How Many Ada Developers You Need for Your Project

Ada is a coding language that dates back to the late 70’s, but is still widely used in software development nowadays. Ada was created to provide support to the constructions of reliable and long-term software systems. It enables packages of objects, related types,  and operations that can be changed in a way to build libraries of adaptable and reusable software components.

What You Should Know about Ada Programming

If you’re working or plan to work on such long-lived projects involving object‐oriented programming with inheritance, various interfaces, polymorphic methods and variables, and separate compilation, hiring Ada developer is a necessary step in your production processes. The first question that arises in the recruitment process is the qualification of developers, the second one refers to the rates of experts. If you need to know the payment rates of developers and compare С++ programmer salary with Ada salary, you won’t see any distinguishing differences.

Yet, there is a difference in global and serious approach of Ada as a coding language to its objects. Having been designed for the the Department of Defense, Ada was supposed to be the standard language of the US military. AT that time the Department was using nearly 450 languages, most of which were tied to 1 hardware architecture. Ada provided them with a new type of modular coding that had to be highly reliable and scalable systems for extremely long-term implementation. For example, airplane control systems and defense automatic systems were built on Ada.

Ada development is vital when businesses seek security and safety systems, that means it is used for life-and-death projects that are planned for long-life functioning.

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When Ada appeared, it was ahead of its time, as its creators had ambitions and a full set of serious requirements. Ada introduced many new features like tasking, generics, packages, exceptions. All these features were not used back then by more popular programming languages.

Nowadays, Ada is still significantly used worldwide to build safety-critical and high-integrity domains like air traffic control, military and commercial aircraft avionics, medical devices, ATM, and railroad systems. Ada is used for long-life projects, but in fact it can be implemented to build Ada app, for example.

Ada offers the following key features:

  • Object-oriented programming. It enforces creation of abstract methods and objects, not the direct memory manipulation tools.
  • High integrity systems.
  • Real-time programming. This software is able to track and keep up with the actions that are happening right here right now in the real world.
  • Concurrent programming. It allows the computer to run independent multiple tasks at once.
  • Systems programming. Ada developers are able to operate close to the hardware they use.
  • Rich support for multiprocessor and multi core programming.
  • Signaling of errors as exceptions and thus quickly handled.
  • Standard packages environment is predefined. Its featured is as follows: string manipulation, generation of random numbers, input‐output.

Pros and Cons of Ada Development

As any programming language, Ada has its pluses and minuses as well.

pros and cons of ada development

More on Ada Developers

Some developers claim that Ada is a complicated and tough coding language to learn. Yet, as the language is used in large-scale industries like military, transport security etc, a good Ada software expert is of high demand. In fact, Ada has small community when compared to JavaScript or R. This might cause some difficulties for those to shift to Ada from other programming languages to get sufficient support.

When you hire a developer for Ada software, you get his experience and skills as well. A person with his expertise and experience will be able to finish your project successfully and within shortest terms. As Ada is used for serious projects involving security and safety on the first place, the requirements towards the candidates are serious as well.

Regarding the job growth of Ada software developers, it is expected to grow only by 13% within the timeframe of 2014-2014.

Ada Programmer Salary Worldwide

Regarding the payment rates of Ada specialist, it varies geographically as well. Below please find the salary comparison table:

ada programmer salary around the world

How to Hire Ada Developers with Mobilunity

Finding a great Ada computer programmer might turn out to be a serious obstacle on your recruitment way. It’s important to set up reasonable goals, that is finding someone who has graduated from the Ada developer academy and with 10 years of experience in the US defense department with annual salary of $45,000 will sound more like a nonsense than a real candidate requirement. We advise that you should be seeking for. Or we can offer you an option of using the specially trained stuffing service to hire Ada developer or a team of dedicated devs for your project like Mobilunity. All the employees will have the necessary experience and skills, able to quickly fulfill tasks and having an outstanding portfolio. Plus you will avoid the geographic limitations, as Mobilunity will provide you with the best match candidates from any corner of the world.

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