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Comparison of UI/UX Designer Salary Around the World

The importance of UI/UX designer has become very pivotal in steering the companies to achieve their business goals across the globe. The substantial increase in the market demand and the user experience design salary are clear indications of UX/UI developers’ significance. According to the Forbes job list 2017 based on market demand, the user experience designer stands in the 7th position. The UI UX salary has also increased proportionally with the increase in demand in the global marketplace.

Why to Hire Web Designers?

According to the Design Management Institute research, the big companies that invest more in the web design field outperformed by more than 228% in the S&P 500 index during the past 10 years. These companies remain always in demand to hire UX designers to strengthen their design capabilities.

hire web designer at Mobilunity

According to the CNN report, the demand of UX developers will increase by 18% in 2018. This increasing demand will surely boost the UX designer salary across the globe. The responsive design is the buzzword of the day in the web design marketplace to strengthen the competitiveness in the online businesses. A good responsive design of a website increases the conversion ratio tremendously. This is the main reason that every company wants to hire a UI designer along with a UX designer to improve both the user experience and user interface of the website.

According to InVisionApp information, more than 88% of the visitors are not likely to return to the website with a bad experience. This report further finds that more than 75% of judgment about the website is based on the aesthetics of the website. Many studies have proved that the average time to impress a visitor on any website is less than 10 seconds, so it is the responsibility of the website programmer to design the website in such a way that it makes a desirable impression on the visitor to stay on the website.
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Demand for UI/UX Developers and Designers in the USA and in Ukraine

With the sheer size of data and information accumulated every minute, web and mobile application development projects put high emphasis on making information useful and accessible. In an article posted by Switchup, web and mobile design, which includes UI and UX design, was the 3rd highly demanded job in 2017, with a projected 18% job growth every 10 years. General Assemble states that UI designer will be one of the 3 most promising industry careers by 2020. The demand for a UI designer developer has definitely increased in 2017, according to Mockplus, and continues to grow. These are just some of the reasons why a UI engineer with extensive UI developer skills, as well as UI/UX designers, are in high demand. There is definitely a huge market for a UI designer and front end developer all over the world and it will definitely continue to rise.

With the growing popularity of user interface developers as well as UI engineers, demand for the skills of these professionals has peaked. In the USA, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics cites 162,000 web developer jobs that were available in 2016. The same source also projected a higher than average 2016 to 2026 employment growth of 13% for web developers. The continued increase in popularity of eCommerce and mobile gadgets was cited to be some of the main reasons of this rapid growth.

In the comparison of UI/UX designer salaries around the world, opting for nearshore in Poland emerges as a strategic choice for businesses looking to balance quality and cost, thanks to Poland’s reputation for high-caliber design talent and competitive pricing.


Demand for UX/UI designers and developers in the USA

On a global scale, there are over 175,213 positions open for UI UX frontend developers and designers according to Ziprecruiter, while there are 29,027 job postings on Glassdoor. Meeting the high demand of UI UX frontend developers is the equally growing workforce of UI coders and UI programmers.






Supply of UX and UI developers and designers in the USA

According to LinkedIn, there are over 32,320 UI/UX designers and 14,757 developers in the USA. Having such a large and diverse pool of UI/UX designers and developers might be a bit daunting, however, if you are interested to hire UI developers or designers, and UX developers for hire, you will have a good choice of experts. If you are looking for a UI engineer for your Java project and want to hire cost-efficient and professional UI/UX developers, it is highly recommended to hire UX Java developers from Ukraine.

Djinni51777 1

Supply and demand for UX/UI designers and developers in Ukraine

In Djinni there are 517 profiles of UI/UX designers, while even a greater number of UI front end developer and designer profiles can be found in LinkedIn. In LinkedIn, it is easier to find UI/UX designers among 3,223 profiles and UX developers for hire or a user interface developer among 819 developers’ profiles available. With regards to UI designer developer vacancies and open positions, there are currently 77 open job postings for a UX/UI designer and 1 position for UI UX front end developer in Djinni. 48 positions for UI/UX designers and developers posted on Dou.ua, and 78 jobs on LinkedIn. If you want highly skilled and well-vetted UI UX frontend developers, hiring from Ukraine is the best option for you as the supply is much higher than demand and, as it can be seen from the previous research on salaries, Ukraine offers the lowest rates.

UI/UX Designer Job Outlook

To have a general outlook of the UI and UX designer and developer jobs, just visit the popular recruiting websites and search for the UX designer without putting any location, you will find thousands of jobs on every portal such as, Indeed, Monster, others. There are hundreds of recruiting portals, which means the user experience coders, developers and designers are in great demand.

According to the statistics of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a demand of over 162,900 web developers in 2016 in the United States only. The demand of web developers in the USA has consistently been increasing for many years now. The report further forecasts as much as 13% increase during 2016 through 2026. This is much substantially more than the average increase of all occupations that are in consist demand in the country. This is a clear indicator of a better future for UX/UI developers in many years to come.

growth outlook of web designers

The future predictions based on the Study.Com job outlook, there will be more than 27% growth from 2014 through 2024. There will be a huge positive change of as many as 21,300 jobs during the next few years, as predicted by the Labor Bureau. Similarly, if we compare other markets like Europe and Asia Pacific regions, which are much bigger than the USA markets, there will be a gigantic demand across the globe in many years to come.

So, the future scope of web developers is bright in all other parts of the world including the USA.  According to the information by Career Foundry, the current demand of web developers in the month of September 2017 was 14,000 jobs in the USA and 24,000 jobs in the USA. This increase in job outlook is closely associated with the substantial increase in UI UX designer salary. The average UX designer salary has increased proportionally across the globe.

UI/UX Developer Portfolios

T Shirt Designer

hire ui ux designer from mobilunity
ui and ux of mobilunity

It is a responsive and interactive website that allows a user to design customized T-shirts. It was completed with a very small amount of graphic designer wages. The main features of this website portfolio include:

  • Fully responsive website
  • Allows customized T-shirt design
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Huge library of T-shirt prints
  • Designer templates compatible with mobile and desktop computer devices
  • Fully suitable for SEO optimization

Fashion eCommerce Website

hire ui designer from mobilunity
hire ux designer from mobilunity

It is a highly featured and customized eCommerce website to create great user experience. It is an example of the efficient use of UI developer salary. The main features of this project include:

  • Magento 2 based eCommerce website
  • Highly responsive and customizable
  • Support custom URLs and multilinguality
  • Powered by strong animation and videos
  • Perfect outlook along with 100% SEO friendly capabilities

Mobile eCommerce App

ui ux graphic designer portfolio
ui ux designer resume and portfolio

This mobile application is developed for the fashion industry. The UX/UI developers incorporated their expert level of skills, experience and creativity in this awesome eCommerce mobile app. Main features of this project include:

  • Minimalistic design to increase user experience
  • Suitable for all kinds of mobile devices
  • Neat and clean menu and functionalities incorporated
  • Granule tweaking of all user interfaces
  • Easy to use and intuitive to understand
  • Full wireframe created for this app

Pizza Italy App

ui ux graphic designer works at mobilunity
quality ui ux graphic designer work sample

It is one of the best mobile applications developed by our expert coders and programmers. This allows visitors to build a customizable pizza from the pizza provider of your choice. The main features include:

  • Responsive design suitable for all types of mobiles
  • Allows multiple features to build and order your own custom pizza
  • Powered by GPS based map to locate your location
  • Highly featured and lightweight app
  • Easy and intuitive interface

Shipping Cost Calculator Widget

portfolio of graphic designer

It is a powerful widget that can be integrated with the website or CRM platform. It offers ease of calculating the shipping cost for your goods instantly. The main features include:

  • Very clear and concise design
  • Easy to use interface with minimum inputs
  • Easy to integrate with website and CRP platforms
  • Easy to modify the elements used in the widget

Public Speaker Website

user experience design from mobilunity
the work of web designer at mobilunity

This is a blogging based website that offers the speakers to post their videos, content, articles and other material in different formats of media. The salient features include:

  • Very professional and attractive interface
  • Supports multiple formats and content types
  • Suitable for students, trainees, mentors, coaches, and others
  • Fully responsive design
  • 100% SEO friendly structure

UI UX Designer Salary Comparison

According to the UX Designer Salaries Research report, the average salary based on the survey of 87 countries round the globe stands at $56,786 per annum. According to this survey, the highest average salary of a UX designer is $98,747 per annum, which is paid in Switzerland. If you want to hire a UI UX designer in the USA, the average UI designer salary, according to PayScale data, stands at $72,316. The mid career average UI UX graphic designer salary is about $81,592 per annum, as per PayScale information.

Let’s have a comparative look at the average salaries of UX designer salaries in a few important countries.

ui ux designer salary

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

From the numbers shown in the table above, it is apparent that web UI developer salary in Switzerland ranks the highest, while Ukraine provides the most cost-efficient option in you are looking to hire UI designers developers for hire. In the case with Ukraine, it does not mean that you will get low-quality work if you cooperate with UA developers. Ukraine offers a more competitive price due to its living standards and big pool of talents they have. Still Ukrainian developers are able to provide skilled UI developers and high-quality products although a UI developer salary in Ukraine is the lowest.

We may conclude that despite their differences, UX and UI design are two vital but completely different parts of a future product that you are going to produce. Due to a number of reasons presented in the article, UI developers are also of high demand on the modern tech market. That is why it’s important to carefully consider UI team you plan to hire for your project.

Who Are UI Programmers and What Projects Are They Needed for?

Here are a few things you should consider when you hire UI designers or developers for hire. For projects with powerful visual components you definitely need to hire UI designer. UI devs are like software developers and can easily wield some text editors, plugins like Mozilla Firebug, and minimum of three web browsers. A UI expert is experienced in JavaScript and jQuery, is able to develop a user interface using an API. According to IT Career Finder, UI devs are required for all the projects where the design and functionality of the end-product is of high priority.

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Hiring UI Developers in Ukraine

With the demand for remote UI developers being high and the market for quality web and mobile applications getting more competitive as time passes, hiring a remote UI developer or a remote jr level UI developer is the best option for any business. There are various ways that you can choose for hiring UI developers, however, we have described three the most popular methods on how to hire UI designer.

hire ui designers developers for hire in Ukraine

Posting Jobs and Seeking Professionals (Direct Hiring)

direct hiring of ui ux front end developer

The first one is the direct hiring of UI developers and designers. If you are looking to hire a remote UI programmer or hire UI designer and want to have full control over the recruitment and development processes, direct hiring is a good start for you. Direct hiring is going through local job sites like ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, where you should post a job position to find a potential remote UI programmer for your project. ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor are major online global job posting sites where developers look for possible job opportunities and IT headhunters post-development projects in the needs of manpower. Direct hiring can also refer to personal seeking out developers that could be a good fit for your project. With this method you go to freelance portals such as Upwork and Freelancer, where you can go through and scan for prospective hires. Direct hiring puts emphasis on a hands-on approach to hiring remote UI programmers, developers, and designers.

Reaching Out and Building Bridges (Outsourcing)

outsourcing ux developers for hire

Another method is to hire outsource web designer for your project who will take full control over your project. With this project-based method, you would most be communicating with project managers in defining the project requirements, development stages, scope, time, budget, and expected outputs. With this method, you are less burdened with the development work and can now focus on improving your product to better serve your clients but have to check and approve every release. Equipped with the opportunities to work with numerous professionals from all over the globe on projects big and small is just one of the advantages of outsourcing. Companies like Mobilunity can provide high-quality work and all types of needed experts for your project at any time.

Finding The Dream Team (Outstaffing)

dedicated remote ui developer

Direct hiring and outsourcing have their advantages, however, I highly recommend hiring dedicated development teams. This option provides you with the opportunity to hire a team of highly skilled and experienced dedicated UI developers that will work exclusively with you on your projects, ensuring quality output according to your requirements and full control from your side. Getting in touch with companies like Mobilunity that offer the services of their development teams to work with you on your development projects is the best option for you. The main reason is that they provide you with the needed experts of any level and skilled in any technologies within the shortest time or offer their in-house programmers for hire and your task is just to task them and monitor the development process. Hiring dedicated UI developer teams in Ukraine is the most practical and cost-efficient solution for your hiring needs. Mobilunity can provide you with highly vetted and experienced dedicated developer teams that would ensure your requirements and produce an output of the highest quality at a manageable cost.

UI UX Designer Resume Samples

As we know, technologies are changing very fast all around the globe. Similarly, the way people do business is also shifting drastically on a regular basis. So, every professional has to keep his or her resume updated all the way. Let’s have a look at the UI UX designer resume in terms of modern technologies and market demands. According to the Monster’s modern resume template, the description of the core things that you learned in your personal work experience should be described in the intro of the resume, for example, knowledge of how to integrate creativity and usability to produce world-class application.

ui ux designer resume sample

UI Developer Resume Sample


  • Able to work in a team and independently.
  • Capable of keen and structured problems analysis and identifying effective solutions.
  • Highly proficient in modern user interface development technologies and tools.
  • Passionate in developing modern user interfaces and associated technologies.
  • Significant knowledge in JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS), JQuery technology, AJAX architecture, and Object-oriented JS.


  • Significant experience in cross-platform web and mobile application user interface development
  • Highly experienced in responsive web and mobile application design and development
  • Experience in the use of SASS and LESS CSS
  • Significant experience in preventing, identifying, and solving cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Experience in the use of version control systems


  • Development and maintenance of web and mobile user interface applications
  • Collaboration with UI design team during different stages of a project development
  • Translation of detailed user-focused design into responsive, cross-browser, and cross-platform compatible application user interfaces
  • Consultation with design and development teams on the usage of best and up-to-date web and UI tools, technologies, and practices
  • Documentation of the best practices and code maintenance


  • Front end development technologies (Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery)
  • Front end development frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundations)
  • Version Control Systems (Git)
  • User Interface Design tools (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver)

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Front End UI Developer Resume Example


  • Mastery of web development fundamentals (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Capable of adapting up-to-date web standards and the best practices.
  • Understanding and application of front end frameworks.
  • Capable of utilizing modern development practices and tools (Git, Node.js, Grunt).
  • Able to use CSS preprocessor (SASS, LESS) in developing reusable components.


  • Significant experience in web application user interface development
  • Experienced in developing cross-browser and cross platform responsive user interfaces
  • Experienced in testing, process automation, and usage of different design patterns
  • Expertise in utilizing front end development frameworks, Javascript frameworks, and other modern user interface devleopment tools


  • Development of meaningful cross-browser and cross-platform user interfaces that meet accessibility guidelines
  • Development of high-quality responsive web application interfaces
  • User interfaces maintenance and improvement
  • Documentation of the best practices and code maintenance


  • Front end development frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundations)
  • Front end development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery)
  • Javascript frameworks (NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS)
  • CSS Preprocessor (SASS, LESS)
  • Version Control Systems (Git)

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Find out more about:

Why to Hire UI Designer on a Remote Basis

According to WebyDo information, the success rate of amateur developers and web designers is less than 2%, and 98% of the projects handled by amateur programmers fail at the end of the day. This report further shows that 74% ratio of the global websites is made by professional programmers, coders, and designers. So, it is very clear from the industry figures, it is very important to choose the professional UX designers and UI designers for your websites and mobile application. A UI coder is a profession of high demand on modern IT market, because of the demand for a visually attractive and simple product interface, according to the research of JobScience. Any successful business requires a great outlook or interface. Nowadays, the simplicity and convenience of the interface of any of digital products depend not only on its functionality but on the way it looks. If your business needs website design consultants for a new web design project, speak to the team at Mobilunity. Find the right candidate effortlessly!

On the modern IT market, companies are competing for more sales, so we might assume that skilled and devoted UI developers are able to quickly implement your requirements into reality to help increase sales. As Tech Crunch writes, modern firms are now competing to produce the most convenient solutions to fulfill daily business routines like booking tickets or sending and sharing documents with one simple move. So, developers should do their best to provide customers with these services and make the existing technologies easier and better. The demand for a UI developer is driven by the necessity of digital products to have a good user interface since it contributes to usability, simplicity, and attractiveness of products. We at Mobilunity offer a great service of your development team extension with any dedicated UI programmers any time you need.


There are many ways to hire professional web developers such as, local hiring, freelancing and Outstaffing. Each of them has certain advantages and downsides at the same time. Outstaffing is one the best tradeoff between quality, success and cost. Many professional-grade outstaffing development services are out there such as, Mobilunity that provides high-quality Ukrainian UX UI designers for your software applications and posibility to hire dedicated website designer at very affordable prices. Hire UI designer in Ukraine and using Mobilunity’s help without hesitation.

Contact us now for high quality and professional grade UX UI designers and developers for the successful completion of your websites and software applications!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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