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Reasons to Hire a Data Migration Specialist

A very simplified explanation of data migration is this — moving data from one location to another. So many can think that this is an easy job and they even don’t need a professional to perform it. But data transfer specialists’ work goes far beyond this basic duty.

In this article, we’ll find out what a data migration expert does, how your business can benefit from such professionals, and how to find data migration specialists.

Why Data Migration Is Important for Modern Businesses?

Data migration is a process in which some data is transferred from one place, or system to another, for example between CRMs, from on-premise servers to the cloud etc. It involves main steps such as data profiling, cleaning, validation, and the continuous data quality assurance process in the final storage. 

Data migration is necessary for different reasons. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • To increase adaptivity
    Data is crucial to a company’s ability to adapt to change and thrive in the face of adversity. As changes happen, you need to be aware of them immediately and acquire insight into the best way to react. Having all of your data in one place gives you a complete picture of your company, allowing you to employ it more efficiently to make wise business decisions and provide better customer support.
  • To improve business mobility
    The cloud has fundamentally changed the dynamics of business mobility. Due to the migration of data centers to the cloud, business management, and their teams may now access their data and apps at any time from any place. Employers improve their ability to adapt, collaborate, and be productive both within the workplace and outside of the office.
  • To reduce maintenance expense
    The expense of maintaining old technologies might be high. For instance, employing an ETL tool to migrate your data to a cloud-based data warehouse can reduce the cost of data storage. Transferring data to the cloud can allow you to spend less on personnel and hardware; you just need to hire a remote data migration specialist who’s qualified enough to do this task.
  • To achieve scalability
    One of the other motivations for cloud transformation is on-demand scalability. By using on-premise IT infrastructure, scaling up operations once they’ve got capacity can take dozens of days, even dozens of weeks. Or in case your CRM software doesn’t have the needed expanded features for your ongoing growth and you need to move data to another CRM.

With relevant to your business needs cloud servers, you may rapidly increase the resource capacity as needed without having to first buy more hardware or software licenses. 

This gives both small firms with little resources and large businesses with complicated requirements to suit evolving business demands and keep business growth.

These are just a few perks you get with data migration. But only if it’s performed correctly by competent data migration specialists. 

The Role of a Data Migration Specialist

The success of the entire process depends on migrating old data reliably and efficiently so that it may be used with new systems, expanded upon, or changed. A data storage system will also need the assistance of data migration experts to check the data quality and do the necessary improvements whenever it’s needed.

As we’ve discussed already, to make sure that the data migration runs well, experts take specific steps, including Preparation, Migrating plan design, Implementation, and Program Operations. These things cannot be anticipated from novices who are unfamiliar with the task and its proper execution. The ramifications of these, however, can be highly dangerous since it can result in losing data or corrupting it and therefore harm the reputation or activity of the business in general.

  • To do everything right, data migration specialists meet with clients to understand their needs and expectations. To assist in cleaning and validating data during the migration, they build their own scripts. Also, they examine how to import old data into different database structures and format it for the new context.
  • Data migration experts conduct an audit of the deployed and current data systems to find flaws or potential improvements. They also translate or clean up data so that it may be transferred across programs, systems, or applications efficiently.
  • By the end of the project, migration experts create technical documentation for every step, including the methods employed and the precise migration procedures implemented, as well as any changes or revisions performed. They can also offer best practices for data migration for all ongoing and upcoming initiatives.

With a good freelance website migration expert for hire you can forget about headaches with the data migration, like with migration from Angular to React.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular programs, the perks and challenges of their data migration, and how to overcome those mishaps with the right migration specialist.  

Brief Overview of Magento Migration: Benefits and Challenges

Magento is an Adobe-owned e-commerce website platform that focuses on building e-commerce websites. Users of Magento have access to hundreds of special features that enable them to communicate with and sell their products to clients. Payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping services, and extra plug-ins like tag management tools may all be readily integrated with Magento to maximize your e-commerce site.

The primary problem is that, for example, Magento 1 was made in 2008. It was more than fifteen years ago; that is an age in the context of software development. Since then, PHP alone has seen a number of significant releases. The libraries and technologies used by Magento 1 have been replaced by new ones. As a result, there may be significant downtime while a rookie magento migration expert can think over how to do the migration properly.

Also, data errors can cause significant data losses, which can impede business growth. Hire magento migration expert to transfer data to a more scalable platform. A data migration expert will be familiar with how each activity and process is carried out and can thus bring everything to a successful end. A newbie will frequently skip over crucial phases, be unable to properly wrap up the migration, or end it even if some key procedures are still left. So, it’s crucial to always choose a data migrating professional over a novice who still has a lot to learn.

Brief Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Migration: Its Pros and Requirements 

  • The ERP and CRM platforms are combined into one cloud package by Dynamics 365 to provide you with a comprehensive view of your business. With Dynamics, an ERP software system that enables productive collaboration, task optimization, and growth, you may simplify your regular financial and operational processes. New tailored business apps for accounting, sales, operations, marketing, project service automation, and customer service are included in the platform.
  • Data migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a challenging and complex process. Data integrity is just one of many factors to take into account, but it’s also one of the most crucial.

For example, there is data with numerous fields; some of these fields won’t need to be mapped to the destination system. There also can be blank data fields in a source that requires filling in from a different place. It can be tempting to use a simple “transferring in a couple of clicks” strategy when dealing with migration. But it’s important to get the implementation correct, as it should be done only once; retries aren’t an option. 

  • To ensure a successful migration, you must make sure that your data is transferred completely and precisely. Just like with Magento migration experts, here a specialist will plan, carry out, and validate your migration with the aid of the tools and their knowledge. They will have a thorough understanding of the platform and how to tailor it to your company’s requirements. Specialists know what must be moved, what can be left behind, and what might be lacking. It’s difficult and time-consuming to create data migration tools from the start and manually code them. Hire microsoft dynamics gp migration experts to do it correctly, more quickly, and with the appropriate tools.

Brief Overview of WordPress Migration: Perks and Risks

WordPress is a cost-free and fully accessible content management system that helps in building, updating, and maintaining websites. Businesses use it for different purposes: build a website for eCommerce, informative landing pages, company and personal blogs etc. There are numerous options for themes and plugins available in the official WordPress library and various third-party libraries.

A website migration specialist, for example like shopify migration experts, can create a unified view of the consumers and the businesses once information, like performance data, user and service information, and sales and marketing data, are all important and gathered from each of the source platforms in one place. 

But when it comes to the migration of all this data, it can be confusing, not just the process but the data itself. That’s why it’s important to clean, convert, and deduplicate data during the data migration process, producing data of greater quality so it can be easily used to get the crucial insights to make the judgments that will keep the business competitive in today’s data-driven market. WordPress migration expert uses the transformation step to make sure the data put into the target destination is in an accurate, dependable, and consistent manner by using ETL software for the data transfer.

Brief Overview of Hubspot Migration: How Not to Lose Valuable Data

The HubSpot platform connects marketing, sales, content management, and customer service elements of the business and provides tons of tools, integrations, and resources. Its main advantage is that every department in the company can use the same system of records since everything is powered by a single CRM database.

  • Data migration is not only about getting used to a new user interface when moving your data from one CRM platform to another. Despite the fact that this seems to be a one-to-one transfer and should be simple, custom objects and custom properties make this quite difficult. Data records must be aligned between objects in order to be transferred, for example, HubSpot Contacts converts from Salesforce Leads. And there are lots of such nuances.
  • The same is true for properties; you must determine whether special properties must be developed prior to transfer. Understanding how each object and property should be aligned between platforms ensures that the transfer of data records is correct and error-free.
  • Data is unquestionably a valuable asset and protecting it is essential to building a prosperous future for your business. When a client’s data is not handled properly, it can lead to unhappiness, a loss of reputation, and a decrease in future business. It is important to note that even seemingly insignificant measures, such as having qualified ETL migration experts handle data migration, might save you from processes full of errors and large losses. 

Brief Overview of Sharepoint Migration: Benefits and Potential Pitfalls

Microsoft SharePoint is an online service for file sharing, collaboration, and content storage. To make collaboration easier, SharePoint also interfaces with other Microsoft services (such as Teams, Outlook, etc.) which makes it one of the leaders among collaborative tools.

  • There’s a high possibility that during the migration, files could wind up in the wrong place or become corrupted. Or, sometimes, connectivity speed is very slow and poor. Overall migrating to Office 365 can be a difficult process if you have a large amount of data to move and little transmission range.
  • A SharePoint migration expert will make sure the migration goes smoothly. Before beginning, they will take their time to consider the content’s owners, structure, and significance. The entire migration timeline would be shortened as a result. Not only will the data conversion/migration experts eliminate unnecessary and outdated data, but they will also assist you in creating a governance plan; the significance of excellent governance in terms of protecting sensitive information, organizing data, and establishing segment prioritization is difficult to overestimate.

Average Rates Specialists in Different Countries

Keep in mind that the data migration specialist salary will differ based on the set of responsibilities and requirements of your project. 

But for general consideration, below you can find an average hourly rate of professionals with strong tech backgrounds and compelling skills. 

CountryAv.hourly rateMonthly salaries
United Kingdom$26$4162

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As it’s shown, the Ukrainian specialists are the most cost-effective, they provide top-quality services, have no communication barriers, and are widely known for their responsibility and hard-working mindset.

Mobilunity, a Reliable Provider of Data Migration Specialists in Ukraine.

The top Ukrainian outsourcing company, Mobilunity, is renowned for its safe cloud migration services and in-depth understanding of the outsourcing recruiting market in general. Our team of experts completes the project on schedule and within budget while adhering to the best standards for smooth data migration to the system.

Along with Mobilunity, you can create a practical and cost-effective hiring strategy to get the best specialists, whether you need to hire Magento migration expert or a Shopify migration expert.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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