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AngularJS Developer Responsibilities and Roles

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript open-source frontend web application frameworks, and it’s maintained by none other than Google. Due to its popularity and demand, we have decided to talk about AngularJS with our experienced in-house frontend developer, Anton. In this interview, we will try to understand more about AngularJS development services and AngularJS developer roles and responsibilities.

What do you think about AngularJS popularity?

Angular developer AntonAngularJS is now adopting a 3-year LTS (Long Term Support), a good indication that the technology is mature and has a friendly developer community which supports the framework ecosystem. On Github, AngularJS has 58k stars and 28k forks, a respectable amount considering that React.js, the JavaScript framework with the most stars, has 96k stars and only 18k forks. The framework’s popularity is mainly due to the fact that AngularJS was one of the first modern tools for building single page applications, which has gained popularity among developers. In my opinion, AngularJS will stay maintainable and remain as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for web applications.

Why did you choose AngularJS? How much experience do you have with this framework?

Angular developer AntonI have less than two years of experience with AngularJS, during which time I have developed several projects from small to large-scale applications with varying levels of difficulty. I chose AngularJS because I like its architecture and its development principles, and the fact that AngularJS became part of most modern technology stacks since its inception. Thanks to the separation of logic from the client-side, we can carry out frontend and backend development processes in parallel, independent of each other.

Which pros and cons in AngularJS can you pick out based on your experience

Angular developer Anton

Based on my experience, I found out the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Fast application prototyping, which increases the speed of development
  • Easy templating and data binding with templates
  •  A lot of tools out of  the box
  • Modular system


  • Scopes are easy to use, but hard to debug.
  • Directives are very powerful but difficult to use.
  • Steep learning curve if you don’t have any experience with MVC frameworks yet

Can you tell us more about projects where AngularJS was the best choice for development?

Angular developer AntonFirst of all, if you have some product in production which was written in AngularJS and you don’t want to rewrite your application or website, you should definitely keep using AngularJS and there isn’t any pressing need to migrate to another framework. If, however, you want to start developing a new project, in my opinion, the best choice is not AngularJS, but the next generation of Angular frameworks. So if you ask me what is AngularJS used for, I can tell you that it’s the best way to support already existing projects.

How do you see the evolution of AngularJS? Which frameworks can you call as AngularJS “competitors”?

Angular developer AntonI think the evolution of AngularJS has already passed. AngularJS has transformed into Angular, AngularJS that uses TypeScript instead of simple JavaScript and provides a new concept of web development. At this time, we have Angular 6 as the latest stable version and the Angular development team continues its development. I guess we can talk only about maintaining apps written in the framework, and AngularJS developer future will be focused on improving already existing skills and explore the features of newer technologies. Although there are a lot of new frameworks, AngularJS remains a sought-after technology in which a lot of existing projects are written. This explains the high AngularJS developer demand.

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