Nearshore Development Vendor: Choosing a City within a Country of Your Choice

When you are done choosing a country for nearshoring, it is worth considering what city you would expect your Vendor to be located at.

These are few tips on why it is important:

  1. Commute time. You will travel to see your team. More or less, but you will. Fewer transits your flight will have – less annoyed you will be with the travel time and convenience. In Ukraine specifically, make sure your home city is directly commuted (on days and time you will be fine with!) to the city of your tentative vendor. It will play a great importance very soon!
  2. Cost of ownership. Smaller cities will have smaller operational overhead, and usually, developers in smaller cities will ask a bit lower pay cheque. As cost of living there must be a bit less. So, if some $100-200 per person matter a lot to you – consider going to else but major cities.
  3. Talent availability. It is the most important point, as to me. Bigger city = bigger bill = better magnet it is for the talent. If your project is looking for the best of what the market may offer – the diversity and talent availability is in the biggest cities of the country.

How is that in Ukraine? See the video here

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