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ADA Consulting: Leading Your Path to Inclusive Success

As society becomes more inclusive, organizations aim to make their services accessible to everyone. That extends to the technologies they produce, ensuring inclusivity knows no bounds.

In light of this, the global accessibility testing market soared and is forecasted to surpass $606 million by 2027. Such remarkable growth highlights accessibility’s significance in the tech industry. When reaching inclusivity and navigating complex regulations, US businesses often seek ADA compliance consulting — the service we’ll discuss today.

So, what exactly is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consulting, and why is it crucial for businesses to embrace? Let’s figure out its importance and how to hire a web accessibility consultant for your way to inclusive success.

What Is ADA and ADA Compliance Consulting?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a crucial US civil rights law. It’s all about ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. From employment and public spaces to transportation and technology, ADA protects inclusivity in every aspect of life.

ADA compliance consulting is pivotal in helping organizations adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and regulations. ADA experts navigate the intricate landscape of accessibility requirements and provide businesses with the necessary knowledge and tools to create inclusive environments for all individuals.

Importance of Accessibility Consulting: Core Application Areas

ada website compliance services

Evaluating accessibility is critical to ensuring inclusivity. By partnering with ADA compliance consultants, businesses confirm their physical spaces, digital platforms, and policies follow ADA regulations. That’s how they promote equal access for everybody. 

Let’s take a closer look at several areas of ADA consulting services and their significance in fostering inclusivity:

Accessible Design for Public Housing

ADA compliance specialists guide public housing authorities in designing and modernizing residential buildings. These experts assist in integrating such accessibility elements as ramps, elevators, and accessible bathrooms, ensuring that housing facilities are inclusive and comply with ADA standards.

Accessible Design for Education and Business Facilities

Similar to public housing, ADA consulting firms offer expertise in building accessible spaces for students, educators, employees, and visitors with disabilities. These vendors typically collaborate with architects and engineers to design accessible pathways, entrances, classrooms, workspaces, and common areas.

Public-Right-of-Way and Pedestrian Evaluations and Enhancements

The Americans with Disabilities Act goes beyond residential and public buildings. ADA compliance companies also help evaluate public-right-of-way areas like sidewalks, crosswalks, and parking spaces. These vendors suggest improvements for such spots to suit all pedestrians.

Assessments for Jurisdictional Authorities

ADA compliance contractors frequently collaborate with jurisdictional authorities, from district heads and city councils to functional agencies like public health or building code departments. These experts review the authorities’ policies, facilities, and digital platforms to follow accessibility standards.

Litigation and Expert Witness Services for the Built Environment

When legal disputes on accessibility arise, certified ADA consultants can provide litigation support. They serve as expert witnesses, offering professional opinions and evidence on accessibility matters.

CASp Consulting for the Built Environment

Certified Access Specialist or CASp consulting focuses on California state-specific accessibility regulations. These consultants assess buildings, provide compliance recommendations, and issue CASp reports certifying ADA adherence. This service is particularly critical for businesses in California, where additional accessibility regulations exist.

Certified Access Specialists (CASp) Services

Let’s dwell on Certified Access Specialists solutions a little bit more. They are critical for the built environment’s accessibility in California and go beyond the federal ADA guidelines. Here are several CASp services you may want to learn about:

  • ADA, WCAG, and Section 508 audit. CASp experts conduct comprehensive audits of facilities to check their adherence to ADA guidelines. They also offer WCAG and 508 compliance consulting services for digital platforms, ensuring observation of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 requirements.
  • ADA plan review. Before construction, CASp consultants deliver ADA plan review assistance to confirm that the proposed designs follow accessibility requirements. They study architectural plans and specifications, determine potential accessibility barriers, and suggest improvements.
  • ADA CASp evaluation or inspection proposal. CASp consultants inspect existing buildings to evaluate their accessibility and compliance with ADA. They thoroughly examine interior and exterior elements and suggest areas that can be improved.
  • Expert witness service. CASp consultants can serve as expert witnesses in ADA lawsuits. With their specialized knowledge of accessibility regulations, these professionals assist parties involved in legal proceedings.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Accessibility Consulting

Now that you know about the various ADA consultant services and use cases, you may be wondering why to invest in them in the first place. Look at the following compelling reasons:

Ensured Regulatory Compliance

ADA is, first and foremost, a legal requirement. Hiring an ADA specialist means that your organization cares about its ethical responsibilities and contributes to inclusivity. It also helps you avoid potential legal consequences like penalties and lawsuits.

Expanded Customer Base

About 1.3 billion individuals globally have disabilities, and following ADA regulations helps you be responsive to these people’s needs. With ADA consulting in place, you make your digital products more accessible and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Improved User Experience

Accessibility is not solely about compliance but creating an inclusive and positive user experience. When attracting an ADA accessibility consultant, you enhance your digital product’s usability and increase customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Reputation and Brand Image

When you contribute to inclusivity, you send a strong message to your stakeholders, customers, and, of course, the public. An ADA compliance officer can help you demonstrate your organization’s social responsibility and improve your brand image.

Saved Costs

You may wonder how an investment in ADA website compliance services can save costs. The answer is simple — you reduce additional expenses for accessibility improvements in the long run.

Choosing the Right ADA Compliance Consultant: Key Attributes of a Reliable Vendor

If the reasons listed above have encouraged you to engage an ADA compliance company, finding a firm that aligns with your organization’s needs, values, and goals is crucial. What to look for in such vendors? Here are the key attributes of a high-quality accessibility consulting service provider:

Expertise and Experience

Start your search by evaluating the ADA website compliant consultant’s expertise and background in the industry. Such a specialist must deeply understand the relevant regulations to help your digital product become more accessible. Make sure you study their portfolio to learn how they assisted clients like you in their journeys.

Comprehensive Services

A good ADA consulting company offers plenty of services that handle specific compliance aspects. Some of the tasks these experts should tackle are accessibility audits, policy reviews, website accessibility checks, and litigation support. Look for vendors who offer those and beyond to ensure your digital product is inclusive.

Niche-Specific Knowledge

Each industry has unique accessibility needs. Consulting firms that assist with ADA compliance must know or be ready to learn about the peculiarities of your niche. It’s the only way they’ll deliver the best results and customized solutions.


Another thing that’ll help you reach inclusive success is effective communication with your chosen vendor. Consider the way ADA consulting experts cooperate with your organization and pay attention to their willingness to follow your needs. Look for those who are responsive to your queries and give regular updates on your project’s progress.

Continued Support

ADA adherence is constant work. Therefore, check if an ADA and 508 compliance consultant provides continued support after completing your main tasks. A suitable vendor typically offers continuous monitoring and accessibility guidelines updates and helps you address emerging issues.

Cost of ADA Compliance Specialist

Learning about what makes a reliable ADA developer is only part of the journey to hiring an accessibility consultant. Another thing you may want to explore is the cost of such experts. The ADA consultant salary typically depends on the following aspects:

  • ADA website compliance consultants’ location. Salary rates vary globally and can even differ from city to city.
  • Cooperation model. Freelancers typically charge less than in-house consultants, and outsourcing to dedicated teams can be cost-effective.
  • Scope of the ADA consultant’s work. The more services you require, the higher the cost, and vice versa.
  • Availability of additional niche-specific requirements. Extra industry-focused expertise may potentially impact the consultant’s cost.
  • Duration of your project. If your tasks are urgent, they can be more expensive to tackle due to increased resource allocation.

The above are the most critical cost-influencing factors. Let’s now explore the certified access consultant ADA compliance salaries in different countries. Look at the details in the table below:

ADA Compliance Consultant Hourly Rate by Country
CountryHourly Rate
the USA$38.54
the UK$29.36
the Netherlands$29.69

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Since ADA is a US-specific regulation, let’s also explore ADA consultant’s salaries in different American cities:

  • ADA compliance consultant Los Angeles — $35.11 per hour
  • ADA compliance consultant NYC — $50.63 per hour
  • ADA compliance consultant Salt Lake — $50.63 per hour
  • ADA compliance consulting San Diego cost — $46.80 per hour
  • ADA compliance consulting Pennsylvania — $31.11 per hour
  • ADA compliance Kansas City consulting — $49.95 per hour
  • Atlanta ADA compliance consultant — $60.60 per hour
  • Web accessibility consultant in Seattle — $49.28 per hour

As you can see, Ukraine is the most cost-effective destination for hiring ADA consultants. Compared to major US cities like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Western European countries, salaries in Ukraine are significantly more budget-friendly. Besides that, this country is renowned for skilled talent and high-quality services.

Introducing Mobilunity: Your Reliable Provider of Accessibility Consulting Services in Ukraine

In case you’ve decided to delegate ADA compliance consulting tasks to a provider from Ukraine, Mobilunity is here to help. We are your trusted partner that offers highly experienced specialists and flexible collaboration models. With us, you can opt for the following work approaches:

  • Dedicated teams of ADA experts. This cooperation model is perfect for large, long-term projects requiring maximum commitment. Our full-time specialists will provide you with an accessibility audit, recommendations, and ongoing support in reaching ADA compliance.
  • Part-time ADA consultants. This collaboration model works well for smaller, short-term projects demanding increased flexibility. Our part-time experts will provide you with agility in scheduling and allow you to allocate your resources as necessary. 

At the same time, Mobilunity recognizes that your accessibility consulting requirements may extend beyond just Ukraine. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered here, too. Our recruitment team can find ADA specialists in different locations across the world. So if you need ADA compliance consulting San Diego or any other city, we’re eager to locate the experts for you.

Trusted by over 40 clients from more than 15 countries worldwide, Mobilunity is a go-to choice for ADA consulting services. During our 12+ years of work, we’re proud to have delivered comprehensive assistance to French eCommerce platform Glopal, Japanese FinTech company Pafin, Swiss insurance firm Ensurance, and numerous other satisfied customers.

So why wait? Partner with Mobilunity and make your digital products accessible to everyone. You may discuss your project requirements by filling out the form on our website.

Looking for professional ADA compliance consultants to secure your project? Mobilunity has a solution to offer!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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