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Hire ServiceNow Developer in Eastern Europe

In 2004 Fred Luddy founded a software company. Initially, till 2005, it had only one employee (the founder himself). After, it expanded to 6 hires. Now, it has grown to 17,884 people (first quarter of 2022). The company under discussion is known as ServiceNow, acknowledged as the top most innovative company in 2018 by Forbes. ServiceNow provides software-as-a-service, delivering automation of the business processes within the client company. 

Due to the statistics mentioned above, entrepreneurs and managers have realized that the current business success confidently paves its way to the top by the means of digital transformation and workflow automation. ServiceNow is proven to deliver the following piles of success, as long as the customer company understands the importance of setting high-quality ServiceNow development processes alongside decent maintenance of the platform. 

Let’s dig deeper into what are the key strategies for hiring a top-tech servicenow developer, who will be able to ensure smooth software integration and support into business seamless functioning.

ServiceNow Development General Overview

Before you start taking considerable steps to hire ServiceNow developer, it is critical to understand that the specialist you are looking for is not going to be working on the ServiceNow platform itself, but rather working with its functionality to extend business potential. 

That must be an IT specialist who has expertise in design, development, solutions implementation, and support assurance that is based on the ServiceNow features set. For example, SaaS enterprise mobile development specialists. They are familiar with the concept of how to integrate their knowledge and platform tools together. 

To have a better picture of how to hire servicenow developers it is essential to get a better grasp of the exclusive significance of the service. Being a cloud-based company, ServiceNow assures more efficient tech management support. It serves in three management vectors: IT services, IT operations, and IT business. This contributes to effective project management, via a bounty of apps for clients and business communications. 

ServiceNow is easy to integrate with other available tools. Servicenow dev can help with that integration to ensure a smooth experience for the users. The gist of the platform is to allow the users to spot the issue and be able to fix it with the tools provided. The model is represented in the form of tasks, processes, and activities.

The service model and the cloud services are both engaged in workflow management that maintains functionality through real-time communication and sharing of the resources. A servicenow developer roles and responsibilities include the ability to build saas application that enables the process to run smoothly for a specific industry (finances, education, healthcare, government, produce, security, customer service, HR, IT, etc.). ServiceNow platform also finds its use in assisting with AI and machine learning.

Beating Q1 of 2022, ServiceNow managed to sign 52 deals over $1 million worth and the platform keeps on getting its momentum exponentially across the business realm. The ServiceNow CEO expressed his confidence that the company will reach $10 billion by 2024 and $15 billion by 2026. 

These numbers are important to comprehend the importance of hiring top-notch specialists with a proven servicenow developer certification that will positively highlight any servicenow developer resume to make sure that everything that the platform offers will be smartly implemented to satisfy every individual business requirement.

The Process of Hiring Developer ServiceNow

Any technology service gets to be successful in crafty hands that are qualified to integrate it into the business environment. A ServiceNow developer is a software development specialist whose hands are peculiarly crafty with designing, coding, and troubleshooting apps (in particular the one with expertise in saas application development services) using ServiceNow platform tools. Moreover,servicenow developer responsibilities include working on custom applications, handling architectural modifications, module implementation, and successful integrations.

List of the critical skills for a servicenow certified application developer

  • Programming skills in JavaScript
  • Command of HTML and XML
  • Understanding of CSS
  • Knowledge NET and AJAX techniques and tools 
  • Expertise in Cloud computing 
  • Strong design skills
  • Familiarity with ServiceNow’s ITSM service catalog
  • Knowledge of AngularJS, React, and Bootstrap frameworks

Going through the tech part of the servicenow developer resume, do not forget to include the importance of the non-tech side of the skill-set:

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Business ethics
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration

The next thing to pay attention to when considering a candidate is to have him/her ready to participate in the following processes:

  • Formulation and implementation of QA methods, by planning and executing integrations, regressions, and user acceptance testing.
  • System issues identification.
  • IT best practices determination.
  • Design and development of configurations.

Thinking through the interview questions for ServiceNow developers, the hiring managers must also inspect how well all those skills alongside experience, and successful cases might fit individual business needs. 

If there is a distinct need for a senior ServiceNow developer, then the resume might have some more information to reveal. Tech skills will imply a much broader prophecy with tech tools in development and a high-profile ServiceNow developers certification on top of that:

  • ITL: ServiceNow, SCR, ITSM, and LDAP
  • Programming Languages: Jelly Script, AngularJS, Java, JQuery, ASP.net, Perl
  • Platforms: SDLC, ServiceNow, HP service manager
  • Web tools: CSS,JSON, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Ajax,XML
  • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle
  • Technologies: Android Machine Learning, CSP, Agile, MapReduce, Design Patterns
  • Solid command of Microsoft Visual Studio, ClientScript/Calling Server Side, Eclipse, QTP, SQL Developer.
  • Reporting tools mastery: Remedy Reports, Crystal Reports 9

When it comes to experience, the company might be looking at the following:

  • At least 4 years of profound ServiceNow development, maintenance, and administration.
  • Experience in the technical implementation of ServiceNow modules (change management, incident management, problem management, service catalog, etc.)
  • Experience with ITIL processes
  • Report creating experience
  • Data migration experience
  • Strong expertise with ServiceNow tools 
  • Experience with LDAP integrations with SOAP and REST API protocols
  • Development of advanced workflows
  • Expertise in Onsite-Offshore model of development
  • Experience with Export, Import, and SQL Loader Utilities
  • Successful cases of designing, managing, and analyzing CMDB and its integrations (Infoblox, EquipDBand SCCM)

At the first sight, it might look quite overwhelming. Especially, if the entrepreneur is not a high-class ServiceNow developer him/herself, then there will be a need to find somebody who can tell the difference between the strong skill potential and very shallow knowledge of the job to be done. There are way easier ways to do so.

Hiring a ServiceNow tech professional might take up quite a lot of time, energy, and money and risk failing an important part of the project (the wrong person will delay the delivery, pushing deadlines and money down the drain). Looking through, vetting, interviewing, and giving a paid assignment might feel overwhelming and a luxury, time-wise. This is why to turn for help to a staffing agency that can equip the business with the exact matching specialist. 

Or sometimes the team needs to be augmented with a dedicated team of tech talents, which will not be affordable on a permanent in-house basis. In the given circumstances outsourcing developers, for example, hiring an outsourcing mobile development team will cover the needs on terms that suit both the agency and the client company.

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3 Models of Hiring ServiceNow Developers

Whether the company runs a perfectly set hiring infrastructure and strong in-house teams in various departments or relies on a third-party organization to offer employment services, it will have similar chances of having the project enhanced by proven professionals. 

The global proposition of specialists is so rich and access to it is available to any who decides to go on an IT expert hunt. Pandemic aftermath has demonstrated the value of remote mode of working not only from the quality perspective but also for the money-saving experience. 

Deciding to employ a remote developer, a business will notice significant budget-friendly shifts, hiring a freelancer, or using staffing agency services. Being able to hire IT specialists from different parts of the world will badly influence the amount of the reward. Depending on the geography, it is possible to find the numbers that will perfectly satisfy the company and the candidate.

Here are three models for the business to expand the team of the development department:

  • Local hiring

Hiring a local ServiceNow developer is beneficial for achieving a common ground (mentality, language, understanding of the business running in the area) and establishing a smooth atmosphere in the team. Also, somebody from not a faraway land gives the feeling of better work quality monitoring for the manager.

Though there are some questionable moments. For instance, local hires might not have that abundant knowledge base and command of the latest trends in development. Moreover, servicenow developer salary expectations might exceed the company’s financial capacity.

  • Freelancer hiring

Hiring a freelancer, going through popular freelance platforms and markets, yields an excellent option for the business to cooperate with a real talent who owns a portfolio rich with successful cases. 

Yet, when going with a freelancing mode, make sure to compile a list of exact skills, qualities, and experience you have defined your project needs. Since roaming through tons of accounts might delay the business from growing and moving forward. 

  • Outstaffing

Expanding the team’s potential resorting to outstaffing mode makes a big difference for the business. Outstaffing a ServiceNow developer will provide the company with access to the tech talent that will meet the demands of the project, that will be under the control of the company, and will produce the expected results exactly when they are expected. The model is transparent :

  • decent tech pool access
  • high-profile specialists with a solid experience and rave reviews from the customers; 
  • no hidden fees 
  • comprehensive agreement for the benefit of all the parties involved (the cost is comfortable for the client, servicenow engineer salary is satisfying for the specialist, and the agency is happy with the reward)

Collaborating with a staffing organization may erroneously be presented as adding up to money expenses. Totally backward. Of course, any service should be rewarded. Yet when it comes to hiring a specialist, so much time and money can go South, because of not getting the right one. In this background, outstaffing may feel like a completely free-of-charge service. 

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Businesses should smartly analyze their employment department potential and go with the best option for the current moment.

Servicenow Developer Interview Questions

No matter whether you hire on your own, or via the staffing agency (you still have the right to talk with the candidate to check the level of fitting for yourself). Here are some questions to ask to get the idea of whether the candidate may serve well for your particular business, and to demonstrate the awareness (of you as the owner) of what’s going on in the world of development:

  • What value does ServiceNow add to the business? 
  • Is there any difference between ServiceNow and Salesforce?
  • What is meant when referring to the concept of “Application” in ServiceNow?
  • What is CMDB’s full form?
  • How to hide/show a field with a client script?
  • Please, provide detailed instructions on how to set the default data field value to the current date-time value.
  • How would you explain the use of user impersonation?
  • What is the installation exit, transform map, and import set?

Given that ServiceNow is quite a complex platform to be working with (in terms of its tech filling), the volume of questions might expand. 

How Much Does Servicenow Cost in Terms of Hiring a Specialist in Easter Europe?

Speaking about the cost of hiring a ServiceNow developer, it has been mentioned about employing remote specialists through staffing agencies. Deciding to go with this option, have a look at the table below, to see what country might offer the most favorable conditions – top-tech experts at cost-friendly prices.

Here is the monthly salary paid to developers in the Eastern European countries:

Czech Republic$2,060

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

The numbers are quite in agreement with what budgets usually are. Ukraine has a powerful potential in the IT industry and offers a great pool of specialists to be employed for various projects. Finding the right staffing company in Ukraine will guarantee the business with specialists who understand business processes, own a strong command of the newest tendencies in IT software development in Eastern Europe, and share western vectors of values.

Mobilunity as a Reliable Provider of Hiring ServiceNow Developers in Ukraine

Mobilunity is indeed known as a trustworthy provider of IT specialists. Based in Ukraine, the company has gained recognition for covering and satisfying any IT staffing needs. Providing dedicated IT specialists at a reasonable price, Mobilunity has collected more than 10 years of successful experience, more than a thousand completed projects, and over 40 customers around the globe like i-doit, XPLG, Zenchef, Paidy, Camptocamp, BYG-E, ICUC, etc. The access to talented IT professionals has exceeded the number of 200,000. 200,000+ software developers from Ukraine have a profound understanding of how the outstaffing is done successfully both for the customer and the Mobilunity company.

Implementing the ServiceNow platform for business processes automation is a wise choice for the company’s growth, scaling, and guaranteed revenues. To make sure the integration takes place smoothly and everything intended works exactly as is expected, the ServiceNow developer is needed to be hired. Going through hiring options, stick to the one that fits the resource and philosophy of the business. Considering outstaffing might sound like the right choice, especially collaborating with countries in Eastern Europe (think Ukraine is a great example of odds it owns).

Making a decision to hire ServiceNow developer to ensure the ServiceNow platform’s development, maintenance and administration.  Contact us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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