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June 8, 2017 - Marina D

React JS Developer Salary in Different Countries

React JS is known to be one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries. According to SimilarTech, it’s now being used on more than 90,000 websites.

Along with its growth, the demand for remote React developers and ReactJS services has been growing too. Still, just how much?

Market Growth for JavaScript Usage and Demand for a Remote React Developer

Stats on salary of remote react developer

Review of software developer occupation in the USA. Source:

According to BLS, or Bureau Of Labor Statistics, more than a million software developers were hired in 2014 with an expected increase of 17% by 2024.

Also, according to a survey that StackOverflow performed, 85.3% of developers who took the survey were using JavaScript as their main programming language.

By taking these numbers into account, there is no doubt that the demand for JavaScript developers is now greater than ever. Moreover, the popularity of ReactJS among frontend developers  who work remotely has grown dramatically in 2016 as it can be seen from the chart below.

React JavaScript programmer salary and stats on usage of this technology

Stats on popularity of technologies among developers. Source:

Popular JS Frameworks/Libraries Used by a Remote React Developer

Humans have tastes and preferences for every little thing in the world, from food to hobbies. It seems like JavaScript frameworks and libraries are no exception to that.

Some of them are commonly used more than others. According to Sitepoint, these are some of JS frameworks and libraries that are most widely used by developers for hire:

  • jQuery. This is one of the most famous and quite possibly the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. It offers to be fast, small, and feature-rich. It promises to make a lot of things simpler to use with an API that works across a multitude of browsers.
  • React. This technology offers to make the creation of interactive UIs painless, which means that it’s mostly created with simplicity in mind. One big plus point for React is that you can develop new features in it without rewriting existing code.
  • Lodash (library). Lodash offers to make JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with iterating arrays, objects, and strings; manipulating and testing values; and creating composite functions.
  • Underscore (library). Underscore offers numerous programming helpers without the need to extend any built-in objects. It provides over 100 functions that support such helpers like map, filter, invoke. It also offers a Test Suite which will surely be appreciated by a lot of developers.
  • Angular. Angular offers an environment that is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. It also mentions that it is fully extensible and that it works well with other libraries. All of its features are modifiable and can be replaced by the user.
  • Vue. Vue offers to be versatile, approachable, and performant. To be precise, if you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all you have to do is to read a small guide and you’re ready to go. It also promises to handle apps of any scale while at the same time it remains lightweight.

react developer salary NYC, Ukraine, europe

Median React JS Programmer Salary Across the World

We gathered the salary statistics from 10 countries, from the highest to the lowest:

comparison of salaries of a remote React developer in different countries

Do keep in mind that this is the median gross salary, which means that in these countries there are developers who are working for less or more money depending on their seniority, location, and experience.

A Recommendation For Hiring Remote React JS Developers

There are many front end developers with React JS looking for jobs in California, New York, React developers for hire in Santa Monica and in many places around the USA.

Still, the average JavaScript programmer salary differs across the world, which is why offshoring is a highly recommended and quite affordable method of hiring developers.

For example: a remote React developer salary in California is a bit more than two times higher compared to a remote React JS developer salary from Ukraine. The same applies for a React developer salary in NYC.

If you were to make use of offshoring or outstaffing services and hire someone from Ukraine, you would have a developer for two extra years compared to one from the USA and that would be possible with the same amount of money.

Do keep in mind that we’re talking about the median gross salaries here. A highly experienced developer could easily charge more through. The statistics from BLS are only proving that to be right.

Below you can find some examples of CVs of remote React developers and programmers with different stacks:


JavaScript programmer salary in Ukraine Europe the USA


CV #2
Frontend ReactJS Developer


  • Developing user interfaces for 8 years with superior knowledge of ReactJS
  • Proficient with components which will be used countless times for advanced frontend libraries
  • Optimizing all components for the fastest results while working on all browsers and capable devices


JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, Redux, Flux, EcmaScript, Immutable.js, RESTful APIs, isomorphic React, JSON Web Token, Webpack, Babel, NPM, Mercurial, SVN, HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), jQuery, XSLT, LESS, Sass, Backbone, Twitter Bootstrap…

CV #3
Middle ReactJS UI Developer


  • 3+ years in development, testing and improvement of user interfaces, using the latest technologies, especially ReactJS
  • Implementation of UI based applications and web-related interfaces


Proficient with: DHTML, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, CSS3/SASS/JavaScript/Ajax/ASP.NET MVC/Razor/GIT /AngularJS + Bootstrap/ LESS. Automation using Gulp, TypeScript; ReactJS; Back-end: SailsJS, W3C Web Standards, Responsive Web Design, Jasmine, Kendo UI, …

Don’t hesitate to request JavaScript programmers’ CV and hire the needed one already today!

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