Benefits of Having a Hybrid MVP for Early-Stage Startups

Most of early stage startup owners have to focus not on the idea and final objective of their venture, but on financial side of the business. Three major issues, which startupers have to deal with, are: setting out with limited initial capital, gaining investors and making sure the project is in demand among targeted audience.

MVP for startups

Importance of MVP for Startups

All these issues can be tackled through the implementation of a minimum viable product or MVP. Startup founders are likely to search for financial support among angel investors, banks or crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but to attract contributors they have to prove, that the idea of the venture is not completely abstract – it is feasible, and that the project has potential to succeed. MVP is a working solution, as it is a material embodiment of the startup idea, which gives the would-be investors understanding of what they are contributing to. Besides, launching a sort of demo helps the owner see users’ reaction to the product, its weak points and drawbacks. At the same time MVPs are usually low-cost and fast to execute. 

Startups connected with IT sphere, namely mobile application development, have a whole range of questions to answer, like “what platform to focus on? what framework or language to choose?” and many others. Years of experience in mobile app development have shown that the best solution for young startups is building a hybrid MVP. Native application development, unlike hybrid, means twice as many human, time and consequently financial resources spent for coding and maintaining two separate applications (for Android and iOS operating systems) by two separate teams of developers, which is definitely an unattainable luxury for young startups.

Why Opt for Multi Platform Development

Hybrid MVP development for startups is an effective and cheap option for a few reasons:

  1. It is a multi platform development which means that one code can function on devices with different operation systems.
  2. Writing cross platform hybrid apps doesn’t require knowledge of complicated programming languages like Java or Swift – the expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is needed instead.
  3. A number of free tools and frameworks like Apache Cordova eases the development process and gives the application access to native capabilities of the device, which hybrid apps do not possess initially.

Besides, in case of updates, users of hybrid applications don’t have to install them manually, since everything is done automatically for them, given that they have internet connection. Thus, multi platform app saves budget and time of the startups and provides fairly good user experience. Eventually, only after hybrid MVP is released and proves to be worthy, all the downsides are eliminated and investments for further project completion are made, entrepreneurs might precede to developing costly and time-consuming native mobile applications.

multi platform development

Infographics with the information on hybrid development, such as technologies used in hybrid mobile development, popular hybrid apps, pros of hybrid apps and statistics on using mobile apps and IT solutions in UK business.

Our Experience with Hybrid App Development for UK Startup

One of the latest Mobilunity experiences of multi platform application development was the GLEAT project founded by ambitious UK startup. GLEAT is a mobile app which connects people fond of dining in and delicious home-made dishes. When GLEAT CEO and co founder Mirko Lagattolla started cooperation with Mobilunity, there already existed a version of dining application which needed debugging and modification. The process of testing and fixing was neither long nor challenging due to the fact that this was a hybrid MVP, and developers and QAs had to work with one code only. On the whole, the issues with the existing app were corrected within 10 days and immediately the Discovery phase for a new upgraded version of the app began.

multi platform app

A screenshot of a hybrid mobile app GLEAT developed by Mobilunity for UK startup

This example again proves, that cross platform hybrid apps are the best choice for MVP development of startups, as this is the right way to spare money and effort and deliver a product worth of investments.

Need a quick and not expensive MVP to attract investors? Build a hybrid mobile application with us!

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