How Valuable Microsoft Visual Studio Developer in IT Sector

Few integrated development environments have made an impact on the level that Visual Studio has. This tool from Microsoft brought a level of organization to the coding experience that was unparalleled when it was introduced in 1997. Since then, it has become even better, containing major features for modern software development. SSIS developers and others lean heavily on this integrated development environment to develop database applications, web apps, and even systems software.

Who Is a Visual Studio Developer

Visual Studio developers are users of the IDE who leverage its supported libraries to build a range of solutions. The actual languages and libraries that are supported include Visual C++ and C#, alongside many others, but all available in the IDE. A few blockbuster historical features made the product the obvious winner for many programmers in the field, including:

  • Support for all Microsoft’s programming languages in one IDE
  • Library support for everything to do with Windows development in the IDE
  • Advanced intelligence
  • Elimination of build and compile complexity

In this post we will explore the areas that a Microsoft Visual Studio developer can help your business with. We will also uncover why using Microsoft Visual Studio is a suitable approach to software development for the enterprise.

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Visual Studio Expert Areas of Development

The first real big win for enterprises is the sheer versatility of Visual Studio. This has seen developers skilled with the tool developing solutions in all of the following software areas:

  • Web applications – The IDE supports the development of apps using active server pages as well as modern web development frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC.
  • Desktop apps – Visual Studio Microsoft developer tools are ideal for developing apps that run on all modern versions of the Windows operating system. It has the most extensive support for operating system features and libraries.
  • .NET libraries and systems development – The IDE has excellent support for systems developers who need to craft software libraries to be used by others in their organization or external customers.
  • Game development – Though many first-class game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity come with their own IDEs, Visual Studio is a very capable IDE for game development. Its support for languages such as Microsoft Visual C++, C#, F#, Visual Basic, and others, ensures that it can be used with a large cross-section of game engines.
  • Mobile development – Users of the IDE can use mobile development libraries such as Xamarin to develop mobile applications.
  • JavaScript and open source development – With support for universal languages like JavaScript, the platforms that the IDE can develop for has exploded. This means developers using the IDE can code software for Node.js, Ember.js, Socket.IO, React Native, and many others from a single IDE.

Pros and Cons of Visual Studio

As you can see, Visual Studio developers are well placed to contribute immense value across the entire stack and range of platforms. Microsoft’s support for this IDE includes training programs and up to date learning resources.

For modern businesses that need to target not just mobile or desktop, but all relevant platforms, this makes these developers very valuable. Whether your choice is to develop in C++ for a stock trading system, or in C# for a corporate mobile app for Android, you can find talent from the Microsoft community with the right background.

pros and cons of visual studio app development

Industries that Rely on Visual Studio Programming

Below are some industries and scenarios where Microsoft Visual Studio developers can contribute

main visual studio programming industries

The versatility of developers using the tool does not, however, mean that they are the perfect developers for every job or project. There is still room for developers specializing on other stacks.

Visual Studio Coder Trade-offs

To determine if your project is a fit for the IDE, you must carefully evaluate your project in view of the platform’s development strengths and weaknesses.

Visual Studio’s focus on Windows is both its biggest strength and its greatest weakness. It will cover the bulk of what a Windows-focused developer needs, while it is not as focused on accommodating other platforms. The following table gives you a handy guide to the pros and cons of this tool.

Additional Tools to Use Along with Visual Studio

The IDE can be integrated with just about any tool that a determined developer wants to use, but it works more seamlessly within the Microsoft ecosystem. Some of the tools that come with excellent out of the box integration with the IDE include

  • Libraries – .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework
  • Databases – SQL Server, DB2
  • Programming languages – C#, Microsoft Visual C++, F#, VB.NET

Third-Party Tools

In addition, certain tools are routinely used in other stacks but have excellent integration for use with the stack. Microsoft has been making the IDE more and more focused on the web, and this has resulted in interop with a wide range of tools, some of them traditional and some recent open source inventions. The range of tools that will work with the IDE from this list include:

  • Databases – Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MySQL
  • Libraries – Boost, C++ STL, Mono, QT, WxWidgets
  • Programming languages: JavaScript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS
  • Tools – GNU Make, Grunt, Gulp, Git, Mercurial, SVN

Visual Studio Web Developer and Design Support

Visual Studio also comes in handy for web design and is therefore useful for web designers. The IDE comes with a web page design view which enables WYSIWYG editing for HTML. The IDE’s HTML editor makes it possible to rapidly compose web pages for both designers and developers. The Visual Studio engineer can switch seamlessly from source code view to design view.

Visual Studio Developer Salary

Developers that leverage this IDE work for a variety of employers and under different titles. For example, a Visual Studio programmer may have the title of “Visual C++ Developer” or “.NET Developer.” The range of industries and specific job titles creates considerable variability in the salaries of Visual Studio developers.

visual studio web developer employment share

A 2012 Visual Studio Magazine survey showed that Visual Studio developers working for “independent software vendors” earned the highest average salary of $106,435. Those in other industries earned less. For example, the average for a Visual Studio expert working for “government” or “education” was $78,688, while those working for “corporate IT” earned an average of $95,015.

Salaries for Visual Studio Developers by Employer Type

Around the world, there is even greater variability of salaries. For example, in Germany, the average is $55,793, according to data by Payscale. Glassdoor gives a figure of $76,832 for the U.S. Compare this to the U.K, where it is $46,074 according to Neuvoo. In Ukraine, according to Payscale, it is $27,464.

visual studio developer salary

Your Best Option for Hiring Visual Studio Developers

The variability of Visual Studio developer salaries around the world creates some room for organizations to cut costs on development. We’ve already shown you the great contributions these developers can make to your business given their software development skills. However, to save money on development costs, you should consider hiring dedicated Visual Studio developers from Ukraine, Eastern Europe and similar locations where costs are lower. You will be able to find talent faster and access more skilled developers than might be available in your local vicinity.

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