How Much Does It Cost to Hire Magento Developer?

Magento is a modern and functional open-source cloud platform for eCommerce, written in PHP. Originally it was created by Varien Inc. – an American private company, in 2008. But now it is a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Magento 2.0 has been released in 2015 with improved navigation, conversion rates, page caching, reduced table locking issues, and some other features.

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Magento is built on an open-source basis. Online merchants use it because of the flexible cart system and the possibility to control all features of the online store: appearance, content, and functionality. For the development of the store, there are catalog-management, search engine optimization, and marketing tools. Editors of the platform range from the open-source options made by the community to massive enterprise systems. Let’s see why you need to hire Magento programmer for your project and how much does it cost to hire Magento developer.

How Your Project Can Benefit from Hiring Magento Developer

Undoubtedly, the Magento platform’s adoption guarantees many advantages for companies. It’s a flexible and scalable solution with many plugins, thanks to which eCommerce businesses can thrive. What other benefits will your project get if you hire Magento programmers? Let’s figure this out.

  • Get Access to Extensive Expertise

Almost any Magento developer for hire has profound experience working with eCommerce platforms in various industries. This knowledge can significantly help to develop your business regardless of the niche in which you operate.

Such programmers also have the necessary skill set in Magento development and, consequently, can implement any individual solutions and advanced technologies for your website.

  • Receive Better Project Deliverables

Hire Magento programmers and be calm about the outcomes of your project. Such developers know the platform’s features, weaknesses, and strengths and can deliver the highest quality solutions.

Furthermore, when you turn to Magento specialists, you usually get a well-coordinated team with a broad background. Such employees will work as one whole and, thus, can complete your project according to all your requirements and timelines.

  • Customize Your Website

Being a part of the eCommerce industry, you probably know how crucial it is to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your customers. All this you can swiftly achieve if you hire Magento 2 developer. If you want to hire Drupal programmer, Microsoft Dynamics developer or SAP architect and start improving your business today, contact Mobilunity. Get professional IT assistance without any troubles.

Such a programmer will help your online store become truly unique and broadcast your brand vision as best as possible. Given the large number of plugins and layouts offered by Magento and the expertise of a certified developer, you will create a website that will make a first-class impression on your customers and leave your competitors behind.

  • Acquire Top-Notch Technical Support

You may already have in-house programmers who support your eCommerce solution. However, Magento developer hire is the most profitable cooperation that your project can get. Why? Because it is a niche expert well-versed in Magento that can provide decent tech assistance easily and quickly.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your eCommerce project will be fortunate to have Magento developers on board since such experts know all peculiarities of this niche. Therefore, they will create an online store of utmost convenience and user-friendliness for you.

Your consumers, in turn, will have access to an intuitive website that is a pleasure to shop on. In this way, you not only increase your customers’ satisfaction but also potentially boost your online sales.

  • Provide Outstanding Performance and SEO

Hiring Magento developer for your eCommerce website has favorable prospects for your platform. Such an expert is responsible for making your store as productive and efficient as possible.

In addition to creating a highly performant platform, a Magento programmer will also improve its search engine optimization. It will be possible since SEO is greatly influenced by the website’s loading speed and performance.

  • Improve Website Security

Data security is critical for eCommerce, where many customers provide private information about themselves. Data leakage can negatively affect your store’s reputation, so security is the first thing you should consider. It’s good that you can hire Magento programmers for this.

Quick Overview of Magento Engineer Cost

Magento has a range of features, useful for the small shops and large marketplaces:

  • Scalability. The platform is able to grow from a store of one product to complex web service without changing the platform
  • Customization. A wide variety of plug-ins and themes helps to create a unique product
  • Custom functionality. The functionality helps to apply many options to the online store, but it also requires advanced programming.

This eCommerce solution has the power of the enterprise service and can be used for B2B and B2C projects. With Magento, you can get a full-lifecycle customer experience, able to generate more sales, no matter what is the size of your company. The main benefits of the platform are:

  • Easy installation and access to the wide range of plug-ins and layouts
  • Open-source technology providing flexible and scalable solutions
  • Ability to create a functional and cost-effective product
  • Ability to offer discounts and promotions
  • The customer can pay through more than 50 gateways.

Average Cost to Hire Magento Developers

When estimating Magento development cost, factors such as the developer’s experience, location, and project scope must be taken into consideration in order to obtain a clear understanding of the overall investment needed to hire a Magento developer. First of all, the Magento programmer salary and cost to hire Magento developers depend on skills and professional experience. But you can also see significant differences in it according to the country. As a rule, to hire Magento web developer in America and Western Europe is more expensive, than in Eastern Europe and Asia. Let’s compare the average rates to hire certified Magento developer from different countries of the world.

Magento Programmer Salary Compared: Cost of Magento Developer in Various Countries

  • The UK. Magento developer salary in the UK is £35,288 per year on average, which is about $45,399.  The hourly rate ranges from £30 to £46.
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland, Magento front end developer salary is CHF 61,000 in a year on average. It is the equivalent of $60,777.
  • Germany. Germany offers the highest wage in Europe – €46,526, which about $52,500. Junior specialists start with €34,288, while senior Magento developer salary and Magento engineer cost reach €55,285.
  • The USA. In the US Magento developer salary starts from $50,000 and can reach $149,000. The national average cost of Magento programmer is $92,142 per year.
  • Canada. Magento developers’ salary in Canada is on average C$ 43,875, or $32,972. The experienced senior specialist can earn up to C$ 74,588 in a year. Average hourly Magento engineer cost is C$ 22.50
  • Ukraine. The average Magento programmer salary in Ukraine is $25,000 per year. Cost of Magento developer ranges from $12,000 to $46,000.
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Senior5+ years

If you need to hire the Magento developer for your project, there are several options for you:

  1. Hire Magento developers to the office in your city.
  2. Outsourcing – hire Magento programmer from the IT companies of Ukraine.
  3. Outstaffing – hire dedicated Magento developer to form a team of remote coders.
magento developer salary

Fortunately, with the development of internet technologies, the decision to hire Magento expert will be as comfortable and productive, as working with the in-house employees. So, you can choose the performers by their competences, experience, and Magento developer salary in your destination country. Once you hire Magento coder from Ukraine, you’ll get access to the huge pool of talents for a lower cost of Magento developer remote. You can save up to half of the budget, and get a product of outstanding quality. That’s why Ukraine is one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations in Europe and known for an affordable cost of Magento programmers.

Magento Developer Resume Sample

If you are in a search of Magento developers for hire for your Magento project, first of all, ask for a resume. Check the competencies, skills, and previous experience. The examples of the previous projects will be a significant plus. Look through our Magento developer resume sample: here we’ve collected must-have skills of a good Magento coder.

Magento Developer Resume

Basic Skills:

  • CMS Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Oracle, WordPress, Woocommerce;
  • Prestashop, DreamViewer, Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere CS6, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6), CorelDraw x6, Pinnacle Studio;
  • Programming Languages: PHP5, HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, Apache, Unix Shell, XML;
  • Database design.

Additional Skills:

  • PSD to Magento, WordPress, Joomla, HTML conversion;
  • Plugin development in Magento, WordPress;
  • Theme development, integration, and customization in Magento, WordPress;
  • Import and export of Magento products or categories via CSV or Exel files;
  • Development with JSON, Ajax;
  • CSS\CSS3 responsive design;
  • eCommerce web development and customization.


  • Scoping and developing of the clients’ websites with Enterprise version of Magento Commerce platform;
  • Backend integrations with third-party systems (ERP) with orders, clients, API specifications and others;
  • Producing Magento modules, which can be easily rolled out and modified to better suit the clients’ needs;
  • Work at the position of the developer in the international team;
  • Magento reports development, backend extensions development;
  • Testing and debugging of the code and a platform;
  • Management of business processes;
  • Collecting and processing a huge amount of data from Warehouse management systems, situated abroad.

Reasonable Cost to Hire Magento Developers in Mobilunity

In software development, outsourcing is a powerful mean to get the IT project done without being an IT specialist. With outsourcing Magento development tasks to Mobilunity, you will get them ready in a shorter time and for a lower price. It will give you time and the possibility to concentrate on the other important issues, while an outstanding soft is being prepared for you. If you have been in search of top-notch web development consultancy or nearshore services, contact Mobilunity today and get expert assistance!

Companies from different parts of the world choose Ukrainian web developers and offshore Magento development in Ukraine because:

  • Here you will find the specialists in all fields and programming languages
  • You can outsource Magento development tasks for your project very quickly
  • High quality outsource Magento service provides the transparency of the costs, you always see what you are paying for
  • Magento developer cost in Ukraine is lower than in North America and Western Europe
  • Ukraine is located in a comfortable time-zone UTC +2, so it will be easy to communicate with the programmers.

In Mobilunity you will find a huge pool of talented coders as well as affordable cost to hire Magento developers. So contact us right away!

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