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The Spanish economy has gone through a prolonged recession as a result of the global financial crisis, but at the moment the situation in this country is beginning to move towards significant improvements. Thus, according to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate in this country has decreased in January 2019. This indicator is common for all areas of employment, including IT sphere. It should be noted that IT-sector offered approximately 194 thousand jobs across the country according to Spainbusiness.com.

If we talk about software development Spain, it is worth having a deeper look into its trends and statistics. According to Justlanded.com, this sector is not developing as fast as, for example, in the UK, but it is still quite promising. One of the reasons for delayed development is the lack of qualified engineers in Spain. Thus, as a result, many companies are looking for specialists abroad and use IT outsourcing services or hire offshore development companies. To hire developers in Belgium, France, UK, Netherlands can be a solution for a Spanish IT company that is looking for good specialists.

Nevertheless, IT-sphere plays a very significant role in the Spanish economy. IT solutions have already found their applications in many spheres of public life in this country. For example, such innovations are used in road traffic control, according to the MIT Technology Review. Issuing electronic ID cards also became common there, and Spain was the first country in Europe to implement this practice. It also places this county to the top of electronic signatures usage. Digital innovations are also realized in the sphere of public health, so most healthcare institutions use electronic forms of the medical history of patients. IT solutions serve as a basis for e-banking where the main attention is paid to the security of payments provided by the customers.

Since Spain is an attractive country for tourism, IT achievements are implemented in this sphere as well. Modern technologies are used to control air flights and other means of transport, according to the MIT Technology Review.

Software Development Nearshoring in Spain

According to Datantify, there are more than 7000 IT companies that operate within Spain. These vary in size from consultancies with 1 or 2 employees up to companies with many hundreds of employees. They can provide support with everything from mobile applications to enterprise software development.

Many businesses that operate within Spain will not hire their own staff for software development and other tasks. They will outsource the tasks to experts that can perform the required work as and when it is required. IT nearshoring Spain is therefore popular, especially if you need an SW developer that is able to speak the local language and dialect.

However, there are shortages of skills within the country so it can be difficult to find a company or freelancer that can provide you with the specific help that you require when nearshoring in Spain. This can cause significant delays to any development that you may need to undertake. Something that can be disastrous within an area that is fast-moving such as IT.

Using a Nearshore Spain Dedicated Team

One of the most popular models for development is to hire an entire team of IT professionals to undertake all aspects of the required work. IT nearshoring Madrid will allow you to access a full range of IT professionals that will work solely on the tasks that you have.

Using a nearshore Spain dedicated team is often the most effective way of getting your projects completed just as you require. This is because they will be focused on the work that you need doing and nothing else. However, this can be a costly way forward, especially with IT wages within Spain being higher than in some other countries.

Skills shortages within the country and a high cost of living drive up wages making hiring teams within the country an expensive proposition. However, with IT you are not limited to only using those that can be hired locally.

Basic Requirements for a Programmer to Join Spain Dedicated Team

Despite the confident development of the Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT), it is not an easy task to work as a SW developer in Spain, especially for foreign citizens. The main reason for this is the fact that many Spanish IT companies require potential candidates to speak Spanish, in addition to basic English, as reported by Justlanded.com. The matter is further complicated by the fact that different dialects of Spanish are used in different regions of the country.

The complicated procedure for obtaining a work visa also stands in the way of those who are looking for a job in the IT sector of this country. Thus, at the moment, Spain is kind of a vicious circle. On the one hand, there is a shortage of own specialists, and on the other, foreign experts are rarely hired.

Nevertheless, businesses look for all possible solutions for their projects and very often choose IT staffing or offshore development companies who look for needed programmers with Spanish speaking skills and wish to create Spain dedicated team.

Average Expenses to Hire Developers in Spain

In case you are one of such businessmen and are looking for software developer Spain for hire, we would like to suggest you consider the possibility of hiring remote developers according to your requirements in other countries. We have conducted research on how much it costs to hire developers in Spain and compared their rates with Ukrainian ones.

On average a software developer in Spain earns approximately $3,300 per month. At the same time, this indicator is $2,000 in Ukraine.

how much does it cost to hire a developer in Spain vs Ukraine

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Taking into account the fact that a salary of software engineer Spain depends much on the stack of skills they possess, we have based our research on the most popular technologies (PHP, JavaScript, .NET) and checked average salaries of programmers in different cities of Spain and in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. Thus, PHP, JavaScript, and .Net developers in Kyiv, Ukraine usually receive $2,500, $2,500 and $2,000 per month accordingly.

The more detailed research on the cost of developers in Ukraine can be found in our article.

If you want to hire developers in Madrid, be informed that an average salary of a .Net developer is $4,500. A JavaScript developer is able to get $4,800 per month in this city. A PHP developer monthly wage is near $3,500.

developers salaries comparison in Barcelona, Madrid and Kyiv

Rates of dedicated developers in Barcelona are as follows: a JavaScript developer receives $4,760 per month; a PHP developer will ask for his work approximately $3,400; a .Net developer wage is estimated at $4,400.

Payments of developers in Valencia, Zaragoza, Palma, Córdoba, Málaga do not differ much. We have analyzed the Valencian job boards and have found out that the salaries of coders also vary between $2,000 and $4,000.

If there is a necessity to build a development team in Seville, take into account that the level of salaries of programmers working in this city can vary from $2,700 to approximately $3,700 per month according to the job offers posted on the Sevillian job boards.

We have also researched the remunerations of Zaragoza developers. We looked through job offers in this city and found out that coders’ wages start from $2,500 as a monthly payment.

If you need to find developer in Málaga, it makes sense to analyze the job boards of this city. It can be discovered that the level of salaries starts from $2,000 per month.

Hiring the Murcia development team for your project will cost approximately the same money as cooperating with devs in other Spanish cities. Creation of dedicated team Alicante, Murcia development team, or development team Seville will take approximately the same costs. The level of SW developer’s wages can start from $2,800 per month according to the job offers available in these cities.

To hire developers in Mallorca will cost from $2,000 to $3,000.

The average costs for hiring Palma developers are as follows. Programmers’ wages are approximately $2,000 as a monthly payment. This is the price specified on the appropriate job boards.

If you want to hire developers in Bilbao, you should know that the price for his services starts from $2,000 according to the offered job contracts.

Cooperation with a dedicated team from Alicante will cost you at least $2,800 per member.

A developer in Córdoba is able to earn from $2,200 to $,2900 per month according to the information from the job posts of this city.

Hire Developers in Madrid, Spain, or in Kyiv, Ukraine?

It is possible to conclude that hiring coders from Spain is more expensive than hiring remote programmers in Ukraine. However, hiring offshore development companies in Ukraine has few strong points that may help you save a lot.

Here are the main points which help to understand all benefits you will receive cooperating with Ukrainian development companies:

  • Significant savings. Taking into account that you need to hire dedicated developers for a certain period of time, you will be able to save money. As a result, you will get the same result at a lower cost.
  • Team extension without any additional expenses. In a number of cases, it is more profitable for a company to reduce the staff and assign some responsibilities and volume of work to outsiders. This helps to avoid tax, office, equipment, and software expenses.
  • When IT functions are delegated to offshore companies, your staff will focus exclusively on your company’s further development. As a result, the effectiveness of the entire organization can significantly increase.
  • You get full control of your project development and the whole remote development team will report and be managed by your CTO. Moreover, the programmers will be working exclusively on your project.
  • Ability to extend the development team with the experts of any level. Having 200,000 IT professionals and getting 15,000 IT graduates annually, one can find the experts skilled in rare technologies for any project in Ukraine.

Pros of IT Outsourcing with Mobilunity

We have researched the main indicators of salaries in the capital of Ukraine and the main Spanish cities. It is possible to notice that hiring dedicated teams of Ukrainian programmers is not only cheaper than cooperation with Spanish ones, but it also allows you to be more flexible in your team extension. Mobilunity is a Ukrainian IT outstaffing company with many years of experience. It was created in 2010 and since then Mobilunity successfully operates on the western IT market and has clients from all around the world. Building of effective dedicated development teams and R&D centers is that we are specialized in. Mobilunity has successful experience in work with Spanish clients as well. Many of our satisfied clients have already left their reviews on Clutch.co platform.

You can read the full review from our Spanish client here

You can easily get all the benefits of IT outsourcing and extended reality development company and make your business more successful from the first day of our common work. Check the CVs of remote developers from our pipeline and find the best candidate(s).

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