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Nearshore Development Vendor’s Recruiting Process Logistics

Doing recruiting for the client, nearshore development vendor hiring in Ukraine in 2021 should be specifically concerned with recruiting process logistics.

As there are 3 parties involved in the process (hiring manager, recruiting department at the Vendor’s side, and the Candidate), and as the labor market in UA fully matches this hot summer, these are things I recommend to consider:

  1. Daily booked 5 minute slots for sync up between the Client and Vendor’s recruiter, to ensure every candidate in a pipeline gets a verdict within 24 hours (business week). The last such meeting slot for Friday evening (Vendor time) would also ensure the week has no “hanging” applicants in the pipeline before the weekend starts.
  2. Preliminary booked calendar slots for interviews even before the candidates are shown. May look too heavy but apparently it is not, if there are 3 slots already booked for the week upcoming, chances are over 90% the candidate will fit at least any of these bookings, too. Vendor’s job will also be to cancel such preliminary booked meetings 1 day before they are booked, if slots are not actually taken by the candidate.
  3. Same to the Candidate. Learn about one’s availability BEFORE the submission to the Client, to be able to schedule the interview right away.
  4. Use automation tools (meeting scheduling, communication automation omitting human delays).
  5. Most important – make sure the Client understands this is HOT market, and whole process from “yes I am interested in this vacancy” by time the decision is made on whether or not to make an offer to such a candidate, should be under 5 days.

With such timing, your recruiting process will win over big corp’s processes and will be competitive to those else companies who already understood the importance of SPEED in hiring decisions here in Ukraine.

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