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Reasons to Turn to Software House Services in Eastern Europe

In today’s digital world, software development has become a crucial aspect of modern businesses. And businesses are consistently looking for new ways to access custom software development solutions. For many businesses, the answer lies in hiring software house services. 

Software houses are companies that develop and distribute software. They often operate under different names, including software development company, bespoke software development agency, and software house. These companies mainly focus on developing software, including mobile and web applications for consumer or business use. Software houses often develop software sold on the shelves under their own brands too. Their software solutions include out-of-the-box products, single license software, or developments like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

These days, software design house companies are in high demand. But why do businesses prefer to use their services? Let’s explore!

The Difference Between a Software House and an IT Staffing Agency

Although the description of a software house and an IT staff agency may sound similar, there are some definitive differences. Let’s investigate some of these in the table below:

Services Offered by Software Houses

Software houses can be quite versatile. They offer various options for development and can also customize their offerings to suit certain client needs. Some software houses also specialize in one or two specific fields. Here are some of the most common specialized software houses available today:

  • Android development software house

Android development’s popularity has increased significantly over the past twelve years as many mobile phone owners prefer to use this operating system. Some advantages of Android development include easy customization, improved security, and a high return on investment. Businesses realized this and are now developing Android-based software to reach as many consumers as possible. As a result of this demand, some software houses specialize in developing top-quality Android applications. They use a variety of tools, including different programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and CC+ to meet unique client needs and build custom Android software.

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Kotlin development, which many developers refer to as a streamlined version of Java, has become very popular since its creation because of its reliability, compatibility with existing code and easy maintenance. A software house or custom software development company specializing in Kotlin development often completes software projects fast because Kotlin requires less coding, and allows for easy cross-platform development. 

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  • Node.js development software house
node.js development services

node.js is popular for developing server-side solutions and tools. Big leading companies such as Netflix and Uber use node.js in the development of their online portals. It is known for many advantages, such as fast learning, fast development and time to market and great scalability. Software houses offering node.js development solutions are a great option for scalable projects. This is because node.js offers efficient performance, an easier development process, reusable code and smooth scalability.

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  • iOS development software house

On the mobile OS market, iOS is a big contender holding about 28.27% of the market share. iOS development software houses use two main programming languages, Swift and Objective-C. These houses develop software that is reliable and highly secure with flexible user interfaces and top customer experiences. Many businesses choose iOS software houses because they can reach a bigger, tech-ready market with their products. 

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  • Ruby on Rails software house

Ruby on Rails is a server-side technology used for building websites and known for its productivity and simplicity. It is an open-source programming language used by massive companies like Airbnb and Shopify. Ruby on Rails software houses or software development shops build products that are highly secure, cost-effective, easy to maintain and easy to scale. 

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  • Vue.js software house

vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is highly popular among developers. It is simple to use, and one of the fastest frameworks available for building websites. Some well-known companies using vue.js include Nintendo, UpWork and Netflix. Businesses use vue.js experts software house international companies to develop high-quality and sturdy web interfaces and one-page applications. 

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  • React Native software house

React Native is used for creating cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Businesses looking to hire React Native development team choose software house website development companies that specialize in React Native because they offer faster development and deployment time, and strong and stable applications for all operating systems.

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Known for its capability to handle large volumes of data and info, Python ranks highly with developers. It is used to develop cross-platform and programming tools with great versatility. Python is used by leading companies such as Intel, IBM and Spotify. Houses specializing in Python offer powerful and flexible development solutions. 

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Mobile applications have become essential to modern businesses around the world. Consumers spend more time on their mobile phones than ever before. In fact, just in the second quarter of 2021, consumer spending on mobile apps reached $70 billion. So, for businesses, mobile application development is a great way to reach more consumers. However, with all the competition in mobile applications today, businesses need to find unique and custom mobile development solutions. This is where mobile softwarehouse companies come in. They offer quality mobile software development solutions tailored to unique needs. 

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Benefits of Working With a Software House

There are many different ways for businesses to get access to software solutions. So, what makes software houses stand out? There are many benefits to handing over a development project to a software house. Some of these include: 

  • Saving costs 

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing development projects are often much more affordable compared to in-house development. This is because businesses don’t need to set up offices, source hardware and invest in HR solutions. With a software house or custom software agency, these aspects are not needed. Most software houses simply charge a set fee per hour, per day or per project. 

  • Enhanced experience

Because software houses work on various projects and different clients over time, they have the experience to offer the best solutions. They are essentially technical software house support experts abreast with the latest technology. 

  • Full life-cycle support 

A software development house can accompany businesses from start to finish. From the first idea generations through to maintenance once a product launches, a software house has the knowledge and manpower to accommodate all needs. 

  • Access to custom software 

Perhaps one of the most beneficial features of working with a software house is their ability to deliver custom software that meets unique needs. Both regular development and eCommerce software house companies have access to advanced technology and highly skilled workers that make this type of development possible. 

  • Saving time 

Software houses are known as efficient partners. They typically have access to dedicated development team in Eastern Europe all working on the same project with streamlined project management. Work gets done at higher speeds because the software house tech support and development team is committed to producing the desired results.

How Do Businesses Partner With a Software House?

Once businesses have decided that they want to partner with a software development house, it is important to consider the best approach. Let’s explore the best way to hire bespoke software house services: 

  • Consultation

Firstly, a business needs to consult with the custom software company. During the consultation process, the software house will determine the business’ unique needs and identify any pain points. This process helps the software house to get an idea of the type of solutions required and possible challenges that may arise. This is also the perfect time to determine if a specific business and a software development firm is a good match to work together. 

  • Finding solutions

After the initial consultation, the software house will have a good idea of what a business requires and how to best accomplish this. During the next stage, the software house will gather the most suitable experts for the project and start to formulate the development plan from start to finish. This is also the time when solutions to challenges are brainstormed by the software development agency. The project will take shape and work can get started.

  • Work progresses 

Once the initial planning stages are complete, work starts. The software house technical support team will constantly update the business about the project. They will also offer support for any problems or challenges that may arise from both the business and the development team. Communication is key during this phase. 

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Mobilunity’s approach as a software development company is very effective. We assist with the entire recruitment process, help with the onboarding of newly hired teams and work to keep remote workers motivated. These steps assist in building the relationship between your business and the new team to ensure smooth and steady cooperation.

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