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Hire EDI Consultant

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a process for the digitization of documents and information exchange in numerous industries. Industries transact digitally using EDI systems that have tools such as purchase orders and invoices management, shipment and transaction notices, and logistics planning. 

Companies have gone on to hire EDI developer services, like an EDI specialist, SAP Hybris consultant, or an Oracle EDI consultant. This is to help them design EDI solutions and integrate EDI systems to boost their company processes and information systems.

EDI Solutions to Improve Your Data Exchange Process

There are reasons why industries have embraced EDI solutions and systems. Not only does it enhance organizational processes, but it gives companies an advantage in our modern technological markets. There are other, more detailed benefits that companies enjoy by implementing EDI systems. 

Benefits of EDI Implementation 

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes and transactions
  • Increase data accuracy and information reliability
  • Enhanced data security and quality assurance. Incorporating better content validation of data processed and shared.
  • Reduce operational costs
  • More efficient and effective transactional processing 
  • Opens up avenues for business and transactional expansion

EDI Implementation in Practice

EDI systems have been utilized by several industries for decades, and have improved ever since. Numerous industries have taken the leap into, and reaped the benefits of, implementing EDI systems to digitize and automate their organizations.

Retail and Commerce

The retail industry has been among those that started adopting the movement to digitize and automate operational and transactional processes. This industry has used such systems for around 3 decades, of which EDI stands out the most. Despite this move towards digitization, automation systems still have the potential to further enhance and add value to the Retail industry. Business managers in companies like Blello Mattress & WooCommerce have utilized EDI systems to generate and maintain competitive value for their businesses in their target market, reduce operational costs, and improve consumer satisfaction.


EDI has been in use in the Automotive industry as well. This has led to the efficiency, prolific production lines, and more effective exchange of data and information between EDI supply chains and car manufacturers. This process serves as the backbone for the majority of these companies. EDI implementation supplements such as successful systems like Just-In-Time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing that successfully enhances the automotive industry.


EDI streamlines and manages the complexity of the tech industry supply chain. With these systems in place, tech industry companies have more efficient processes for their data and information sharing, data accessibility, and information transparency. With EDI systems, companies can rely less on external third-party teams for design and development. They can also reduce their operating expenses and focus more on their products and services. 

Financial Services

For the financial services industry, EDI finance systems aid in the automation of day-to-day operational processes and mitigating complexities in information exchange and efficiency by streamlining EDI supply chain information flows and movement in the supply chain of goods. EDI systems automate timely and accurate financial data exchange among suppliers, financial institutions, and consumers. These automated systems can encompass transactions and processes stretching across international boundaries and differing currencies, accounting practices, and financial regulations.


Similar to other industries, Healthcare can leverage EDI systems to save time and resources for the industry. This is most felt when companies partner and develop with EDI consultant healthcare systems geared towards streamlining and centralizing medical record storage and management, as well as facilitating health insurance and supplies transactions and information sharing. EDI healthcare systems utilize several medicare EDI tools like scheduling applications, electronic purchase order systems, and EDI insurance management systems to improve their information sharing.  

Logistics and Distribution

EDI logistics systems have helped streamline and improve logistical services and distribution networks. EDI trucking systems and EDI mapping tools, companies can better plot and plan EDI freight trucking and routes, schedules, delivery timelines, and consumer engagement. EDI systems have also helped improve communication, information sharing, and centralize distribution processes and distribution partner relations. 

EDI Implementation Steps

But where does an EDI consultant, EDI expert, or other EDI service providers fit in? An EDI consultant or EDI analyst assists companies and organizations in designing the system that best fits their needs. EDI consulting services help in identifying ways on how they can enhance, configure, and make more efficient the tools and applications that are available to the system. When you hire EDI project consultants, they guide you on improving current information management systems or designing an entirely new EDI system work for you. They help to improve your internal information management and your data and information exchange with partners, suppliers, and other logistics partners. 

So how do you go about implementing EDI systems?

  • Learn what EDI and EDI systems are, how it can potentially enhance your organization, and improve your relationship with your business partners.
  • Reach out to your trading partner/s and share information on any EDI Implementation Guide available. If none is available, work with your trading partner to develop one. Having this guide will present how the system for electronic business documents processing will be structured.
  • Identify and purchase the EDI software or system, which can include document maps and translators, that best fit the guidelines you have established and the needs of your organization.
  • Collaborate with an EDI expert, either an EDI consultant or EDI analyst, to configure and set up the EDI system that will process and complete your transactional data and information.
  • When the software is set up, you and your trading partner can test the system, simulating transactions and information exchanges to evaluate if the current system holds up to the business needs. 
  • Collaborate with your EDI expert on how to further improve your EDI system, and with your trading partner on how you can better utilize the system.
  • Discuss with your trading partners on how to best exchange data and information using the current EDI system you have.There are numerous options, among them are through Internet EDI, direct one-to-one/peer-to-peer electronic document transfer, or VANs as interconnects.
  • Implement agreed upon tools and processes in your EDI systems.
  • Regularly evaluate and improve the EDI system and the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the EDI system.
  • Gradually transition your organization from paper-based business document exchange to digital system-based processes. This transition can lead to a reduction in processing and operational costs, increase of data accuracy, efficiency of business transaction exchange, improve organizational cash flow, reduced processing and transactional errors, and increase customer service satisfaction.

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Responsibilities of an EDI Consultant and EDI Analyst

The main responsibility of an EDI consultant is to provide guidance and assistance to clients in designing and implementing EDI projects. The scope of their responsibilities can encompass the following:

  • Designing and developing technical and functional EDI implementation specifications
  • Implementing and maintaining scheduled processes and services
  • Implementing and overseeing quality assurance and change control processes
  • Provide assistance in designing EDI system maps, as well as compliance and governance policies and processes
  • Assisting clients in maintaining high-level customer experience and satisfaction
  • Manage development teams in custom EDI solutions development and implementation
  • When necessary, participate in the EDI engineering and development, EDI testing and quality assurance, and documentation

An EDI analyst is somewhat different from an EDI consultant. The responsibilities of an EDI analyst is mainly to  ensure that any EDI system implemented performs and operates as it is intended to meet the needs of the organization’s users and consumers. They also perform the following tasks:

  • Assessing and translating client needs into achievable technical requirements
  • Assist in developing an effective EDI system
  • Assist in implementing and enforcing governance and compliance processes and policies
  • Develop and maintain documentation of planned and agreed upon EDI solutions for development
  • Develop test cases of sample EDI data to test the quality assurance and control process for the EDI system
  • Provide support to day-to-day operations and identifying and addressing issues with the development or maintenance of the system
  • Participate and document EDI testing and troubleshooting processes, data, and results

To hire EDI consultant services or EDI analyst expertise is an advantage for your organization. They have the technical skills and experience to guide and teach on how to best implement EDI systems to meet your client needs, all of which you can review in an EDI analyst or EDI consultant resume.

EDI Consultant Salary Rates

If you were to hire EDI consultant or an EDI analyst for your system, it is best to do research on the cost of hiring one. The table below shows the average annual EDI consultant salary for the US, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, and Ukraine. It also shows the corresponding average annual EDI consultant hourly rate.

CountryAverage Annual Salary
The USA$57,889
Ukraine$20,400 (based on Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team research over a few local job boards)

The table shows that an EDI consultant from Switzerland is among those that have the highest average annual salaries and hourly rates, while the EDI consultants from Poland and Ukraine are on the lower end. However, the fluctuation in salary rates is not a direct indicator for quality of work. 

Salary and hourly rates are affected by numerous factors, such as cost of living, location, quality of life, or transportation. What average salary and hourly rate can be an indicator for is the demand, industry, and availability of skills and professionals. The table above shows the average cost of EDI consulting services. More senior EDI IT consulting services, of course, can cost more. A senior SAP EDI consultant salary can reach $110,000, in contrast, a junior SAP EDI Consultant salary can be estimated to be $55,000.

Nowadays, there are several avenues you can take to manage costs when you hire an EDI consultant or EDI analyst. The 2 main ways to hire an EDI consultant or EDI analyst:

  • Hire in-house experts, either locally or otherwise
  • Outsourced or remote professionals 

Hiring in-house enables you to hire from a familiar area and from a skills market you are most  familiar with. While hiring a remote EDI analyst or remote EDI consultant opens you up to a global workforce with a more competitive and diverse cost margin. Hiring remote teams is especially advantageous for companies these days. 

Hiring Remote EDI Analyst Services and EDI Consultants at Mobilunity

What makes a company or an industry thrive and be a leader is the ability to deliver timely, high-quality, and reliable products and services. And to be a leader, companies need the framework and support to accomplish their goals and provide consumers their needs. Technology and tools like EDI systems are a big part of that support system. And companies having the capacity and capability to employ and effectively use such tools are necessary to be ahead and be a leader in the industry. Having an EDI consultant, either a junior consultant or an EDI Sr solution design consultant, and a dedicated development team is an advantage. This ensures that the design and development of an efficient, high-quality, and effective EDI system that meets all your organizational and customer needs. When hiring an EDI consultant, consider coupling their expertise with AWS managed service providers for robust cloud infrastructure management, and don’t overlook the potential benefits of outsourcing coding tasks to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

If you were looking to hire a remote EDI consultant or EDI analyst, partnering with a tech services provider from Ukraine would be the best option. Ukraine offers the most competitive and manageable salaries and a wide array of highly skilled professional EDI project consultants. Ukraine is also home to IT services providers like Mobilunity that has established itself in the outstaffing services market. Mobilunity provides numerous services but is most notable for its dedicated development team services. This model ensures:

  • Development teams dedicated to completing projects
  • Access to highly skilled and experienced EDI consultant, analyst, and EDI developers
  • Fixed prices that include such expenses as taxes, office facilities, recruiting and onboarding of the selected candidate, expenses on sick leaves and vacation, etc.
  • Taking care of employee retention, making sure your development team has everything it needs to make them and clients as satisfied as possible

If you need EDI consulting services to assist in implementing an EDI system for your business, you can hire EDI consultant services from Mobilunity! Get the quality consulting services your business needs! 

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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