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Global Market Overview about Benefits to Rent Coders in Ukraine

New technologies that appear at an incredible speed create a large number of jobs, and at the same time, there are a large number of talented developers to rent in developing countries. Companies specializing in big data, AI, AR, cryptocurrency, mobile and web development are constantly looking for dedicated developers, and here Ukraine is ahead of many other countries with its talent pool. Silicon Valley has already replenished its ranks with innovations from Ukrainian developers, and therefore companies should take a closer look at engineering outsourcing and other possibilities to rent engineer or rent a coder – most likely there is development potential for a foreign project. Employee referral programs are the most productive method of finding a coder for rent. According to LinkedIn’s research, the # 1-way people discover a new job is through a referral process. If you utilize your employees’ networks, you can expand your company’s talent pool by 10 times.

Overview of Ukrainian IT Talent Pool and Potential on a Global Market

Since the world began to admire such apps as WhatsApp and PayPal, to rent an engineer in Ukraine has ceased to be something extraordinary. Many of the companies well-known in the modern world have already created their units in Ukraine. If such companies as Boeing and Siemens did this, then the country has recommended its developers as professionals in the modern market. To take advantage of the benefits of renting coders in Ukraine, it’s important to partner with reputable HRIS consulting firms, engage skilled VBA programmers for hire, and explore various IT staffing models to find the approach that best meets your needs, ensuring that you have the talent and resources needed to achieve your business goals.

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The potential of IT in Ukraine is quite large, as the recent news says that the world-class Ukrainian product Grammarly was estimated at a billion dollars. Good knowledge of English by local developers allows you to freely rent a coder in Ukraine.

Why It Is Important to Rent a Programmer in Modern Market?

Renting of individual specialists will be fully effective if there are project management competencies within the company. Reducing the risks of revaluation or underestimation of terms and resources. The specialist performs the task exactly as much time as it requires, and proceeds to the next. If we compare outsourcing and outstaffing to choose an optimal model to rent a coder, then it is important to understand the difference between one and the other approach for a project or company. The modern market, for the most part, chooses to rent an engineer if there is a long-term project of great connectivity and its urgency. Outstaffing also helps to optimize the budget and quickly launch a project even in the absence of specialists in the HR market.

Outstaffing model allows you to flexibly and efficiently manage resources in your projects. After all, the market and rental services are developing rapidly and now you do not need to spend a lot of resources on staff retention, you can just rent a coder. App development cost could be several times lower if you choose programmers for rent.

5 Main Benefits to Rent Coders

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  1. Easy management. Outstaffing is not only the most cost-effective way to create a product. At the same time, outstaffing is more manageable than outsourcing – the product manager is on the customer side and can control the work online. It is worth adding that in outstaffing mode the costs of connecting and disconnecting resources are reduced, in many cases this is important for a business.
  2. Cost-saving. Due to the optimization of resources (rental of premises, insurance, taxes), rent coders is more profitable both for startups and large companies. The project benefits from the productivity of its development, but at the same time, many financial costs that are usually accompanied by the hiring of labor are omitted. Thus, companies get a talented pool of developers at an exceptionally cost price.
  3. Increased productivity. This is possible due to the flexibility of the working day of the hired developer. You can use the Agile or Waterfall management methodology and your time zones will be different, which means that it will not always be possible to get in touch with the developer. The way out of this situation may be a predetermined time when you get in touch to check the stage at which the developer is. Remember the main thing: the result is most important, so do not put pressure on your coder. This gives you the advantage to turn your attention to other key points of a project.
  4. Frequency. Mostly, small companies do not need coders constantly. You choose outstaffing to rent a coder only when you right away need it. You avoid the hiring process, conducting an interview, but you get a ready-made specialist on demand for the current project.
  5. Expertise. Hiring a coder or team of programmers solves the problem of narrow specialization because it depends only on you what kind of people to recruit in your team. The guarantee will be exactly what these people will be able to provide all their expertise for the success of your project.

Types of Project It Is the Most Convenient to Work with Coders for Rent

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  1. Project offshoring. The peculiarity of this type is that the company the customer addresses takes on all aspects of development. In the framework of this cooperation, the client pays only for the hours that the developer spent on working on the project.
  2. Fixed price. This is the type of contract that is opposite to the previous model when there is a certain price for the project, and the client agrees to pay it despite the hours spent on the project. Of course, all terms are discussed in advance. An example of a project for which this type of arrangement is most suitable is the creation of a landing page or website.
  3. Rate card. In the case of this type, for your project, the contractor provides a pre-monthly price for an engineer rent, including other costs.
  4. Cost +. This model implies that you pay the developer a monthly salary, as well as the services of a contractor providing you with developers for rent. It is better to choose such a model if you need full control over the developer. So you can always reach out to the contact person if you suddenly have any problems in the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an Engineer Worldwide?

When you are looking for programmers for rent you will, of course, want to minimize your costs while still ensuring that you gain someone of the correct skill level. This, however, does not mean that you have to limit your search for talent to only your own country. Your team can be hired elsewhere in the world and still be able to deliver the project on time and to the standard that you require. Using talent from countries with a lower cost base can give you significant savings without making any impact on the quality of the code delivered.

It is very profitable to hire developers in Ukraine because this country is one of the most affordable destinations for the price and quality of work to find mobile coders. Speaking of Europe, here you can find Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine ranging from $ 25 to $ 49 per hour. In Poland and the Czech Republic, you can already hire developers from $ 50 to $ 99 per hour. In Germany and the Netherlands, the price range is similar, as in previous countries.

How to Rent a Programmer in Mobilunity?

Project-based rent is very common for our company. It is very important for Mobilunity to provide the most favorable conditions for the customer’s project. You can either rent programmer or an entire team to suit your needs. This type of hiring is very beneficial for the customer, you just need to make an application on our website about your project and at the very next moment, we will already begin cooperation with a programmer ideally suited to the specifics of a project. When seeking to rent coders in Ukraine, it’s important to consider the benefits of the GDM model and to hire freelance Unity developer, who can bring their expertise and creativity to your team and help you deliver high-quality solutions for your business needs.

With Mobilunity you gain the ability to rent a developer that is fully qualified and highly experienced within the field you require. Our team speaks excellent English and is used to working remotely with other teams all around the world to deliver excellence. With our teams, you can flex your development staffing up and down as required to minimize your costs while still delivering what is required. We also offer expertise in a wide range of programming languages and other skills ensuring that you will always be able to quickly get the support that you need quickly no matter what those needs may be.

Our skilled developers for rent have recognized qualifications and many years of experience at what they do. We can provide you with individual experts to add to the expertise of your home team or provide you with a full team of experts with their own project management to deliver your app in its entirety. Flexibility to develop your products quickly and affordably is what you gain when you come to us here at Mobilunity. We offer some of the best help to find a coder online to extend your team that you will find anywhere in the world but with European values and work ethics.

A variety of skills, a high level of knowledge of English, the allowable cost of services and accepted time zones put Ukraine in the first place when it comes to finding a programmer for a rental. There is no reason to be limited only to your country in search of a specialist. The market is full of professionals in their field, and companies such as Mobilunity help greatly facilitate the search process.

If you are looking for a dedicated programmer to rent, Mobilunity is here to provide you all the assistance. Get in touch right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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