allocate their resources and expertise to areas that directly impact their bottom line.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

Tech projects often have fluctuating demands, requiring a scalable and flexible workforce. Top offshore development companies excel in sourcing temporary,  contract-based, or permanent developers according to a company’s requirements. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing project needs without the burden of long-term commitments.

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

When hiring a dedicated development team Poland directly, businesses may risk exposing sensitive information about their projects. However, outsourcing the process to  professionals ensures confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. This safeguarding of proprietary information provides an added layer of security during the recruitment process.

  • Employee Retention and Engagement

Professional mobile development companies Poland don’t just assist in finding suitable developers; they also play a crucial role in improving employee retention. By ensuring the right cultural fit and aligning the candidates’ aspirations with the company’s mission, professional recruiters contribute to higher job satisfaction and engagement among employees.

Outsourcing the hiring process of Oracle developer Wroclaw talent or other developers  to professionals brings a multitude of benefits to businesses, including access to a wider talent pool, time and cost efficiency, industry expertise, and reduced hiring risks. It allows  companies to focus on their core competencies while ensuring scalability and flexibility in their workforce. Moreover, confidentiality is maintained, and employee retention is improved through well-matched placements. By collaborating with recruitment professionals offering experts such as a Unity developer Wroclaw or a Java developer Poznań, businesses can optimize their developer hiring process and gain a competitive advantage.

Technologies that Polish IT Market Has to Offer

Polish IT market has a wide spectrum of specialists in all major technologies. According to the recent report the most popular ones are:

  • Android;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • Python;
  • C++;
  • PHP;
  • Angular;
  • iOS;
  • Ruby;
  • Python;
  • Scala;
  • .NET.

The demand for mobile development company Poland specialists has grown significantly in the last couple of years. It is also a great time to nearshore a Web development company Poland, as this industry is in constant rise now. Overall, the Polish IT market can provide high-quality professionals in almost any technology, whether it is Ruby on Rails development Poland or Python coders for hire. Here are several reasons why:

  • The IT market is well-developed here with more than 280,000 professionals. The majority of them are located in several cities, such as Krakow or Warsaw. It makes outsourcing quite easy as the competition is pretty high among employees;
  • A big number of IT companies. There are qualified Android, Java, or .NET developers Poland. There are hundreds of businesses that offer top-notch services for affordable prices. And they provide great results as they already have experience in international projects. That’s why nearshore Java development Poland or any other technology is a popular option among European companies;
  • Professional education with 10 technological educational institutions to prepare specialists. They are ready to respond to the growing interest in particular specialization to fulfill the market demand;
  • Affordable prices in terms of salaries and related costs. Not only Ruby on Rails development company Poland is 25-30% cheaper than the same team in other countries. But it is also much more cost-efficient to place business here as the rent and taxes are also cheaper than in the majority of European countries.
  • IT market has a significant value for the Polish economy, that’s why it remains stable. And because of that, the amount of professionals grows here every year.

All of these factors make Poland a desirable destination for outsourcing and nearshoring for many EU businesses.

Check Profiles of Available Developers in Poland

We have several consultants available for hire right now – check their profiles below and inquire for more!

Wojciech K.

Full-Stack Engineer

5 years of experience

Wojciech, a versatile full-stack engineer with 5 years of experience, specializes in building scalable and robust web applications. Proficient in Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and TypeScript, he enjoys working on both the front-end and back-end aspects of development. Wojciech’s strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail enable him to tackle complex technical challenges with ease. With a proactive approach to learning and a passion for innovation, Wojciech is always seeking opportunities to expand his skill set and deliver exceptional results.

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • TypeScript

Katarzyna W.

Front-End Developer

4 years of experience

Katarzyna, a skilled front-end developer with 4 years of experience, has a passion for creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. Proficient in JavaScript, React.js, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass, she excels in turning design concepts into interactive web experiences. Katarzyna’s attention to detail and dedication to staying updated with the latest web technologies ensure that her projects are always cutting-edge. With a collaborative mindset and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, Katarzyna thrives in dynamic development environments.

  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass

Piotr Z.

DevOps Engineer

4 years of experience

Piotr, an experienced DevOps engineer with 4 years of hands-on experience, specializes in automating and optimizing deployment processes. Proficient in Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, and Terraform, he excels in building scalable and resilient infrastructure solutions. Piotr’s strong communication skills and collaborative mindset enable him to work effectively across teams to streamline development workflows. With a focus on continuous improvement and a knack for identifying areas for optimization, Piotr is dedicated to ensuring the reliability and performance of all systems he manages.

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Jenkins
  • Terraform

Aleksandra S.

Mobile App Developer

3 years of experience

Aleksandra, a talented mobile app developer with 3 years of experience, is passionate about creating seamless and engaging mobile experiences. Proficient in Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, and Flutter, she specializes in building native and cross-platform applications for iOS and Android platforms. Aleksandra’s strong analytical skills and attention to detail ensure that her apps are not only visually appealing but also performant and user-friendly. With a creative approach to problem-solving and a commitment to staying updated with the latest mobile technologies, Aleksandra is well-equipped to tackle any mobile development challenge.

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Firebase
  • Flutter

Who Buys IT Services in Poland

According to the Future Processing site report creation of offshore development center in Poland can be a great idea. First of all, offshore software companies in Poland are growing really fast and IT outsourcing in Poland market will grow from $590 billion to $865 billion. Big Data projects and mobile app development Poland are the most trendy things in the country. So the country is trying to create more specialist in other spheres too. Secondly, now, about 70,000 people are studying IT-related fields and 94% of these students speak English, which will make their interaction with foreign customers as easy and convenient as possible.

So, who buys IT services in Poland:

  • External clients from Western Europe – 80%
  • Polish Business – 74%
  • Eastern Business Partners – 51%

And half of the Polish companies and offshore software development agencies Poland provide their services globally (49%).

The Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Hiring Developers in Poland and Ukraine

In the rapidly evolving global technology industry, companies often seek to hire talented and skilled IT professionals from different parts of the world to meet their business demands. Among the best offshore software development countries, Poland and Ukraine have emerged as prominent sources of skilled IT workers with many top Poland software development companies starting up. However, when hiring developers and other IT workers from top software development companies in Poland and Ukraine, businesses must be well-versed in the legal and regulatory aspects to ensure compliance with the respective labor laws and intellectual property (IP) protection regulations. Let’s explore the hiring process and IP protection considerations when engaging IT workers  from companies specializing in software development in Poland and Ukraine.

  • Hiring Process: Legal Implications in Poland and Ukraine

Hiring IT workers in Poland and Ukraine from the best offshore development companies requires companies to adhere to specific legal processes and regulations. In Poland, employers must follow the Labor Code, which outlines the essential aspects of  the employment relationship, including employment contracts, working hours, and remuneration. Companies hiring C++ developer Warsaw talent or experts elsewhere in Poland should also be aware of additional requirements, such as obtaining work permits and ensuring compliance with laws.

In Ukraine, the hiring process for foreign IT workers has been streamlined in recent years to attract international investments. The Labor Code of Ukraine governs employment relationships, and companies must provide written employment contracts to their employees, specifying key terms and conditions of employment. Unlike Poland, Ukraine  allows certain categories of foreign IT specialists to work without obtaining a work permit..

Both Poland and Ukraine share common labor-related concerns, such as minimum wages, overtime regulations, and employee benefits. To avoid any legal complications,  companies should partner with local legal counsel or human resources experts who are well-versed in the labor laws of these countries. This ensures the hiring process is compliant with all applicable regulations, mitigating potential legal risks.

  • IP Protection: Understanding the Legal Framework in Both Countries

Intellectual property protection is a critical aspect when hiring .Net developer Kraków talent or other experts in Poland and Ukraine. Safeguarding sensitive company information, proprietary software, and innovative technologies is paramount to  preserving a competitive advantage.

In Poland, companies can protect their IP through patents, trademarks and copyrights. It is essential for employers to establish clear policies and contractual clauses that outline the ownership of IP created during the course of employment. Ensuring that iOT developer Lodz talent or other employees sign intellectual property assignment agreements is a common practice, allowing companies to retain ownership of any work-related inventions.

Ukraine also provides a legal framework for IP protection through patents, trademarks,  and copyrights. However, companies should be cautious and diligent in enforcing these protections, as the enforcement of IP rights in Ukraine has historically faced challenges. Therefore, stringent contracts that establish IP ownership, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and non-compete clauses are crucial to safeguarding valuable intellectual property..

Moreover, companies should implement robust IT security measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. This may include limiting access to certain  data, using encryption techniques, and ensuring employees are aware of their responsibilities regarding data protection.

A Look at the Average Salaries in Poland

As with all industries, the salary for developers depends on the amount of skills and experience they have. This is an important factor to consider for anyone wanting to hire  developers from Poland. Let’s explore the average monthly salaries for software developers in Poland: 

Cost Comparison USD Monthly
Junior Engineer$3060,49
Mid-Level Engineer$5049,57
Senior Engineer$8749,25

Offshore Software Companies in Poland & Ukraine

If you suddenly for some reason do not want to place your offshore development center in Poland or are looking for other options, you should take a closer look at Ukraine. It is the largest country in Europe with a forty-million population which is famous for its IT sector for the whole world. Here is also a very convenient location in the country regarding the time in other possible partner countries and almost all of the IT specialists know English very well. Every year more and more students with technical specialties find their jobs as employees of foreign companies in local offices or sell their services remotely. It is not as cheap as workers from India or China, but no one is worried about the quality of the works provided. In Ukraine, as in Poland, there are many cities that are considered centers of industry development. Among them: Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv. About 200.00 professionals live here and the country ranks 8th in the ranking of the quality of provision of IT services in the world. The set of skills and knowledge of programming languages ​​is very wide and each company will be able to easily find a team to perform almost any project. So, compare and choose whether you want to work with offshore software companies in Poland or in Ukraine.

Why Choose Mobilunity for Hiring Developers in Poland

In today’s tech-driven world, finding skilled developers such as an ABAP developer Wroclaw or Scala developer Poznań is tough due to high demand. This poses challenges for companies seeking development expertise. Thankfully, there’s a great solution: Mobilunity, a reputable company with a decade of experience in outsourcing  specialist developers since 2010.

Mobilunity provides comprehensive services worldwide, catering to specific IT requirements. Based in Ukraine, we take advantage of lower salaries, resulting in significant cost savings without compromising quality. Our track record speaks for itself,  delivering exceptional outcomes consistently to our valued clients.

Our top priority at Mobilunity is ensuring client satisfaction by offering access to the best developers and IT specialists. Our dedicated recruiters carefully select top-tier web developer professionals, such as Wroclaw PhP developer talent, with the right skills for  your unique projects. Lower costs don’t mean lower quality; it showcases our ability to offer competitive rates while maintaining high standards of service.

To cater to diverse client needs, Mobilunity offers flexible service models for bespoke custom software development Poland. Simply reach out to our customer service representatives, and  we’ll guide you through the setup process, ensuring you embark on your next project confidently with the support of our experienced professionals.

Choosing Mobilunity means gaining access to practical and advantageous solutions. With extensive outsourcing experience, we offer an exceptional talent pool of developers and  IT specialists. Our commitment to delivering quality work tailored to each business’s unique needs makes us the ideal partner for ensuring your endeavors’ success.

In conclusion, Mobilunity stands out as the premier choice for anyone seeking software engineering expertise. Our track record, cost-efficiency, and dedication to client satisfaction set us apart as your go-to solution.

Mobilunity’s Main Service Models

Mobilunity embraces diversity in business needs and offers a trio of service models, each designed to cater to specific requirements in software development solutions. With a  commitment to client satisfaction and support, Mobilunity paves the way for successful collaboration when hiring web, app or WordPress developer Lodz talent.

  • Dedicated Team

The backbone of Mobilunity’s service offerings lies in the Dedicated Team model, where businesses can directly manage a full-time resource. Mobilunity expertly handles all HR, accounting and help desk inquiries, alleviating the administrative burden for the client. Ideal for projects demanding continuous support or large-scale tasks, this model comes with a flexible monthly fee tailored to fit the client’s budget. With this, businesses can revel in the benefits of a dedicated team, allowing them to focus solely on their objectives.

  • Consultancy Services

For more compact projects or businesses seeking part-time assistance, Mobilunity  presents its Consultancy Services model. Here, clients manage the team directly while Mobilunity takes charge of HR, accounting, and help desk tasks. This flexible solution grants businesses access to specialized resources for specific hours, offering expertise on a part-time basis.

  • Recruiting Services

Mobilunity’s prowess in Recruiting Services shines through, addressing the needs of  companies searching for top-notch software developers. Leveraging an extensive network, Mobilunity’s recruiters tap into the talent pool, sourcing the best candidates from Poland or Eastern Europe, as per the client’s preferences. One remarkable success story dates back to 2020 when Mobilunity played a pivotal role in partnering with an award-winning Japanese online music service, filling a key role successfully. This accomplishment highlights Mobilunity’s ability to navigate complex markets and find the best talents.

Throughout all service models, Mobilunity remains dedicated to prioritizing client satisfaction by offering comprehensive support and proficiently handling administrative tasks, such as HR and accounting, when hiring a developer. By doing so, businesses can stay true to their core objectives while benefiting from Mobilunity’s exceptional resources  through dedicated teams, consultancy services, or recruitment solutions.

FAQ: Nearshore Services in Poland

1. What are nearshore services, and why should I consider Poland for them?

Nearshore services refer to the outsourcing of business processes or software development talent such as a freelance developer Warsaw or a back end developer Poznań, to a nearby country with geographical, cultural and time zone proximity. Poland is an attractive nearshoring destination due to its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness and  strategic location in Central Europe. 

2. What makes Poland stand out as a nearshoring destination compared to other countries?

Poland has emerged as one of the top nearshoring destinations for hiring front end developer Warsaw talent due to several key factors:

  • Highly Educated Workforce: The country boasts a well-educated and skilled talent pool, including .Net developer Warsaw talent, with a strong focus on STEM fields. English proficiency is widespread among IT professionals, making communication smooth.
  • Competitive Pricing: While maintaining high-quality standards, Poland offers competitive pricing  compared to Western European countries. This cost-effectiveness allows businesses to optimize their budgets without compromising on the quality of services.
  • Cultural Affinity: Poland shares cultural similarities with Western European countries, making it easier to collaborate and align business goals with nearshore teams. This cultural affinity helps foster a positive working relationship and smoother project management.
  • Time Zone Advantage: Poland typically operates within the Central European Time (CET)  or Central European Summer Time (CEST) zone, providing convenient overlapping working hours with Western European countries.

3. Which industries in Poland excel in providing nearshore services?

Poland has a diverse range of industries that offer nearshore services, but some of the prominent ones include:

  • Information Technology (IT) and Software Development: Poland’s IT sector is robust, with a plethora of experienced software developers, engineers, and IT specialists capable  of handling complex projects.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): The BPO industry in Poland provides excellent services in areas like customer support, data entry, finance and accounting, and HR outsourcing.
  • Research and Development (R&D): Many multinational companies choose Poland for nearshoring their R&D  activities due to the country’s skilled workforce and favorable R&D incentives.

4. How can you ensure effective communication with a nearshore team in Poland?

To ensure effective communication with your nearshore team in Poland, consider the following steps:

  • Clear Communication Channels: Establish clear communication channels and choose collaboration tools that facilitate real-time communication, such as video conferencing,  instant messaging, and project management platforms.
  • Overlapping Time Zones: Take advantage of the overlapping working hours between your company and the nearshore team to conduct regular meetings and address any concerns  promptly..
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural differences and promote a culture of understanding and openness to foster a harmonious working relationship.

5. What is the data security and privacy situation in Poland?

Poland is part of the European Union (EU), which has stringent data protection regulations, including the General  Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies in Poland must adhere to these regulations when handling personal and sensitive data. As a result, data security and privacy measures in the country are robust.

Need nearshore services in Poland for your next development project? Speak to Mobilunity and find the best talent efficiently!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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