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Among hundreds of programming languages, PHP continues to be one of the most popular. In the world of web development. Within the PHP language exists multiple frameworks that are unique and different despite being built for the same language. The scope of your project can help determine which type of framework you need to use and what skills your developer should have. For example, enterprise level applications require you to hire Symfony developer while highly scalable web applications will be better suited with a CakePHP programmer.

In the ever changing world of technology, PHP has held its ground. Where many languages become obsolete as new code and programming is developed, it’s interesting to see PHP stands strong. Perhaps it is the multiple frameworks within the language that keep it alive as they serve as a reincarnation of the language. Let’s take a closer look at PHP and one of its most popular frameworks: CakePHP.

All Is Well with PHP Developers

Tiobe, a website devoted to the software industry, continues to collect and publish statistics about programming languages used in web development today. According to a recent study, PHP is still alive and well. In fact, it has jumped two spots on the chart since last year at this time, ranking number 7 in the most used programming languages today.

So, how does PHP maintain its relevance? One of the main reasons PHP continues to be a popular language is because of its modern edge. Through easy-to-use, powerful frameworks that lead developers to choose PHP for a variety of projects. The release of many PHP frameworks, such as Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, and Zend, have served as somewhat of a reincarnation of the language. Giving PHP the competitive edge it needs, the frameworks have continued to serve developers on their most popular projects.

Top PHP Frameworks Compared

Although PHP frameworks are essentially the same language, they have unique characteristics that make them perfect for some projects and not right for others. Some are more complicated and difficult to code, while others are easy for beginner developers. Some are intended for larger projects, while others are better suited for smaller, less complex projects. Regardless of which framework you use within PHP, you should be sure you examine the features and functionality associated with the framework to make sure it properly fits your project requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular PHP frameworks and see their strengths and weaknesses in development.

cakephp web development as a part of the best ones among php frameworks

CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP development requires less code than many other PHP frameworks, making CakePHP projects easier and quicker. The modern PHP 7 framework, CakePHP, can be used in the development of both small and complex database systems. CakePHP web application development has been used in projects such as:

  • Orangescrum a flexible project management web app that helps organize project activities.
  • Zhen CRM a self-hosted, full source code CRM.
  • Vamcart an open source shopping cart that is easy to use and install.
  • QuickApps an open source CMS that allows for the development of complex websites.
  • Croogo a multilingual CMS.

One of the major advantages of working with the open-source framework is the rapid application development with CakePHP. CakePHP has an active developer community that makes the code easy-to-use. With CakePHP application development, developers have the foundational structure they need to begin your project quickly and focus on the details specific to your application.

Skills Needed to Hire CakePHP Developer

If you are looking to hire a CakePHP programmer, they should carry a specific skill set to be able to meet your project requirements. CakePHP developers should have strong skills and experience in:

  • WordPress
  • CakePHP
  • Core PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • MySQL

skills needed to hire cakephp programmer

Your developer should also be skilled in project management to ensure your project is completed quickly and to your satisfaction. Hands on object oriented PHP programming is also needed to successfully execute CakePHP project development. Analyze the details of your project and see what skill set and tools your developer has experience with relating to your project specifics.

For example, CakePHP mobile app and CakePHP eCommerce project development will differ. If you find a developer who has years of experience building CakePHP mobile apps, but you are looking for a CakePHP eCommerce project, you should continue your search. There also many ways to hire a CakePHP developer.

CakePHP Developer Salary

CakePHP developer salary varies depending on the type of job you are hiring for and where you hire PHP programmer from. According to Glassdoor, CakePHP developer salary in USA is around $74,800 annually. Additionally, many CakePHP developers take on freelance projects that range from $100-$200 an hour depending on experience. Fortunately, for the sake of saving money without costing yourself quality development, there are other options available at lower rates.

cakephp developer salary in UK, USA and Ukraine

While some businesses looking for a CakePHP developer may want to hire locally, there is a wide variety of talent available thanks to the internet. Ukraine, for example, is one of the leading sources of quality PHP developers at a fraction of the cost of US developers. Entry-level CakePHP developers in Ukraine average an annual salary of $19,100. Even experienced CakePHP developers in Ukraine come in substantially lower than developers in the US with an average annual salary of $30,500.

Tips for Hiring Skilled CakePHP Developers

Now that you have decided a CakePHP developer is the best option for your development project, you need to hire the right developer. Hiring locally is an option but can be quite expensive. Even freelance developers can come at a hefty price when hourly rates add up to an expensive outcome for your project. That’s why many people choose to hire remote developers.

At Mobilunity, we have been a trusted source of PHP development for years. That’s because some of the major benefits of hiring remotely are:

  • Expert professionals whose talents and experience surpass local developers.
  • Flexibility and adaptability from developers who understand projects and are used to change.
  • Top notch development with quality services and great communication.
  • Quicker turnaround times and better project management.
  • Lower costs without sacrificing work quality.

hire cakephp developer at Mobilunity

CakePHP and Mobilunity: How Are They Connected

As if hiring remote CakePHP developers didn’t have enough benefits, Mobilunity brings their customer dedication one step further with CakePHP web services. While some CakePHP development projects require a single service for development, other projects require ongoing maintenance and upgrades. As you saw earlier with the annual salary of PHP developers in the US, this can lead to a major expense for your business.

Ongoing CakePHP services allow clients to get the CakePHP development they need at a price that is affordable. Our dedicated coders work ongoing projects with many clients who benefit from lower costs and shorter delivery times through our monthly services. So, you can still deploy amazing CakePHP applications and ensure they are properly run and maintained without worrying about outrageous costs for development services. It really is the best of both worlds as you watch your CakePHP projects come to life in the hands of a development team you can trust.

For dedicated remote PHP developers for your next CakePHP development project, trust Mobilunity for quality programming at the best rates!

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