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Nearshoring During Covid-19 Times

Nearshoring is all about People. Nearshoring during Covid-19 times is all about stressed people. Remote work models work only if managed properly!

Having 40+ teams working remotely for our clients from Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, UK, USA and Canada, Israel and Japan, we were always proud of how we were organizing things in place, in our Kyiv office. Since March 17, we temporary lost our ability to leverage this advantage of ours. Upsetting, true, yet, Virtual Engagement came instead!

I sometimes feel our teams will even know each other better after these isolated times. The only thing, not everyone would be still recognizable in face :) – as for example I gained few extra pounds, just because I had to miss April Fitness Sessions run by our guys and girls.

Ukraine is getting off the crisis, I hope, very soon, yet still I have few weeks to bring myself back to the shape – so my teams recognize me on the 1st day we are back to the office. I am hoping to see more fun and events like these, in May. To remind ourselves how April was – here is Mobilunity Remote Events calendar our Staff Services organized for the teams of ours!

Stay safe!

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