Hire Developers in Chile. What to Expect? Pros and Cons

A lot of businesses nowadays choose to hire programmers in Chile. They are mainly from the USA, as there is little to no time difference and significant financial benefits. Overall, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing destinations now as more and more clients hire offshore developers Brazil, Chile, or Mexico. When hiring developers in Chile, consider the availability of specific expertise such as Bootstrap developers for front-end design and Kubernetes DevOps AWS experience for your cloud infrastructure, as these specialties could significantly influence the success of your project.

Chile developers for hire are commonly educated and have good skills, in the HackerRank competition they scored 27th position, which is just above the US developers. Although the IT market here is quite new, it has been growing at a speed 8.8% CAGR from 2014 to 2019. US businesses hire developers Chile also because of their decent knowledge of English. The country is ranked #37 in the world and #3 in Latin America for English proficiency.

The main trends of the industry include a focus on mobile and web application development, e-commerce, rise of startups, and the attraction of new international vendors. But as with any other destination, before you hire Chilean developers, you need to evaluate all pros and cons.

Country Profile:

  • Time zone: GMT-3
  • Average Monthly Rate: $2175
  • Biggest Tech Hubs: Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso 
  • Size of Talent Pool: 61,068 professionals
  • Popular Technologies: PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Node.js, Perl

Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Development Team in Chile

Before you start looking for a dedicated development team in Chile, learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. Here are the main benefits of hiring a developer from Chile:

  • The country has a stable political situation, great infrastructure, and high per capita income. But the average monthly rates of Chile dedicated developers are still significantly lower than those in the US.
  • It is located in GMT-3 time zone, which is incredibly convenient for US clients. It allows direct communication with almost any Chile developer for hire.
  • On average, a Chile dedicated team has a decent knowledge of English. Also, the majority of the population speaks Spanish, which is the second most spoken language in the US. 
  • A Santiago dedicated team will probably have experience in international cooperation, high-level of education, and proper skills.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of a choice to hire an engineering team in Chile:

  • The talent pool is pretty small. There are 61,068 IT professionals out there. It means that it might be pretty hard to hire developers in Chile.
  • While a dedicated development team in Chile can provide quality services, local professionals do not have enough skills and experience in comparison to programmers in China or Ukraine. According to HackerRank, China is in 1st place and Ukraine is in 11th.
  • The cost of living in Chile is quite expensive. It means that hiring costs will also be more expensive than in other destinations. So if you want to hire developers in Santiago mainly because of financial reasons, there are better options.

The choice to hire a software developer in Santiago comes with a certain amount of risk, so one might wonder what the alternatives are.

Hire Developers in Chile or Eastern Europe? Alternative Destinations

Eastern Europe in general and Ukraine in particular, is an excellent outsourcing destination when it comes to IT services. It might be convenient for some US clients to hire developers in Chile, but Ukrainian programmers have several significant benefits to offer, namely:

  • They have a high level of skills, as we’ve mentioned before, they are much higher in HackerRank competition than Chile programmers. According to Topcoder, Ukraine developers are in 6th place worldwide. And developers from Chile didn’t get in this 25 list. Based on our experience as an Ukrainian IT outsourcing provider, we at Mobilunity can confirm that skills and talent of Ukrainian developers are impressive. That’s reflected in our clients’ feedback: “After trying different remote collaborations in several countries, Mobilunity has been outstanding in hiring extremely talented people ” – Maxime Haineault, 3e joueur. 
  • Ukraine is GMT+2, which is very convenient for the EU clients. There is little to no time difference and there are lots of direct flights to the country. There is a time difference with the USA, but it is still perfectly possible to have online meetings.
  • There is a greater talent pool with more than 200,000 experienced developers.
  • Ukraine is GDPR compliant, which increases data safety for clients and their customers.
  • Ukrainian programmers have a high education level and great command of English (80% of IT professionals know it pretty well)

Country Profile:

  • Time zone: GMT+2
  • Average Monthly Rate: $2000
  • Biggest Tech Hubs: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro
  • Size of Talent Pool: 200,000 professionals
  • Popular Technologies: Java, JavaScript, C, C#, Python, PHP
PositionUkraine –  monthly salaryChile – monthly salary
PHP junior$1000$1313
PHP middle$2000$1720
Java junior$1000$1660
Java middle$2000$2100
.NET junior$1000$1200
.NET middle$2000$1580
Python junior$1000$2200
Python middle$1800$3100
C# junior$500$1608
C# middle$2000$2100
JavaScript junior$500$1800
JavaScript middle$1500$2500
Android junior$1000$2000
Android middle$2500$2800
Time zoneGMT-3GMT+2
Size of a tech talent pool61,000200,000
English proficiencyDecentHigh
Education levelHigher education, BA or MAHigher education, BA or MA
Cultural similarityNot very similar to EU or USAVery similar to the EU and the USA culturally
Data safety and insuranceNot GDPR compliantGDPR compliant
Quality to price correspondenceNot very high High, great performance for the price
Ease of doing businessEasy and convenient for the US, but not for the EUEasy and convenient for the USA, the UK, and the EU
RisksPossible power and water shortage issuesLow

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