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React JS Developer Salary Comparison in Different Countries

React JS is a framework built by Facebook and released in 2013. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular programming languages used by more than 40.58% of  professionals to develop apps and other software. It is an open-source JavaScript framework and can be easily learned if you already have the basics of Java covered. The biggest advantage of this framework is that it allows for faster coding, which saves companies and developers time and money. 

The main goal of React and the professionals who use it is to create more user-friendly interfaces,  providing a better experience for website or app users. Having a difficult-to-navigate or slow interface is one of the fastest ways to lose customers. If they  find it easier to interact with or order products from another business, they’ll quickly move on.

With companies like Uber and Netflix using React, you can have confidence that it’s one of the best frameworks available. React offers a wide variety of tools that developers can use to make your interface  unique. Moreover, its stable code reduces crashes and issues  once your interface is developed and tested. Its scalability and SEO compatibility are two more reasons to trust React for your development needs. 

All of these factors contribute to a stable, attractive and user-friendly experience for your customers, which ultimately boosts your bottom line and can be the difference between business success and failure.

Ultimately, the choice of a skilled React JS developer can greatly enhance your business or project, so choosing the right one is crucial. There are many qualified React developers  available, but finding one who is also affordable for your project can be challenging. That is why it is important to research the React developer salary and find out what the React JS developer cost will be for your unique needs. In this article, we look at the React programmer cost for different levels of skill and experience.

ReactJS Developer Cost by Level of Expertise

Hiring developers can be expensive, and for many business owners, staffing is a major  cost. It’s crucial to carefully consider and research this aspect before making any decisions.

Now, let’s explore the factors that influence the React software engineer salary. The first factor to consider is their experience, as it directly affects their salary. For example,  how does a senior React developer salary differ from a junior React developer salary? All salaries mentioned here are monthly rates in USD:

Cost Comparison USD monthly
Junior Engineer$7920
Mid-Level Engineer$9504
Senior Engineer$12,496

When comparing React JS developer salaries across different countries, it’s important to consider the varying cost of living and market demand, as well as the option to hire freelance WordPress developer or hire iOS developer for specialized project requirements.

ReactJS Developer Cost by Location

Another option is to outsource your React JS development needs to another country. This is known as offshoring, and can really have a big impact on your bottom line.

Below are different countries’ annual React salary costs for  developers in USD:

Cost Comparison USD Annually
USA$101 399,00
UK$77 000,52
Switzerland$127 693,20
Germany$55 401,53
Denmark$42 914,32
Netherlands$44 884,40
Japan$41 009,25
Ukraine$21 600,00

Based on the list above, it is evident that Ukraine has the lowest and the most competitive React engineer salary rates. It should be noted that these numbers are based on an  average React developer salary. The rates would definitely be affected by increased experience and improved skills.

How Your Project Can Benefit From Hiring Reactjs Developer

In the world of software development, the right technologies and skills can make or break a project’s success. With over 16 million NPM downloads in the last five years, ReactJS is popular for its flexibility, reusability and performance. Hiring a skilled  ReactJS developer can greatly improve your project’s efficiency and overall success. Let’s explore four key benefits of having a ReactJS developer on your team.

  • Enhanced User Experience

ReactJS developers excel in creating seamless user interfaces. The component-based architecture allows them to build modular and reusable UI elements, providing consistent  user experiences across the application. This focus on front-end development ensures a smooth user experience that keeps users coming back.

  • Improved Performance

ReactJS prioritizes performance with its Virtual DOM mechanism. It updates only the necessary components in the Virtual DOM when changes occur, resulting in faster rendering and smoother interactions, even for complex web applications. With a ReactJS  developer optimizing your project’s front-end, you can ensure exceptional performance.

  • Code Maintainability and Reusability

ReactJS’ component-based approach allows developers to break down the UI into manageable pieces that can be reused across the application, reducing redundancy and  making the codebase easier to maintain. Skilled ReactJS developers can organize the front-end in a way that promotes code cleanliness and facilitates updates and enhancements.

  • Active and Supportive Community

ReactJS boasts a large community of developers contributing to its ecosystem. Hiring a ReactJS developer grants your project access to a wealth of knowledge, open-source  libraries and best practices.

React.js Developer CV Sample

Besides the cost of a ReactJS developer, it’s also important to know what skills and experience they should have. Let’s look at a sample of the ideal CV for a ReactJS developer:

ReactJS Developer Staffing Options

When it comes to finding the right ReactJS developer talent for the job, it is important to keep your own goals and objectives in mind too. You want to follow the right staffing  option to ensure your project needs and budget are considered. At Mobilunity, we recommend following one of these staffing options we offer: 

Dedicated Teams 

We offer a dedicated team of developers to handle your entire project. Our team consists of top-notch Ukrainian developers who will fully dedicate themselves to your project. You’ll be billed a fixed monthly fee, which covers the team’s salaries. This ensures that  project managers know their expenses upfront without any surprises.

Part-time Consultancy 

If you don’t require a full-time dedicated team for your project, you can opt for our part-time solution. We’ll provide you with developer(s) for a predetermined number of  hours per day. This option works well for smaller projects or businesses new to the software development field. You’ll receive expert work quality without the risks associated with permanent employment. Payment will be based on an hourly rate, tracked by the consultant.

Pure Recruitment Service 

If you prefer to work with your own employees but still want to benefit from the cost-effective and high-quality work of our Ukrainian developers, we can simply recruit a  developer for you. You’ll only be charged a percentage of the developer’s salary, and it will be your responsibility to onboard the employee yourself.

Find out more about:

Ukraine Is the Best Choice to Outsource React Development: How and Why

Ukraine has been recognized as a top outsourcing destination by many credible ratings — the GSA report, the G100 IAOP rating, and many more. Here’s why international tech communities are so attracted to the market with possibly the lowest React developer salary Europe has to offer:

  • The fourth country in the world by tech workforce — Ukraine has the talent pool of over 185,000 IT specialists making it easier to find talent with an affordable front end react developer salary;
  • Is in the list of top 10 countries by the number of STEM college graduates
  • Active tech community — some of the world’s most promising startups — Preply, Grammarly, Petcube, were founded built by Ukrainians
  • Favorable business environment — Ukraine has a steadily growing GDP and is becoming increasingly more business-friendly — the government has signed the Strategic Action Plan 2020, focused on supporting business owners.
  • High cultural affinity towards Western values. A fair share of Ukrainian developers has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science.

The previous info is still not convincing enough? We have some more left in store. You are not gonna believe but there are many companies who outsource or outstaff the Ukrainian ReactJS devs. Among them, there are a lot of well-known and international companies who outsource their projects to Ukraine. IBM, Trip Advisor, Cisco are only some who make use of building React JS teams in Ukraine.

Why should such clients choose React JS development company in Ukraine or any other country for extension of their in-house React team? There are several very important reasons:

  • Reduction of operation costs and office expenses
  • Flexibility in extension or reduction of development React team any time
  • Needed experienced remote experts skilled in rare technologies
  • Quick recruitment without any local constraints in terms of hiring/contracting

With our company, Mobilunity, you have the opportunity to access a diverse pool of ReactJS developers and remote JavaScript developers that are highly skilled and dedicated to collaborating with you on your projects.

Advantages of Hiring ReactJS Developers with Mobilunity

If you’re considering offshore development for your team but are unsure where to start, Mobilunity can assist. We offer several options to help you succeed without the usual HR  worries that come with hiring new staff. Trusting us with your outsourcing needs comes with numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the main advantages our clients have experienced while working with us:

  • Cost reduction: Our recruitment process focuses on finding top talent in Ukraine, allowing you to work with high-quality developers at a reduced cost compared to  global rates. Ukraine’s low cost of living means lower React expert cost expectations, resulting in significant savings for you.
  • HR and admin support: At Mobilunity, we take pride in providing the best customer experience. We handle all HR-related issues and paperwork, so you can  enjoy working with our top-class staff without the burden of HR management costs.
  • Quality of work: We recruit only the best developers in Ukraine and conduct thorough due diligence checks on all our staff before they work with clients. You  can rely on our experienced developers who are skilled at handling client projects.
  • Effective communication: Our customer service team and contracted staff are fluent in English, ensuring smooth communication throughout the project. Whether you have queries or issues, our customer service agents will promptly assist you.
  • Flexible working hours: With Ukraine’s convenient location and adaptable developers, time zone differences should not be a concern. Our developers can  adjust their working hours to suit your project requirements.
  • Scalability: Working with us allows you to easily scale up or down on staffing requirements without the challenges of layoffs or expensive payouts. This  flexibility is a significant advantage in today’s business landscape.
  • Speedy recruitment: Hiring a React developer on your own can be time-consuming and costly. Mobilunity is an expert in this field with a pool of  skilled recruits ready to take on your project. Trust us to find the best fit while you focus on your core business.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, hiring a React JS developer is an excellent solution for your software development projects. However, considering the average React developer salary and the hiring process, it can be daunting. Luckily, by partnering with an expert outsourcing  partner, like Mobilunity, the process can be simplified. We have extensive experience in recruiting for critical roles and can provide access to talent not available in your local  pool. Trust us to deliver the best candidates, ensuring success for your next project.
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Still have some questions regarding ReactJS salary? Contact us now to get proper assistance and let us build your team!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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