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June 12, 2017 - Marina D

A React vs AngularJS Developer: Ways to Hire a Right Person

Probably this is one of the most confusing situations faced while planning to hire a developer. This article is meant to help you make a decision, whether to hire React or AngularJS developer. A right decision in this regard is imperative in developing an excellent web application. Let’s get to know each of these better before analyzing their compatibility. We have already discussed about React JS developers and compared them with Node JS developers in the previous posts. Still for the sake of our discussion, let’s have an overview at both React JS and AngularJS.

Analyzing Both Technologies Before You Hire AngularJS Developer

It is obvious that nowadays a frontend developer should be skilled in different technologies and JS frameworks. React and Flux for Angular developers is not something unfamiliar or strange. Still, a developer skilled in both React JS and Angular JS can use them in completely different cases and projects as each of them has its own peculiarities.

Further in this article, we would like to analyze both the frameworks and see some of their important features. There are different cases where AngularJS would be best and some areas where React JS could be the best option. But for some applications, using React with AngularJS would produce outstanding results.

Let’s see some important aspects of both the technologies:

 Technology  ReactJS  AngularJS
 Author  Facebook community  Google®
 Type  Open source JS library  Fully-featured MVVM framework
 Toolchain  High  High
 Language  code – JavaScript (ES5 / ES2015 / ES2016), templates – JSX  code – TypeScript, templates – Angular Templates (based on HTML)
 Learning Curve

Low (for React solely)

High (depending of additional tools/architectural concepts used (e.g Redux))

Packaging  Strong  Strong
 Rendering  Client & server side  Client side
 App Architecture  None, combined with a lot of tools available: Rect Router, Redux Saga, Redux Forms, etc  MVVM
Data Binding  Uni-directional  Bi-directional
 DOM  Virtual DOM  Regular DOM

Some Popular Apps and Sites Built by Angular Programmers

Below you may find some of the popular sites and Apps built with the help of AngularJS and ReactJS:


React JS

How to Hire AngularJS Developer with React Skills?

Now, after having compared both the technologies, resolving the dilemma of whether to hire AngularJS developer or to hire React JS developer is up to you. But, let us help you with the hiring method. There are a number of options for hiring a person depending upon your requirements. First of all, you have to list out the complete requirements regarding the project, whether it is a long term project, whether a project is very crucial to the business, and the amount you are proposing to invest in this regard. While considering a React vs Angular developer salary, the latter one would be greater as AngularJS is more popular and is a widely used technology. Also, note that, hiring a developer using React with AngularJS will be a great advantage.

Now, you have to make a description for hiring a React or Angular programmer. The complete details of the project should be explained so that a person seeing the description would get a better understanding of the project. Now there are three options for hiring a programmer:

  1. Post a Job on Job Boards. There are plenty of sites over the Internet like, SimplyHired and GlassDoor where you could post your job description and find a talented programmer, whether it be an AngularJS developer or React JS developer. Here we aim to find a person who could work as an employee. This is more appropriate when your project requires a dedicated person to take care of.
  2. Look for a dedicated developer on Freelance portals. You could easily find freelance dedicated developers engaged in developing web apps. Since the framework like AngularJS is very popular, you could literally find an Angular programmer on freelance portals like Upwork or TopTal.
  3. Look for companies outstaffing their employees. Developing a web app according to your requirements will be very simple with companies providing outstaffing services. With their help you could hire a developer of any stack from the in-house team or they will find a needed candidate of any level within 2-3 weeks. The sites like provide thousands of skilled employees who could offer high quality services in web app development.

AngularJS developer for hire and other JS developers

So, once you know your requirements well, the matter of hiring the right person would be a hurdle anymore. In fact, the industry is almost saturated with web developers. The only thing is to know the market and your own necessity well.

Dedicated Frontend and AngularJS Developers of Mobilunity

Below you can also find one of the CVs of our dedicated frontend developers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, in case you want to check the full CV:

Konstantin S. Middle Frontend Developer


  • HTML (HTML5)
  • CSS (CSS3)
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • XSLT
  • LESS
  • Sass
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone
  • Twitter Bootstrap


March 2014 – Present, Company “A” Kyiv, Ukraine
Responsibilities: Senior Frontend Developer

  • Developing new widgets (using Angular + RequireJS)
  • Full time support of  high load project;
  • Took part in developing frontend, scss architecture, client-side logic;
  • Developing split tests for desktop and mobile versions;
  • Code refactoring and optimization;
  • Responsive design, usability:
  • integrating with server-side code, MVC conception

Technologies: HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS / JavaScript / jQuery / Ajax / ASP.NET MVC / Razor / GIT / AngularJS + Bootstrap / LESS. Automation using Gulp, TypeScript; ReactJS; Backend: SailsJS


June 2012 – March 2014, Company “B”  Kyiv, Ukraine
Responsibilities: Senior Frontend Developer

  • active part in frontend architecture;
  • creation all client-side logic, new templates;
  • refactoring and optimization;
  • responsive design, usability;
  • working closely with designers, QA, PM to ensure design quality;
  • cross-browser/semantic/optimized/W3C code, debugging, testing,
    resolving incompatibilities;
  • integrating with server-side code to produce dynamic pages, MVC conception;
  • developing/editing/fixing plug-ins, widgets;
  • working with analytics solutions such as Google Analytics,
  • working with Google Maps Api, Facebook Api, Amo CRM Api;
  • writing different project technical documentation.

Technologies: HTML5 / CSS3 / LESS / JavaScript / jQuery / jQuery UI / Ajax / PHP5 / SVN …

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