Things You Must Know About How to Hire Stripe Developer

stripe logoLike PayPal, 2CheckOut, Braintree and other online payment platforms, Stripe is a powerful software platform to handle online payment transactions on the Internet. Stripe commonly known as Stripe payments is a software platform based on Stripe developer APIs that allows eCommerce developers to create payment/checkout flows for eCommerce website to receive and transfer money via online transactions. This platform has many rich features, capabilities and security checks that qualify it as one of the best online payment platforms on the internet.

What Are the Possibilities to Hire Stripe Developer

To use the Stripe online payment platform, you need programming skills to develop API payment flow. You can also use the Stripe developer support to create payment flows, if you are not comfortable with software programming. You can find good Stripe team of developers from different online recruiting platforms or from online freelancing platforms easily.

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A Stripe developer is required to have good command over certain software languages and platforms to create payment flows and integrate with the Stripe API interface. A Stripe software engineer is desired to be a full stack software developer; but with good command over Ruby on Rail, Java and Python will be sufficient to effectively benefit from the features of this platform. A Stripe developer has to work with other team members to handle Stripe payment processing through Stripe payment gateway integration and implementation.

Stripe Billing Combinations

A large number of online payment solutions is available that offer different types of financial services to eCommerce websites. Different eCommerce software supports various payment platforms through APIs, Extensions, and plugins. There are two major activities in this entire online payment workflow – payment gateway and payment account. Stripe solution is compatible with mobile app and Apple Pay. It supports multiple payment systems like Bitcoin, Master Card, Visa, American Express and many others.

stripe payment processing

The Stripe is capable of handling both Stripe payment gateway functions and Stripe payment processing capabilities simultaneously on the same platform. You need to use both features available on the platform. PayPal and some other platforms also offer similar kinds of complete online payment solutions. Stripe offers plugins for different platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla and many others.

Importance/Demand in Marketplace

Stripe solution was introduced back in 2010, as cited in Forbes magazine. Since its launch, it has aggressively attracted many eCommerce customers across the countries of its operations. The main customer base of the Stripe company comes from the USA and the EU.

According to SimilarTech data, at the time when this article is being written, the Stripe solution has been used by over 278 thousand websites. In this short span of time and competitive market environment, the increase in popularity is a clear indication of its consistent success and popularity in the marketplace.

Stripe payment is being used in all sectors and domains of businesses globally. The major categories where the demand of the Stripe developers is increasing at a consistent pace include:

  • Business and industries
  • Telecom and internet sector
  • Online shopping/eCommerce
  • Arts and entertainment sector
  • Peoples and social sectors

In the near future, a substantial growth in Stripe developers in the mentioned fields above is anticipated in the industry.

Major Skills of a Stripe Developer

Using the power of the Stripe online payment platform requires software Stripe engineering skills. So, a good Stripe developer is needed for achieving the full benefits from the powerful features and capabilities of this platform. Generally speaking, a good Stripe software engineer should be full stack web developer because he/she has to develop and manage APIs, services and different Stripe products. In small and medium sized companies, a developer performs multiple tasks at backend and frontend interfaces, so a full stack developer is more desirable.

The main skills required a good Stripe developer are given below:

  • A good command over the features, capabilities and functionalities of the platform
  • Extensive hands-on experience with developing Stripe products, APIs and services
  • Should have great ability to fully utilize all aspects and functions of the platform
  • Full command on developing professional grade APIs
  • Command over Ruby on Rail, Go, Scala, Java and other platforms
  • Command over Node Js Restful API
  • Good command over different database platforms
  • Good knowledge of basic web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and others
  • Good knowledge about computer networking and its different concepts
  • Command over different operating platforms like Windows, Linux and others
  • Strong abilities of team collaboration and cooperation
  • Better understanding of different terms commonly used in sales, marketing, support, Stripe engineering and finance
  • Knowledge of banking terminology and government taxation is also required to certain extend
  • Should be highly focused toward customer satisfaction and create APIs to enhance user experience
  • Should have command to create new payment flow from the scratch
  • Strong grip over Stripe payment gateway configuration
  • Working knowledge of different kinds of eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Prestashop, Joomla, WordPress and others.
  • Knowledge of API testing and Stripe software engineer sandbox environment

Ways to Hire Stripe Developers

You can hire Stripe developers via three ways as discussed below:

ways to hire stripe payment developer

  • Local Hiring: You can hire Stripe programmer who is big professional in software that possesses all required skills which you can find in good sample of Stripe developer resume. This process may be good as far as the reliability is concerned, but it is very lengthy and costly process. You have to follow many government and corporate rules and regulations including paid vacation, social security, medical and other facilities mandated by the local regulation.
  • Outsourcing: This is another good way to find Stripe developer for hire in Stripe company. In this method, you can handover the task to some other local or remote developer or subcontractor to accomplish your task or work completely for a certain period or project.
  • Outstaffing: In this method, you can hire Stripe engineers remote team to accomplish your Stripe programming task through third party contractor. In this case, the entire project runs under your control, but the all human resource management related tasks are not in the ambit of your responsibility.

The selection of the hiring source always depends on the conditions, company policies and other similar kinds of factors.

Build a Dedicated Stripe Team

The demand of Stripe payment developers is increasing as the Stripe payment services are getting strong roots in the online businesses with the passage of time. Online freelancing market is one of the best sources to get great Stripe developers nowadays. To hire Stripe developers who are really qualified, visit Mobilunity platform, where you get the highly experienced and skillful dedicated developers at very reasonable prices because of beneficial level of Stripe software engineer salary in Ukraine.

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