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Nearshore Software Development in Mexico: How to Benefit

Nearshore software development Mexico might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for dedicated developers. It is a new and rapidly growing outsourcing destination with many exciting opportunities.

Software development in Latin America is gaining more traction in terms of software development services, including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina software development outsourcing. So what exactly makes nearshoring Mexico such a beneficial choice for international partners?

Let’s start with Mexico’s software development outsourcing market overview.

Overview of the Key Statistics 

The high-technology exports in Mexico in 2021 equaled $74.93 billion. This number includes scientific instruments, R&D products, pharmaceuticals, computers, aerospace, and electrical machinery. The revenue the Mexican government can expect from IT services in 2023 might reach $12.54 billion

The USA boasts the largest forecasted revenue generated by the IT sector in 2023 of $454.70 billion. However, its 2023-2028 growth rate of 6.70% will cede to the Mexican CAGR of 7.53% for the same period. Mexico software development outsourcing will have the largest revenue share, contributing $4.42 billion to the country’s economy. 
Such growth in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) will happen due to further IT infrastructure development. Currently, the quantity of tech companies in Mexico is around 9,300, and the number of technical professionals exceeds 600,000. And these figures will only grow.

Why Nearshore Software Development in Mexico? 

Nearshore software development Mexico gains popularity because this country accepts the challenge of digital transformation:

  • World’s top tech companies open offices in Mexico. Technological giants like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Google, and SAP appear on Glassdoor’s first page of job-offering IT companies based in Mexico City. The US IT boom motivated American companies and startups to nearshore Mexico for tech specialists. For instance, Google opened its R&D center in Mexico City almost 20 years ago. Now, it has a vibrant hub nearby Mexico City.   
  • Mexican IT companies follow US tech trends. Since the demand for IT specialists in the US multiplies, America searches for tech talents in the best hubs worldwide. And Mexico is among its prioritized destinations due to its proximity and economic benefits. The country fills the tech demand by embracing fast-changing technology trends, top tech stacks, and best practices. For instance, Mexican IT engineers use JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, and C++ — the most popular programming languages in the US. 
  • Mexico has the world’s 14th-largest economy. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Mexico, or its income from all the sales across the country, equaled $1,404.2 billion in 2022. This result was the 14th in the worldwide rating, while the USA’s GDP was the first with $25,462.7 billion. So the growing economic stability, evolving IT industry, and lower labor costs in Mexico attract US startup founders and owners of large corporations.

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Major IT Hubs in Mexico

  • Mexico City 

The presence of major tech corporations in the capital of Mexico proves it’s a viral IT hub with a large talent pool. The average software developer salary Mexico City is $3,271, so US and Canadian tech companies can nearshore IT specialists cost-effectively. The developed infrastructure and business-friendly environment attract hundreds of foreign businesses here, and LinkedIn shows around 554 software companies in Mexico City. 

  • Tijuana

Over 50 top US brands have offices in the second-largest city in Mexico. Among them are Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Honeywell. Tijuana is only 20 miles away from San Diego. So California-based companies can leverage the absence of time and cultural differences when they nearshore technology Mexico. $3,038 is the approximate payroll of a software developer Tijuana, while LinkedIn reports around 54 tech entities in this region. 

  • Puebla

The fourth largest city in the country boasts an inviting ecosystem for startups and favorable conditions for tech students. With 36 business profiles of software development companies on LinkedIn, Puebla’s IT experts offer custom application, IoT, and AR/VR development. Companies that plan to nearshore Latin America can hire a tech expert for $1,878 per month. 

  • Guadalajara

Many US companies nearshore Guadalajara as it has a favorable ecosystem and proximity to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Guadalajara hosts plenty of innovation centers, startups, and 227 IT companies. That’s why US tech investors call this vibrant city the Silicon Valley of Mexico. And it’s no surprise that the average salary of a software developer here is around $4,487. The remuneration of a Python developer Guadalajara equals $5,502. The Android developer Guadalajara gets around $2,917, while $2,889 is the payroll of a front end developer Guadalajara. 

  • Monterrey

Software outsourcing Mexico won’t exist without the Monterrey tech hub. This city is the home of one of Latin America’s best universities — Tecnologico de Monterrey. It prepares thousands of qualified technicians. Google develops its worldwide Startup Grind community in Monterrey. It educates, encourages, and unites tech talents globally. You’ll find 198 software development companies in Mexico, Monterrey, while the approximate cost of an IT engineer in Monterrey is $3,384.

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Nearshore Software Development Mexico: Pros and Cons

Are you still considering hire software developers in Mexico? We’ve highlighted the key advantages and possible drawbacks to help you decide if this is the right destination. 

Pros of Nearshoring to Mexico 

  • Reduced costs. Mexico software development outsourcing allows IT project owners to significantly cut payroll costs. For top tech experts based in Mexico City, Monterrey, Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana, etc., you’ll pay 2-3 times less than for similar roles in the US. In addition, Mexico has lower labor taxes, so nearshoring to this country is very cost-effective. 
  • Access to a large talent pool. Since Mexico does its best to meet the US demand for IT specialists, you’ll find many competent engineers here. Among them are encouraged STEM graduates, inspired mid-level software developers, and motivated, seasoned tech experts. These professionals continuously improve their skills to compete in the nearshore Mexico market.
  • Minor time differences. The four time zones in Mexico coincide with the corresponding US states. The country’s most eastern and central parts have the GMT-6 zone. So 0 to several hours of time difference benefits companies that nearshore software development Mexico. Many US companies have 100% shared working hours with their remote Mexico-based teams.   
  • Proximity to the US and Canada. Software outsourcing Mexico lets US startups and SMBs have not only remote teams. They can meet with their teams pretty frequently. Traveling can take only several hours, but these visits can boost collaboration between managers and team members. Discussing goals and getting project updates can enhance your corporate culture. 
  • Stable economy. Mexico boasts one of the largest economies in the world. With a GDP of around $1,404.2 billion, it’s also second in Latin America after Brazil. During the past several years, the role of Mexican IT companies has become more significant. That’s because their input into E-government, cloud computing, and other tech services is valuable. So Mexico software development outsourcing is reliable. 

Cons of Outstaffing in Mexico

  • Possible issues with deadlines. Although Mexican software developers are skilled, creative, and open-minded, they can treat deadlines like estimated time frames. And though they share most of the values in the US tech environments, sometimes you’ll need to stress that following deadlines is imperative. 
  • More supervision may be needed. You’ll probably need to arrange team meetings and follow-ups more frequently with dedicated programmers in Mexico. This way, you’ll ensure meeting the project goals and sticking to the initial plan. Providing requirements in writing also might help.
  • More paperwork is needed. Mexican legislation may require even US and Canadian entities to sign additional documents to hire technicians. For instance, to nearshore mobile app development in Mexico, you may need to partner with local outsourcing vendors or other shelter companies. 

Alternative to Mexico Software Development Outsourcing

Some businesses might look for alternative destinations because Mexico isn’t comfortable for them in terms of location, price, or quality of labor. One of the rising outsourcing locations nowadays in Eastern Europe. It is much closer to the EU partners and can offer excellent development teams at reasonable prices.

One of the main outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe is Ukraine, as it has a booming IT market, great talent pool, and similar working ethics. Here are the main benefits of Ukraine for software development outsourcing:

  • Exceptional skills. Ukrainian developers are known for their expertise and ability to tackle any project. They are 14th worldwide according to TopCoder (Mexico is 22). 
  • Ukrainian programmers have great English proficiency and similar work culture to Europe. They also are known for excellent STEM education, with about 16,000 graduates per year.
  • Ukraine is located in Europe, making it very comfortable in terms of location and time difference for many international partners. It ensures direct communication between each SW development engineer and international companies, in-person meetings, and effective management.
  • It is a world-recognized tech hub with 100 R&D centers from Forbes 500, and about 12,000 excellent IT companies.

Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, is a great option, especially for the European partners. It is much closer in terms of location and cultural similarity than Mexico. And there is a great talent pool of experienced programmers to choose from.

For example, one of Mobilunity’s clients, Steffen Bernhardt, noted that So outsourcing to Ukraine gives you access to incredibly skilled developers:

Software Development Outsourcing Mexico vs. Ukraine: Salaries Comparison

Lowering costs for digital product development remains the main motivation for software outsourcing Mexico. However, with a few other benefits, the salaries of Ukrainian IT experts are also appealing. Below are the averaged monthly remunerations of top tech positions in Mexico and Ukraine. 

Please note that Glassdoor reports payrolls as a composition of the base and additional pays. Rarely the extra compensation for some roles can exceed the basic salary. This impacts the final number and makes the comparison slightly inaccurate. 

Still, let’s estimate how much you’ll spend on offshore software development in Mexico and Ukraine. We’ll check the cost of PHP, Java, .NET, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Android developers with various skills.  

Specialization ExperienceUkraine — Monthly SalaryMexico — Monthly Salary
PHPJunior Developer$1,500$835
Mid-Level Developer$2,300$1,564
Senior Developer$4,700$1,495
JavaJunior Developer$2,200$1,808
Mid-Level Developer$2,850$2,748
Senior Developer$4,450$4,396
.NETJunior Developer$3,500$2,480
Mid-Level Developer$3,700$3,280
Senior Developer$4,850$3,635
PythonJunior Developer$1,500$6,092
Mid-Level Developer$2,000$5,086
Senior Developer$4,700$34,638
C#Junior Developer$901$3,075
Mid-Level Developer$2,350$3,259
Senior Developer$3,2543,696
JavaScriptJunior Developer$3,500$990
Mid-Level Developer$3,305$1,819
Senior Developer$4,500$5,233
AndroidJunior Developer$1,350$2,952
Mid-Level Developer$2,000$3,194
Senior Developer$3,000$4,273

This table shows that PHP and NET developers from Mexico will cost you less. The senior coders in Java, C#, and JavaScript charge roughly the same. Hiring a Ukraine-based Python developer of any level of experience is more budget-friendly than nearshore outsourcing Mexico.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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