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PHP technology (Hypertext Preprocessor, earlier known as Personal Home Pages) is a commonly used scripting language for mainly web development and HTML. A distinctive feature of why PHP is popular among developers is that this language is supported by most operating systems, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux. PHP developers can easily work in an Agile offshore development team and, while designing web applications, will perfectly align with your business goals. 

PHP Development Offshore for All: Large Corporations, SMEs, Startups

The offshoring services have granted companies opportunities to develop the product with efficiency and smart timing. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring offshore PHP developers for different size companies. 

Offshore PHP for Tech Giants

Large corporations carry out a tremendous amount of projects of different complexity, thus, usually they are faced with the following matters: 

  • spend good money for hiring workforce; 
  • require solid technical expertise to remain competitive; 
  • aim at entering new markets to promote the brand. 

Therefore, the highlighted pros of employing PHP developers offshore for large corporations are as follows: reduced costs for hiring employees overseas, the ability to involve the latest technologies presented on the local market, and access to the new marketplaces.

PHP Offshore Programming for SMEs

PHP technology is used by about 80% of companies for developing websites and facilitating traffic. A variety of PHP tools allow small and medium enterprises to enhance their website accessibility, thus attracting more visitors and improving the experience of current users. Offshore PHP programmers can also add numerous functionalities, extensions, and libraries to make the webpage richer and interactive. Zend, Codelgniter, CakePHP are the frameworks that used to develop large web applications; Silex, Flight, Lumen are the micro-frameworks to build small web applications for specific needs of SMEs. 

Startups and PHP Offshoring 

The services of an offshore PHP development company, firm, agency are especially beneficial for startup companies. Offshoring allows them to considerably save labor costs and, at the same time, receive quality development services to implement innovation into the product. Moreover, by hiring full stack PHP developer startups can save time and money for developing both front and backend processes.  

PHP Development Outsourcing Globally

Since PHP was introduced in 1994, it has followed numerous versions and frameworks to improve the scripting performance. Among the total number of websites in the world, PHP powers 75% of these, making it one of the demanding programming languages for IT product organizations as well as offshore PHP firms, agencies, companies that hire remote PHP developers. Let’s take a look at the demand for PHP engineers on the IT market in the US, Australia, and Switzerland. 

As of 2013, the United States employed around 5 million specialists operating in PHP development, and the number was increased to 5.6 million in 2018. The overall revenue from the Information and Communications Technology in Australia was estimated at $54.4 billion, making it one of the leading sectors that add to the country’s GDP. Approximately 340,000 people are occupied within the IT sector, where 95% of employees are full-time workers. According to the survey conducted by Switzerland Global Enterprise, there were around 200,000 employees in the ICT sector, 29% of which deal with PHP web and application development. 

PHP Development Offshore Trends 2023 – Web Application, eCommerce, PHP Developers Offshore

Software development in PHP scripting language allows building complex and secure web applications that would be fastly operating for your needs. Since the world of technologies does not have the limits, it dramatically expands with each coming year, introducing new trends attractive for the companies. 

PHP is known for its features of cybersecurity, which might become extremely demanding in 2020. Web applications tend to store valuable data: for instance, the eCommerce applications collect customers’ payment data (credit card information, personal data) which requires a top level of security. 

Another area where offshore PHP web development is adapted is the development of custom mobile applications. Needless to say that these days companies that are operating on the website are striving to introduce a mobile version of their webpage. So in order to streamline with the customers’ needs and facilitate user experience, they apply PHP technology. 

PHP and Cloud integration will bring more interconnection and flexibility in terms of data storage. An offshore PHP development team can also facilitate the world of IoT. Since most devices these days are installed with sensors, cameras, and other sensitive elements, PHP comes in handy to facilitate the operating mode of these devices. For example, the data from security cameras of your smart housing can be controlled via the application downloaded right in your tablet or phone. 

What Services Are Included in Offshore PHP Application Development?

In order to cover as many needs as possible and save money, companies can hire a full-stack PHP developer who will do both front and backend development. Thus, you will have a good website functionality and navigation along with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. 

Offshore PHP programmers can also be hired for application management and maintenance. While the application is widely used by the customers, there might appear pitfalls that require PHP developers’ assistance to check the bugs, change certain functions, improve some functionality, or upgrade. 

Quite often companies hire an offshore PHP developer to redesign their website, in particular add features, customize its outlook, or radically change some patterns. For instance, PHP technologies can easily help you with controlling the traffic of your page: see last visits, overall time a user spends on the webpage, and where he/she clicks. 

Nearshore PHP Software Development Services

PHP development outsourcing can be done either via nearshoring or offshoring. Both models of hiring distributed teams are demanding on the modern IT market as they leverage the operations in the company. Let’s clarify why PHP nearshoring might work for you. 

offshore php web development
  • Minimal cultural differences. As the nearshoring vendor is located close to your home country and if you hire offshore PHP developer, you will share similar cultural aspects which play well for you in troublesome situations.
  • Large talent pool. CEE countries offer a wide range of IT specialists thus if you have specific technical expertise, finding it in the neighboring country is the best option for you. For instance, Ukraine has a good number of more than 100,000 available IT software developers and may offer its IT solutions for your business growth.
  • Access to new markets. Hire offshore PHP developers means to integrate into the local market and be able to promote the product and enrich the customer base. 
  • Opportunity to scale up or down. Nearshoring allows you to build a team from scratch as well as increase or decrease the number of employees to suit your needs. 
  • Technical knowledge share. Nearshore PHP software development requires continuous investment in innovations to remain competitive on the market. With a vast number of skilled professionals on the market, you are able to attract educated specialists to create cutting-edge products. 

Hire Offshore PHP Developer with Mobilunity’ Services

Mobilunity can hire PHP developer offshore of the required number, experience, and expertise to best suit your business needs. When you need to find the best php programmers for hire we carefully approach the process of recruitment to accurately build your team and set the ground for long-term cooperation. If you are looking for reliable Symfony development company Mobilunity will be the best choice. The key features of our company include:

Advantages of Offshore PHP Web Development with Mobilunity

  • Ability to scale up and down
  • Niche specialists (we can hire offshore laravel PHP web development, CTO, or compose an Agile offshore development team)
  • We will guide you through the peculiarities of managing your distributed teams
  • Smart hiring costs
  • Dedication, loyalty, and commitment are the key drivers of developers’ philosophy

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