Coworking with IT Consultancy to Drive Your Business Strategies

IT consulting is a consulting service related to information technologies. Given the developing integration of IT into business process management, IT consulting services are becoming increasingly important. By incorporating IT solutions consulting into business strategy, the company strengthens its market position and becomes more competitive. Difficulties arise when it comes to choosing a specific IT consultancy provider.

The provider of consulting IT services can be both outsourcing companies specializing in information technology, like Netherlands dedicated team and independent specialists. The choice of the provider may be dictated by the specific tasks or goals of the company, but it is important to consider all of them in order to choose an IT consultation that will increase the company’s revenue and improve internal work processes. In this article, we talk about the benefits of IT consulting and provide effective advice on choosing such a specialist and IT consulting website for your company. If you are interested in the dedicated IT solutions consulting services and work of IT specialists, you can hire developers in Spain.

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The Demand for IT Consultancy Services Nowadays

When there is a communication regarding production processes, a person and a system can communicate with each other at the moment, but development is moving faster and faster towards computer to computer communication. This type of communication has its pros and cons. The pros include several times increased information processing speed, which positively affects the business. The cons include what the IT consultant should deal with: system failures and the prevention of cyber attacks. Modern companies understand these factors, and therefore IT solutions consulting and the profession of an IT consultant is now particularly relevant and in demand.

The Hackmageddon shows how high is the level of cyber crimes in nowadays. According to the statistics for November, 2019 cyber attacks statistics include cyber crimes (85.9%), hacktivism (3.7%), cyber espionage (8.1%), and cyber warfare (1.5%) etc (0.7%). These are the most important problems, which IT consultants help to prevent. You can find more benefits of cooperation with an IT consultant company below.

Benefits of a Partnership with IT Solutions Consulting

In any case, if a company strives for success, it is impossible to imagine transparent and effective management of business processes without a carefully configured and debugged IT infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a partnership with IT consultancies?

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  • qualified support of IT-specialists

Support and configuration of complex technological programs, recommendations regarding suitable software.

  • instant recovery with minor problems

An experienced specialist will be able to quickly respond to an unpredictable situation and offer an IT consultation that is convenient for everyone.

  • competent advice when buying new software

This will help to avoid unnecessary expenses and purchase exactly the software that is necessary according to the situation. Having competent ICT consulting guarantees the acquisition of high-quality software.

  • lack of staff training spendings

All functions related to the search for options in IT are undertaken by 1 person

Issues IT Services Consulting May Cover

To demonstrate what problems and questions can lead you to IT consulting service, we will show some real situations that can occur.

issues it solutions consulting may cover

  1. The client needs experience in implementing Agile / Scrum processes in existing teams. Development processes must be put in place from business to development. A client needs real experience, cases to be solved and the difficulties that will have to face. The client has several development teams, each of them has some idea on the subject of Scrum and processes. He wants to bring this all to a single indicator.
  2. The company has developed a mobile application for iOS and Android and published it on PlayMarket. The problem with publishing in the AppStore is that all sorts of errors come out. Consultation is needed: the client will show the developer’s screen, together with IT consultant it is possible to eliminate errors before successful publication.

Thus, IT solutions consulting help to get answers to questions that you will not find on the Internet. A professional approach allows demonstrating to the client openness to further cooperation in the future.

Cost of IT Consultancy Services Worldwide

Cost of IT consultancy services around the world really differs. You can see salaries of IT solutions consulting specialists for the USA, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Spain, and Israel.

USA – $78,665


the Netherlands$54, 080


Israel– $236,315

The highest level of salary is in Israel and the lowest cost of IT consultancy services is in Ukraine.

it services consulting cost worldwide

An IT segment in other countries is much more developed, while the lowest rate in Ukraine can be explained with several factors. The first one is a correlation with the level of minimal salary in the country and the second one is a little amount of foreign financing and budgeting, which is just developing nowadays.

Tips to Pay Attention Choosing IT Service Consulting

Companies need ICT consultants in the field of cloud data processing, cyber-attack protection systems, analysis and management of a large data set, the transformation of a data processing and storage center, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are constantly faced with a shortage of talented IT consultants in these areas. But how to choose your IT consultant? We have compiled a list of effective tips that will become your guideline in choosing IT services consulting.

Make sure that the consultant has experience working with a business of your type and scale. An IT consultant who usually works with large companies will have problems in meeting the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and a consultant who has worked in the financial industry all his career does not have the experience necessary, for example, for a production workshop.

Ask to see samples of their previous work. Before hiring, ask candidates for their online portfolio. It is much better to see the work actually done than just recommendations. Although the recommendations are important, it’s good to see what they helped to launch at the previous work or as third-party specialists in order to really get an idea of ​​the quality of their IT services consulting.

Look for good communication skills and the ability to work productively with people. How distinctly does the consultant say? Can he speak clearly and successfully convey information to the IT department and management? An IT consultant should have business savvy, and he should have good communication skills.

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