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Thoughts on Teams Office Presence in 2021

For 2 years working from home offices is a new norm for tech talent in Ukraine. The market is flooded with vacancies offering 100% remote.

You may see our 2021 chart.

  1. When there is 1 team member going to the office on periodical basis – there are more likely else team members to be joining.
  2. To those who show up frequently, office is an intentional choice – may it be due to comfort of the working environment, or ease of commute, or, better saying, usually both. Same applies to those who work from homes, though.

Yet, Working Remote
So far, this is the market state and there are 2 ways of taking it

  • complying, by making essential adjustments in your very own processes, and by doing so, becoming supercharged on many else aspects, OR
  • going against the market, striking off 80-90% of the candidates from your pool, and “buying” essential office presence with something else – may it be some additional perks, way-above-the-market wage or a rare ability to work for your company whose name starts with GOO (as if it does not – please think again what will make your job more attractive to candidates than 100x of else roles available on the market)

Belief in “essential work from office” often comes from perception “we know what you do when you work from the office” but this totally not true.
Key access to higher team’s performance is an ability to measure this performance in a way both “task owner” and “task executor” agree on. Once and if you have this, only “communication” part remains as one that may be enhanced with office presence. And that part, is attandable in many else ways, too.

Dear dev team consumers,
How do you measure the productivity of your teams?
Precious developers,
how are you being measured and how would you prefer to be?


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