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Hire SAP® UI5/Fiori Developer

If you are in search of a well-qualified SAP® engineer or want to learn more about UI5/Fiori to understand how it can benefit your business processes, check out this detailed article that will cover all the essentials.

What SAP® Fiori Is, and Why Businesses Need It

In short, SAP® Fiori is a modern UX for SAP® software and apps that provides a set of applications used in common business functions, such as work approvals, financial applications, and various self-service applications. While you might consider to hire Magento programmer or software security consultant for specialized needs, employing an SAP® UI5/Fiori developer can be a game-changer for creating intuitive, user-friendly enterprise applications that foster greater productivity and user satisfaction.

Fiori allows companies to transform and improve their business processes by making all business operations, such as analytics, manufacturing, and finances, simpler, more accessible, and personalized. At the same time, these role-based SAP® Fiori apps help to reduce operational costs and optimize human resources. 

Nowadays, many middle- to large-scale companies are interested in the benefits of SAP® Fiori. Having versatile and role-specific SAP® Fiori apps, organizations can quickly enhance workers’ productivity and satisfaction rates, simplifying the use of ERP systems from any device, at any place.

Creating custom Fiori apps has now become a new trend in the business world that utilizes SAP® solutions. According to Microsoft Stories, after Microsoft Azure and SAP® SE had joined their forces to ensure enhanced security for custom apps, it became an even more protected and promising solution for business process optimization for all-level companies.

What are the main advantages for a company to use UI5/Fiori?

  • Convenience and simplicity of the UI solutions;
  • Versatility of the apps for business process coupled with customization options;
  • Reduced costs for internal system development and maintenance;
  • Easy training for new users;
  • All-devices access (apps can be used on desktops, tablets, and smartphones);
  • Possibility to create a comprehensive and unified environment for operations.

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How SAP® Fiori Developer Can Help Your Business

SAP® Fiori developers are nowadays one of the most in-demand experts for middle- to large-scale businesses. This is because Fiori engineers can not only make custom web apps for enhancing and streamlining business operations but also customize the available apps to meet individual business’ needs. 

Such coders can create HTML5-based applications with specific functionalities required by your organization, delivering automated and tailored solutions. UI5 developers can create a simple, intuitive user interface that will be convenient for all your employees. Besides, you can request custom solutions adaptation for different users or departments, for them to get to work on the tasks quickly and easily.

What’s more, a UI5/Fiori programmer can build apps that can be used on different devices, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. Since Fiori allows for modern UI product solutions, it’s possible to switch devices without a problem and continue working on tasks in progress from anywhere.

Many organizations hesitate to hire a UI5/Fiori specialist because they are not sure if there’s a difference between a SAP® front end developer and SAP® UI5/Fiori programmer. Although these IT experts deal with similar tasks related to system workflow optimization, their range of duties and responsibilities differs. 

SAP® front end developer skills and duties include:

  • Understanding the specifics and configurations of SAP® systems;
  • Designing custom solutions that meet the companies needs;
  • Ensuring correct functionality of data services and ETL tools;
  • Development of add-ons to SAP® products using JavaScript and UI5;
  • Integrations with SAP® BW, ERP, CRM, etc.;
  • Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) implementation, etc.

While a SAP® front-end programmer ensures the correct functioning of the platform, a UI5/Fiori developer works on its usability and accessibility. Although you may think that there is no drastic difference between these specialists, it’s worth noting that UI5 developers create flexible systems with user-friendly design and functionality, while front-end experts ensure stability and accessibility of the system.

Below you can find a comparison table of monthly SAP® front end developer salary and SAP® Fiori developer salary rates, based on ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and SalaryExplorer data, as well as our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals (for salaries in Ukraine):

Front-end developerUI5/Fiori programmer 
The US$3,200$12,000
The UK£2,300 ($3,200)£3,700 ($5,000)
Germany€3,200 ($3,900)€5,500 ($6,700)
The Netherlands€2,700 ($3,300)€3,500 ($4,300)  
Ukraine $2,000$3,000

SAP® Fiori vs SAP® UI5: What’s the Difference?

People not fully familiar with SAP® solutions may ask, why there are different specialists that work with these applications, and what is the difference between Fiori and UI5 experts. 

UI5 is a React-like JavaScript framework developed by SAP® that comes with a large collection of out-of-the-box custom controls. On the other hand, Fiori is the SAP® design language. Fiori UI is a role-based, responsive, simple, and consistent solution. 

Put simply, the root application of UI5 is essentially the forerunner of the Fiori apps, now becoming a functional part of the platform. Fiori focuses mainly on the mobility of the operations within the system and has strict guidelines for applications. The applications that adhere to Fiori design guidelines are considered Fiori apps, while those apps that do not follow those guidelines are known as custom UI5 apps.

Without UI5 knowledge, Fiori setup is much more difficult, because it contains the entire business process as a role-based implementation over 1000 roles that were created based on the business processes. Even SAP® engineers often struggle to differentiate SAPUI5 vs OpenUI5, as the platform constantly transforms and evolves. 

That is why UI5 and Fiori are intertwined with each other, and it’s better to look for a SAP® expert with Fiori and UI5 knowledge.

What Languages a SAP® Programmer Should Know? 

If you want to hire a well-qualified UI5/Fiori coder, you should look for the following expertise in the candidate’s tech stack:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • UI5
  • HANA
  • ABAP program and objects
  • ERP implementation experience
  • OData and NetWeaver Gateway

What to Look for in SAP® UI5/Fiori Developer Resume

To sum up, a SAP® UI5/Fiori developer is a specialist capable of finding and implementing UI5/Fiori technical solutions. A skilled SAP® Fiori developer can help to realize the company’s vision and goals into an optimized and convenient application for any device.  

If you want to hire an experienced coder, here is a sample SAP® UI developer resume for a Middle programmer, as well as a Senior specialist. These resume examples will help you to review possible SAP® Fiori developer responsibilities and experience in detail to understand the level and expertise of a programmer needed for your business. 

5 Main Interview Questions to Ask a Fiori Developer

To find your best sap fiori developer you may need to be aware of the next main questions that will come in handy on the interview and showcase the expertness of the candidate. 

  • What SAPUI5 is and is it beneficial over HTML5?

Thus first of all ask your candidate such a general but demonstrative question. It may be super helpful because it represents the candidate’s understanding of the core difference between SAPUI5 and HTML5 and understanding both of them separately as well. By the fullness and depth of his answer you may become evident if he is rather competent enough or not.

  • What are the main and original functions that SAPUI5 suggests?

This question will emphasize the vast of candidate’s knowledge in sap custom app development. Moreover, watching how he presents this information you may learn if he is really keen on this technology and skilful in it as a result. If your candidate can tell you about core convenient functions and present it in a good way it shows that he really knows this sphere and is competent in it.

  • What SAP Fiori is?

As Fiori is an important part of SAP development it may be useful to ask about it. Your candidate should be able to explain the role of the fiori development and its value for you and your business at all. Besides, it may be cool if he could tell more about the types of apps in SAP Fiori.

  • What ABAP Web Dynpro is and why do developers use it?

Here your candidate is expected to tell more about Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Web Dynpro and its significance. As ABAP is an app that makes development more easy and productive it may provide better results. It may be beneficial for your business if your candidate is working in it.

  • In what way can you identify if there is a touchscreen on the device?

And last but not least question may demonstrate a more precise and thin understanding of the specialization by your candidate. But the answer is extremely short and simple: there is such an element as API that helps to determine it. At the same time it will show a deep understanding of SAPUI5 and its parts. Moreover, it will tell more about whether he is already experienced in this field that is important too. 

Use these questions to hire openui5 developers and not fail!

Comparing SAP® Fiori Developer Salary Rates in Different Countries

Finding a skilled UI5/Fiori engineer locally at an affordable rate may be a hard task to accomplish, as the expert-level coders have high salary rates. That’s why many companies tend to hire SAP® Fiori programmers in different countries, benefiting from the abroad labor market for a wider choice of candidates and salary costs. 

Let’s compare the average monthly salaries of SAP® developers in the various countries, based on ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and SalaryExplorer data, as well as our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals (for salaries in Ukraine):

Middle UI5/Fiori developerSenior UI5/Fiori developer
The US$12,000$17,400
The UK£3,700 ($5,000)£4,600 ($6,300)
Germany€5,500 ($6,700)€9,000 ($10,900)
The Netherlands€3,500 ($4,300)  €5,000 ($6,000) 

As you can see, the costs of hiring a Ukrainian SAP® UI5 programmer are much lower compared to other countries. At the same time, according to TopCoder, Ukrainian developers are known worldwide for their coding skills and IT expertise. Therefore, if you are looking for a qualified SAP® engineer with affordable rates, it would be beneficial to consider Ukrainian experts.

While looking for an experienced candidate for your company, it’s best to work with a reliable outstaffing agency in the selected country, such as Mobilunity. Cooperation with the agency that knows all inside-out of the outsourcing country lifts a lot of confusion and unexpected expenses off you.

For example, if you hire a programmer with Mobilunity, the cost structure includes not only the salary, but also equipment, recruitment and retention costs, software and office expenses, payroll taxes, sick leaves, and vacation payments. Thus, you don’t need to worry about management and concentrate on the fruitful cooperation aiming to reach your business goals.

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We at Mobilunity help small startups to large-scale organizations find dedicated IT resources that fully meet the company’s requirements and preferences. Our personalized approach and strong reputation on the global market are at your service. 

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Disclaimer: SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries. Mobilunity is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by the SAP SE.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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