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Nearshoring Vendor: Protect, Motivate, Deliver

There is a gap between leads already having nearshoring vendor experience, coming with their own set of (well-grounded) hesitations, AND,
The companies who never did nearshore teams before, and to whom this experience will be very new.

To the least ones, I personally find the most challenging part to be having a potential client LISTEN to those many things we have to share with them as our best practices and experiences. This is how i see it from Mobilunity CEO side.
From the other side, when connections of mine come to me for a piece of advice on whether or not to work with another vendor, what questions to ask them, how else to make a decision on them – whole conversation is always so simple and smooth, just because they do not see me biased, as obviously I am not.

Was I ever selling to you personally – you will agree I would rather recommend you NOT to work with us, should you have any doubts. That’s why I probably sell that bad :)
I wish I had leads asking more questions to us, and willing to get more answers than we usually are able to give!

Invest your time into listening to your potential vendor before you hire them. Ask your questions, and when you have none – let them speak themselves, to see what and how they think. Your decisions will become better!

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