Software Development Company in Romania vs Ukrainian IT Company

What Makes Software Development Company in Romania Attractive?

It is hard to imagine business these days, that would not require some sort of a software solution. Almost every industry is using already existing or custom software development solutions – be it medicine, military, IT or any other field. However, with each day tasks become more demanding and high in price. That is why most companies started looking for ways to reduce the cost without losing the level of quality. The solution was found pretty quickly – outsourcing or outstaffing.

Over the last couple of years, Eastern Europe became the №1 place for all types of outsourcing jobs. One of the most popular countries, in this case, is Ukraine and Romania. So if you are looking for outsourcing software development Romania – this article will most definitely help you decide the right option for you.

Nearshore software development Romania became very popular in recent years due to the country’s comfortable location in Eastern Europe. It makes easy to come to this country and organize your outsourcing software development process. Also, employers should know about the low costs of Romania software development, what makes this country really attractive as nearshoring destination. Let’s take a look closer.

Software Development Romania: An IT Sector Overview

Currently, web development Romania has to offer is one of the most promising ones in the whole of Eastern Europe. This country has always been a great place to work as an IT specialist, so it is only natural that most Romanian students are choosing this field as their specialty these days because software development companies in Romania are always ready to take them to work with open arms. Not that long ago most IT jobs in Romania were not that demanding and required just programming skills in general. Today Romanian developers work in various fields of this industry which makes this country an enormous talent pool for those who are looking for qualified Romanian programmers. Today IT nearshoring in Romania is experiencing its heyday.

If you take a look at the stats, you will see that the software development outsourcing Romania alone is expected to bring nearly 4 billion Euros to the country’s budget within one year. According to the same report, the Romania development industry is expected to strengthen its positions within the next few years.

Such strong positions on the outsourcing market can be explained by high standards of Romanians when it comes down to doing business. Their traditions and attitude towards work, combined with high education and low prices make Romanian software development business a truly thriving one. Such a situation on the domestic IT market makes favorable conditions for the profitable activity of each software development company Romania. As a result, custom software development Romania can allow making real all the ambitious plans for affordable costs.

it companies in romania or ukraine

IT Outsourcing Romania: Is It Worth a Try?

As we have already mentioned before, Romanian developers are among those that are the most in demand, when it comes down to outsourcing. According to recent research, Romania is one of the most popular destinations for nearshoring for European, Asian and American companies – it has nearly 50 offshore Romania outsourcing companies 30% of which offer IT services.

Seeing such huge popularity of the software development Romania was offering, its government decided to support this industry and currently Romanian government has various programs and grants for young IT specialists, making sure that when they graduate they will not leave the country. Obviously, this strategy has a positive impact as according to Hacker Rank, specialists in software development Romania has to offer to take the 20th place of the best in the whole world. Also, according to the 2014 data, there were approximately 55,000 outsourcing Romania specialists at that time, which is impressive. This data must be convincing for those who want to have software development team Romania. You can just to make a contact with the chosen software development company Romania, agree on cooperation and start to benefit from it.

All that being said, it becomes clear that IT outsourcing Romania provides these days is a promising industry and will most likely only grow with time.

Romanian Developers: What Skills Should They Have?

First of all, you need to know, that Romania is one of the biggest IT talent pools in the whole Eastern Europe – it accounts for nearly 93,000 employees in the field. This means that you will have plenty of specialists to choose from. But before you rush to look for that web developer Romania that you need, you have to learn about all the necessary skills he or she must possess. So IT outsourcing Romania specialists must:

  • Have a profile education. Software development is not something that you can master after taking monthly courses, it requires profound knowledge and extensive training. Luckily, IT companies in Romania mostly have programmers with high education what makes one more benefit for custom software development Romania.
  • Experience with back and front end development. Any software developer at some point has to work with either of them and sometimes even switch between them.
  • Have knowledge of such back end development languages as JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Python, and SQL. You will only benefit if in addition to those IT companies in Romania provide specialists who also know how to operate Node.js.
  • Know how to run and debug his own code if necessary.
  • Be a team player. It is a common myth that software developers are some sort of ‘grumpy loners’ who work alone. In reality, they often need to communicate with one another and the rest of the team members to deliver the best possible result. So, “team-building” in a regular company is not an exception for custom software development company Romania.
  • Have respect for deadlines. Meeting deadlines is a crucial thing in the world of programming as the work of one person often relies on the work of another. So if you want your project to be done in time – make sure your future employee has this trait.
  • Have an impressive portfolio. There is no better way to find out whether or not a software developer is a good match for your team than to look at the examples of his previous work.
  • Be able to take responsibility for his actions and make his own decisions.
  • Be attentive to every little detail as even the slightest mistake in the code can ruin the whole project.

So these are the most important things to look for in your future software developer’s resume. Of course, there is more to the list, however, these are the core ones that will ensure that your specialists will be worth his price.

The cost of living in Romania is not high comparing with other European countries. This has an influence on developers’ salaries as well. The web developer salary Romania provides is quite low, as well as Java, C++, Python, PHP, and others. But is Romania developer salary size the lowest in Eastern Europe? Let’s compare it to Ukrainian ones.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

average monthly romanian and ukrainian developers salary comparison
Web developer$27,000 per year$22,000 per year$76,000 per year$80,000 per year$111,000 per year
iOS developer$30,000 per year$25,000 per year$100,000 per year$108,000 per year$147,000 per year
Android developer$30,000 per year$21,000 per year$92,000 per year$88,000 per year$136,000 per year
Ruby developer$30,000 per year$24,000 per year$84,000 per year$91,000 per year$127,000 per year
PHP developer$24,000 per year$24,000 per year$80,000 per year$83,000 per year$117,000 per year
C++ developer$24,000 per year$28,800 per year$104,000 per year$108,000 per year$145,000 per year
Number of software developers120,000+200,000+
Number of Startups400+2000+
Most popular cities for IT outsourcingBucharest, ConstantaKyiv, Lviv


Mobilunity – Alternative to Software Development Outsourcing Romania

As you already know, there are plenty of companies in Ukraine that provide IT services and Mobilunity is one of them.

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So whenever the need occurs, do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity’s representatives and get the best consultation regarding your need. We guarantee that if you decide to hire our specialists – the job will be done flawlessly and in no time!

Choose Ukrainian development with Mobilunity! We are happy to start working with new project and help you to improve business.

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