React JS Developer Salary in Different Countries

We know how it can be misleading to check the salary data on different job boards, as they put only gross salaries of web developers.

At the end it turns out that the cost of programmers is much higher than expected because of taxes, insurances, and other extra expenses.

Are you familiar with this problem as well?

In this case, this article is exactly what you need!

By the end of reading it you will know how to not overpay your React developers and how to hire programmers at a lowest price with a good quality of knowledge.

Here we have a comparison of React developers salary in different large countries, why the demand of React coders is growing and the most effective way to hire them.

As a BONUS, you will get one of our in-house React developer’s CV as a sample how a perfect React programmer resume should look like.

React to React

React JS is known to be one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries. According to SimilarTech, it’s now being used on more than 90,000 websites.

Along with its growth, the demand for remote React developers and ReactJS services has been growing too. Still, just how much?

Market Growth for JavaScript Usage

Stats on salary of remote react developerReview of software developer occupation in the USA. Source:

According to BLS, or Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than a million software developers were hired in 2014 and this number is going to increase by 17% by 2024 as companies hire software developers more often in the USA.

Based on a survey that StackOverflow performed, 85.3% of developers who took the survey were using JavaScript as their main programming language.

Demand for a Remote React Developer

By taking these numbers into account, there is no doubt that the demand for JavaScript developers is now greater than ever. Moreover, the popularity of React JavaScript among frontend developers who work remotely has grown dramatically in 2016 as it can be seen from the chart below.

React JavaScript programmer salary and stats on usage of this technologyStats on popularity of technologies among developers. Source:

Ways to Hire ReactJS Developers

If you are interested to hire React developers, there are various ways you can hire ReactJS developers.

You can choose either the more traditional route of hiring locally, or the more convenient one of hiring remotely and outsourcing your development projects.

In this technological age, the opportunity to hire remote ReactJS programmers and JavaScript developers have increased a lot and the reasons are very evident.

One can easily find a ReactJS development company and general one that provide remote services of their developers not only in Ukraine but across the world.

Among their clients there are also a lot of well-known and international companies who outsource their projects to Ukraine. IBM, Trip Advisor, Cisco are only some who make use of building development React JS teams in Ukraine.

Why should such clients choose React JS development company in Ukraine or any other country for extension of their in-house React team?

There are several very important reasons:

  • Reduction of operation costs and office expenses
  • Flexibility in extension or reduction of development React team any time
  • Needed experienced remote experts skilled in rare technologies
  • Quick recruitment without any local constraints in terms of hiring/contracting

With our company, Mobilunity, you have the opportunity to access a diverse pool of ReactJS developers and remote JavaScript developers that are highly skilled and dedicated in collaborating with you on your projects.

Aside from hiring ReactJS developers, you can also acquire React JS consulting services from our ReactJS developers and programmers.

hire reactJS developer at Mobilunity

Libraries Used by a Remote React Developer and React Teams

Humans have tastes and preferences for every little thing in the world, from food to hobbies. It seems like JavaScript frameworks and libraries are no exception to that.

Some of them are commonly used more than others. According to Sitepoint, these are some of JS frameworks and libraries that are most widely used by developers for hire:

  • jQuery. This is one of the most famous and quite possibly the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. It offers to be fast, small, and feature-rich. It promises to make a lot of things simpler to use with an API that works across a multitude of browsers.
  • React. This technology offers to make the creation of interactive UIs painless, which means that it’s mostly created with simplicity in mind. One big plus point for React is that you can develop new features in it without rewriting existing code.
  • Lodash (library). Lodash offers to make JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with iterating arrays, objects, and strings; manipulating and testing values; and creating composite functions.
  • Underscore (library). Underscore offers numerous programming helpers without the need to extend any built-in objects. It provides over 100 functions that support such helpers like map, filter, invoke. It also offers a Test Suite which will surely be appreciated by a lot of developers.
  • Angular. Angular offers an environment that is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. It also mentions that it is fully extensible and that it works well with other libraries. All of its features are modifiable and can be replaced by the user.
  • Vue. Vue offers to be versatile, approachable, and performant. To be precise, if you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all you have to do is to read a small guide and you’re ready to go. It also promises to handle apps of any scale while at the same time it remains lightweight.

react developer salary NYC, Ukraine, europe

Median React JS Programmer Salary Across the World

After knowing who they, ReactJS developers, are and how to acquire their remote services, the next item that you would want to know is how much the cost would be.

Being that the skills and experience of ReactJS developers are in high demand, the market for these professionals are certainly competitive.

Because the core of ReactJS is JavaScript, we have included JavaScript programmer salary as well as junior React developer salary in our search for the average annual ReactJS developer salary from various countries around the world.

From the numbers themselves, it is evident that Ukraine provides the most cost-efficient avenue for hiring a ReactJS developer.

It should be noted that these numbers are based on an average annual salary of a Junior React developer and JavaScript programmer. Salaries would definitely be affected by increased experience and improved skills.

Comparison of ReactJS Salaries vs AngularJS

Comparing the React salaries in different countries and knowing what are the best JavaScript frameworks, it would be reasonable to compare the rates of 2 the most popular and used JS frameworks of all times.

There have been a number of discussions on why ReactJS is better and more popular. There is a number of differences between AngularJS and ReactJS.

Angular is a TypeScript-based framework that implements a template approach to building user interfaces, while ReactJS is a JavaScript library that applies the use of components as reusable objects in building user interfaces.


To further the discussion on the ReactJS vs Angular 2, below we have provided a comparison of an average annual React vs Angular 2 developer salary in various countries of the world for you to be aware not only of the tech difference but also differences in rates.

the United States$72,681$61,272
AustraliaAU$65,000 ($49,225)AU$75,079 ($56,674)
Germany€34,560 ($41,110)€39,999 ($47,450.41)
the United Kingdom£36,097 ($48,107)£27,124 ($36,515)
Spain€33,246 ($38,983)€31,671 ($37,137)
CanadaC$63,187 ($49,083)C$60,217 ($46,767)

Average annual net salaries of React.js and Angular.js developers

From the table above, it is evident that Angular2 vs React JS developer salaries vary from country to country.

Most of the countries in the list have React JS developers costing less than Angular developers, making the former a more practical choice in hiring remote developers.

From the numbers above, it is evident that it is more cost-efficient to hire a ReactJS developer. Because ReactJS is grounded on frontend user interface development, HTML5 developers are also great addition to your web development React JS team.

The annual average HTML5 developer salary in Ukraine is $17,961.

Hire ReactJS or Angular 2 developer

Front End UI Developer Salary in the USA and Europe

Nowadays, websites are judged not only by their content and purpose but also aesthetics and the user experience that they bring to the table.

Frontend developers and web developers that are skilled and experienced in creating immersive and highly responsive websites are now in high demand due to the kind of work that they specialize in.

Because of this high demand, the market of good frontend developers have now become highly competitive.

To cite an example, the annual average UI developer salary in the USA is $67,743. Below are the front end UI developer salary in some of the major cities in the United States:

If we compare the average annual front end web developer salary in NYC and Los Angeles, it is evident from the numbers listed above that the average annual entry level front end developer salary in New York (NYC) is a lot higher ($78,375), than in Los Angeles, which is $75,345.

Going global, below are the average annual front end UI developer salaries of some of the countries worldwide:

From the numbers presented above, it can be said that the most practical and cost-efficient way of hiring UI developers, is to hire from Ukraine.

Below you can check the average salaries of frontend developers in some other countries:

comparison of salaries of a remote React developer in different countries

Do keep in mind that this is the median gross salary, which means that in these countries there are developers who are working for less or more money depending on their seniority, location, and experience.

Recommendation for Hiring Remote React JS Developers

There are many front end developers with React JS looking for jobs in California, New York, React developers for hire in Santa Monica and in many places around the USA.

Still, the average React JavaScript programmer salary differs across the world, which is why offshoring is a highly recommended and quite affordable method of hiring developers.

For example:

A remote React developer salary in California is a bit more than two times higher compared to a remote React JS developer salary from Ukraine. The same applies for a React developer salary in NYC.

If you were to make use of offshoring or outstaffing services and find a developer and hire in Ukraine, you would have a developer for two extra years compared to one from the USA and that would be possible with the same amount of money.

Do keep in mind that we’re talking about the median gross salaries here. A highly experienced developer could easily charge more through. The statistics from BLS are only proving that to be right.

How a Perfect React CV Should Look Like

Below you can find some examples of CVs of remote React developers and programmers with different stacks:

CV#1 Remote React Developer

JavaScript programmer salary in Ukraine Europe the USA

hire developers at react js development company

CV #2
Denis – Frontend ReactJS Developer Resume Sample


  • Developing user interfaces for 8 years with superior knowledge of ReactJS
  • Proficient with components which will be used countless times for advanced frontend libraries
  • Optimizing all components for the fastest results while working on all browsers and capable devices


JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, Redux, Flux, EcmaScript, Immutable.js, RESTful APIs, isomorphic React, JSON Web Token, Webpack, Babel, NPM, Mercurial, SVN, HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), jQuery, XSLT, LESS, Sass, Backbone, Twitter Bootstrap…

get free react js consulting

CV #3
Middle ReactJS UI Developer CV Example


  • 3+ years in development, testing and improvement of user interfaces, using the latest technologies, especially ReactJS
  • Implementation of UI based applications and web-related interfaces


Proficient with: DHTML, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, CSS3/SASS/JavaScript/Ajax/ASP.NET MVC/Razor/GIT /AngularJS + Bootstrap/ LESS. Automation using Gulp, TypeScript; ReactJS; Back-end: SailsJS, W3C Web Standards, Responsive Web Design, Jasmine, Kendo UI, …

react js consulting

So, What Do We Have

Now you know what is the favorite stack of technologies of most JavaScript developers and why React is one of them.

Based on that, you know how much money each developer earns having different knowledge stack.


Once again, these are only gross salaries, so they can be higher, as they don’t include additional expenses you will have to pay hiring developers.

And at the end, you now have seen an ideal CV sample of a professional developer, so it wouldn’t be a problem to recruit a skilled React code.

Mobilunity makes your recruitment process easy and convenient!

What about you? Do you find the remote hiring as one of the best options for IT businesses? Let us know

Don’t hesitate to request JavaScript programmers’ CV and hire the needed one already today!


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