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Hiring Developers in Bulgaria: Unlocking Talent and Opportunity

Over the last couple of years, the IT industry made an enormous jump ahead and became one of the leading ones in the world market. As the industry grew so grew the competition within it. Eventually, it led to a situation where some companies had to look for ways to reduce their expenses. One of the branches of the IT industry that required such methods the most was software development. Mostly that happened because of the extreme complexity of this field and high prices for developers’ services. That is why most companies these days are turning to outsource practices as it allows them to find great talents and significantly reduce expenses. However, which country is the optimal place for such a business? When deciding whether to hire Bulgarian or Ukrainian developers, consider your specific needs such as whether you need to find Ruby on Rails developers or require a full stack .NET developer, as the strength of these skill sets can vary by region.

Nearshoring Bulgaria: A Brief IT Industry Overview

Bulgaria’s reputation as a hub for IT expertise has been consistently on the rise. It is now a preferred destination for a variety of IT-related services, ranging from software development to business process outsourcing (BPO). In recent years, the country has seen a shift from merely outsourcing to the execution of more sophisticated software development tasks. This trend is positively impacting Bulgaria’s economy.

According to the most recent data, the growth rate of the IT industry in Bulgaria is an impressive 8.66%. This burgeoning sector, which features around 440 IT companies, significantly contributes to the country’s economic performance by drawing substantial investment each year. These IT enterprises mainly focus on the international market, which has led to Bulgaria’s recognition as a prime destination for IT nearshoring.

The number of IT professionals in the country has also grown, currently standing at around 95,000. This wealth of available talent includes proficient Bulgarian programmers, and versatile software developers in Bulgaria, which is one of the key factors that makes software outsourcing Bulgaria such an attractive destination. Education in the IT sector is robust, with over 53 specialized universities producing a steady stream of skilled Bulgarian software engineers.

The tech export value from Bulgaria is substantial, totaling approximately $2.15 billion. This figure reflects the high quality of software development Bulgaria offers and its recognition on the global stage.
Regarding the most popular programming languages, Bulgarian programmers are highly proficient in PHP, .NET, Perl, Node.js, and Python. This wide range of expertise, from .NET developer Sofia to front end developer Plovdiv allows them to cater to diverse needs and projects, further enhancing the attractiveness of the Bulgarian IT landscape.

IT Outsourcing Bulgaria: New Trends

Outsourcing companies in Bulgaria are at their peak of popularity these days. More than just that, Bulgarian developers are featured on the  A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index among the first 15 countries, which is pretty impressive and indicates the high level of the IT industry development in the country.

Just a few years ago Bulgaria was also ranked as the only country, located in Europe, that made it to the list of the Top 10 outsourcing destinations in the world. Also, according to this source, Bulgarian developers are among the very best in the world.

What makes it so popular and in demand for outsourcing? First of all, it is its convenient location, which makes it really close to the main European countries. This means easier communication, similarities in culture and traditions, a similar attitude towards business and many other benefits. The last but not least benefit is great Internet connection speed in this country as according to Ookla’s Global Index back in the day Bulgaria was among the first 30 countries with the fastest Internet connection.

Having considered all that, it becomes obvious, that Bulgaria is a great place for nearshoring practices as well. It is especially relevant for European countries, as there will not be many differences in the way of conducting business or language barriers for all that matter. That is the reason for many Bulgarian IT companies to provide outsourcing and especially nearshoring services these days.

Bulgaria’s Tech Pulse: Software Development Across Key Cities

  • Sofia

As the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is the heart of the country’s tech industry. With an 1500 Bulgarian software developers, it’s a thriving hub for the IT sector. The average salary of a web developer Sofia is competitive on a global scale, with reports indicating an average monthly income of $2200. The city’s vibrant tech community and robust economy make it a sought-after destination for IT professionals.

  • Plovdiv

Known as Bulgaria’s cultural capital, Plovdiv is also making a name for itself in the IT world. It’s home to a growing number of software developers, estimated at around 850, who contribute to the city’s vibrant IT scene. The average salary of a .NET developer Plovdiv reflects the demand for these skills, with professionals earning an average salary of about $1700.

  • Varna

Located on the Black Sea coast, Varna is a city that blends technology with a desirable lifestyle. There are approximately 900 software developers in Varna, earning an average salary of $1400. This vibrant city offers an excellent balance of work and play for IT professionals, leading to an ever-growing web developer Varna community.

  • Burgas

Another city located on the Black Sea coast, Burgas has a steadily growing IT sector. Currently, it’s estimated that there are 700 software developers based in Burgas. The average salary of a software developer in this city is around $1400. The city’s appealing lifestyle and increasing tech opportunities make it an attractive destination for software professionals.

  • Ruse

Known as the ‘Little Vienna’ due to its architectural style, Ruse is also becoming recognized for its tech industry. It houses approximately 750 software developers who earn an average annual salary of $1200. As the IT industry continues to grow in Ruse, so does the city’s appeal to software development professionals.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s horizons by tapping into the international talent market, bringing on board accomplished developers from around the world. This diversity in expertise and viewpoints is key to fostering innovation and advancing your technological projects.

IT Outsourcing Bulgaria: Bulgarian Developers vs Ukrainian Developers

IT outsourcing Bulgaria and Ukraine are both very popular destinations for outsourcing these days. However, if you are thinking about considering these two countries for such purposes, you need to learn about the main differences between them from this point of view.

  • High education

Both these countries are well-known for the high level of their tech education. Most Bulgarian developers, as well as Ukrainian ones,  come with a strong technical educational background in the form of college or university. This mostly can be explained by the fact that IT jobs are being overpaid compared to other types and this attracts youth to them.

  • Number of specialists

Ukraine is a perfect country for IT outsourcing when it comes down to the number of potential candidates for the job. According to the data, provided by DOU, 53% of the total number of Ukrainian specialists – are programmers.

A pretty similar situation can be spotted with Bulgaria programmer representatives. Recent data shows, that currently, this country can provide the labor market with over 65,000 potential employees within the IT sector.

  • Level of professionalism

According to DOU’s data, nearly 49% of all Ukrainian programmers have at least 1 or 2 years of experience in the field. Also, most of them work as Middle-level specialists which indicates a certain level of skill already.

At the same time, Bulgaria is well-known for the high level of its profile education. This statement has been often proved by outstanding results of Bulgarian IT students on the various talent competitions. This way it could be said that Bulgarian education is competitive on the worldwide level and web development Bulgaria has to offer is on the high level as well.

Outsourcing Companies in Bulgaria and Their Specialists

Services of IT outsourcing Bulgaria provides these days are pretty vast. Currently, there are almost 250 outsourcing companies in Bulgaria that are eager to provide their services to foreign clients. But before you turn to any of those companies, you need to learn about all the necessary skills that your future software developer must have. Usually, those include, but are not limited to:

  • Proper certification. Any member of the Bulgaria remote team should be able to prove his or her skills with a proper certificate or diploma. This way you get your guarantee that the specialists you are about to hire are worth their money.
  • Coding skills. Make sure that all members of your Bulgaria dedicated team are proficient in at least a few programming languages and have several years of experience writing code with them. They should also know how to run tests on their own code and debug it if the need occurs. Usually, the list of the necessary languages includes Java, C++, C#, Node, and Ruby.
  • Ability to think logically and take responsibility for their own actions. IT outsourcing Bulgaria has one more positive trait: software developers are able to perform even without constant strict supervision.
  • Ability to work as a part of the team. Being a software developer, one will often have to perform as a part of the team. So it is essential that the new person will be able to successfully communicate with the rest developers who are working on the project.
  • Attention to details and great writing skills. Software developers are not allowed to make mistakes, as even the slightest one might ruing the work of the whole application.
  • Front and back end development skills. When speaking of front end skills your outsourcing Bulgaria specialists must know how to operate JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, and other programming languages. In the case of back end skills, one must know a few technical languages at least in addition to SQL and Node.js.

IT Outsourcing Companies in Bulgaria vs in Ukraine: Rates Comparison

Before you hire a Bulgaria software development team you need to learn about their rates first. To get a clearer understanding of the situation we will present you with a comparison table for both – Ukrainian and Bulgaria developers.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Software Engineer Salaries in Bulgaria

Software engineering is a rewarding profession in Bulgaria. Salaries vary based on experience levels, with distinct differences between junior, middle, and senior roles. As of this writing, the average salaries for each level are as follows:

Experience LevelAverage Monthly Salary
Junior Software Engineer$1100
Middle Software Engineer$2200
Senior Software Engineer$3200

These figures represent the current average salaries in the country, but actual compensation can vary depending on the company, the complexity of the work, and the specific skills of the engineer.

Harnessing Bulgaria’s Software Expertise: Mobilunity’s Role in Fueling the Demand

The immense surge in outsourcing has thrust software companies in Bulgaria into the global spotlight, with these companies catering to an ever-growing clientele. In the current landscape, a Bulgarian software company can confidently compete with outsourcing counterparts in countries like Poland. Today, Bulgaria boasts nearly 250 companies offering an array of such services.

One of the notable advantages of outsourcing to Bulgarian companies is the comparatively lower taxes one has to pay when conducting business in the country. Bulgaria ranks second in Europe for its impressively low taxes, a fact underscored by recent studies.

Bulgarian iOS developer Sofia are revered for their multilingual proficiency, professional commitment, and certified competencies, making the country a highly sought-after outsourcing destination. By some metrics, Bulgaria even outpaces Hungary in outsourcing capabilities.

On the topic of the skills Bulgarian developers bring to the table, there’s no doubt about their competence to deliver peak performance on your projects. Amongst the industry leaders harnessing this talent is Mobilunity. With an established expertise in hiring and providing top-notch dedicated teams Bulgaria, Mobilunity is not only an active participant in this exciting tech scene but also an empowering force driving its continuous growth and evolution.

Due to the enormous rise in popularity of the outsourcing practices any Bulgaria software company is getting tons of clients these days. Today a Bulgarian software company can easily make a competition for an outsourcing company Poland. As we discussed previously, there are nearly 250 companies that provide such services on this country’s territory.

Due to the multilingualism of Bulgarian developers, their professional attitude towards their jobs and all the necessary certifications – this country is one of the best outsourcing destinations now. To some companies’ opinion, even Hungary outsourcing lags behind.

Unlock Potential with Expert Hiring: Outsourcing Benefits with Mobilunity

Mobilunity, a professional provider of dedicated development teams, has extensive experience in the IT recruitment domain. Here are some compelling benefits of outsourcing your hiring process to professionals such as Mobilunity:

  • Expert Knowledge

Professional recruiters have a deep understanding of the job market, current trends, and specific industry requirements. Their expertise allows them to find the right candidate for the role more efficiently.

  • Time and Cost Savings

The recruitment process can be lengthy and costly. Outsourcing it allows companies to save on both these fronts as professionals have the resources and systems in place to streamline the hiring process.

  • Larger Talent Pool

Professionals have a vast network and access to a wider talent pool than a company might have on its own. They can source candidates from various platforms and channels, increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit.

  • Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing hiring allows a company’s internal team to concentrate on core business activities. While professionals handle recruitment, the company can focus on growth, strategy, and daily operations.

  • High-Quality Candidates

Recruitment professionals use advanced tools and methodologies to screen candidates. This ensures that only those who meet the specific criteria and standards are shortlisted, resulting in high-quality hires.

  • Reduced Turnover

Professionals are skilled at assessing candidate fit not just in terms of skills, but also cultural alignment with the company. This can lead to more successful placements and reduced turnover.

Mobilunity’s Custom Service Models

  • Dedicated Development Teams

This is Mobilunity’s primary service model, designed to cater to clients who require a dedicated, full-time resource for their projects. While the client oversees the day-to-day tasks and project deliverables, Mobilunity takes care of all HR, accounting, and help desk matters. This setup ensures smooth hiring a C++ developer Sofia project execution, enabling clients to focus on strategic objectives rather than administrative issues. 

  • Consultancy Services

Mobilunity’s consultancy services are designed for clients who need part-time resources for their projects. Similar to the dedicated development teams model, clients maintain direct management of the resource while Mobilunity handles all administrative tasks, including HR, accounting, and helpdesk support. This model is ideal for companies needing expert consultation without the requirement of a full-time commitment of a Javascript developer Sofia.

  • Recruiting Services

Mobilunity’s recruiting services are structured as recruiting-as-a-service, where the company assumes the role of a hiring partner. Mobilunity’s expansive network and recruitment expertise enable it to source the best talent, either locally in Bulgaria or across Eastern Europe. Mobilunity’s successful track record is highlighted by successful hiring cases in countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru, and Tajikistan, showcasing its ability to tap into diverse talent pools globally.

Want to accelerate your business growth? Let’s chat about how our dedicated teams Bulgaria can craft a perfect solution for you!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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