Supply and Demand for a React Front End Developer in Ukraine

Developed and maintained primarily by none other than Facebook and Instagram, ReactJS is a small JavaScript library whose reputation is anything but small. It’s used to build highly dynamic user interfaces, and its component-based architecture offers the ease of scalability to any application. This frontend library also works well with various backend frameworks, such as Laravel with PHP. What’s more, with React Native, its powers can be further extended to native applications for Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Unsurprisingly, React has the most stars on Github among all front end JavaScript frameworks and libraries, with 71,634 stars as of writing. Moreover, according to the 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 19.5% of all developers worldwide use React.  Let’s take a look at the supply and demand for a ReactJS developer in Ukraine.

React Front End Developer in Ukraine

How are a React and JavaScript front end developer distributed in Ukraine, and are these matched by the corresponding demand for React and JavaScript frontend developers? Is it easy to hire React developers in Ukraine? Let’s find out.

Ukrainian Job Boards

react frontend developer salary in Ukraine

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the websites which connect job seekers and employers. Here are some of the most popular job boards in Ukraine:

  • DOU – this is a popular Ukrainian IT job matching website where employers looking for developers can find them. Employers simply post the details and requirements for the position under the correct technology category, and job seekers can browse through these postings and apply for those they feel qualified for.
  • – this is marketed as an anonymous job search website, where job seekers can post their CVs without their names and identities being revealed to the public. This site caters to job seekers who are concerned about privacy issues with usual job search websites. Moreover this portal provides the stats on the salaries of different developers.
  • – this is another job board for Ukrainian employers and job seekers. With, in addition to employers posting jobs, job seekers can also create their resumes, which employers may browse to find candidates for their jobs. Moreover, in addition to IT jobs, it also caters to the financial and pharmaceutical industries.
  • – a popular Ukrainian job search website that allows users to post CVs as well as job vacancies, and it covers all industries. Moreover, it also caters to students looking for part-time work, as well as those who are looking for home-based jobs.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn combines the ideas of job boards and social networking: in addition to allowing job seekers to post CVs and employers to post jobs, it also allows its users to create a professional network with other users with whom they have worked professionally.

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Google search frequency for three popular job boards in Ukraine (screenshot from Google Trends)

React and Frontend Developers in Ukraine

With Ukraine’s booming IT industry, the country houses more than 90,000 IT professionals, of which around 50,000 are software developers.

Let’s take a look at the distribution of React front end developer in different Ukrainian cities (our research will be based on the main IT job boards in Ukraine: and On, the distribution of React frontend developers based on uploaded CVs are as follows:

React DevelopersFrontend Developers
  • Kyiv – 163
  • Lviv – 31
  • Odessa – 16
  • Kharkiv – 42
  • Zaporizhia – 5
  • Dnipro – 13
  • Kyiv – 438
  • Lviv – 103
  • Odessa – 57
  • Kharkiv – 188
  • Zaporizhia – 11
  • Dnipro – 58

supply for remote front end developer

Distribution of React and frontend developers in different Ukrainian cities (data taken from

Meanwhile, the demand for React and frontend developers based on job postings on DOU are as follows:

React DevelopersFrontend Developers
  • Kyiv – 26
  • Lviv – 3
  • Odessa – 5
  • Kharkiv – 4
  • Zaporizhia – 3
  • Dnipro – 5
  • Kyiv – 209
  • Lviv – 58
  • Odessa – 31
  • Kharkiv – 56
  • Zaporizhia – 14
  • Dnipro – 30

demand for JavaScript frontend developer in Ukraine

Distribution of demand for React and frontend developers in different Ukrainian cities (data taken from DOU)

Kyiv has, by far, the highest supply and demand for React and frontend developers, a solid indication that it is at the heart of Ukraine’s IT industry.

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React Front End Developer Salary

Cost is one of major considerations when you are going to hire React developers or frontend developers. With globalization, you now have access to a worldwide pool of professional frontend and React developers. Hiring dedicated React JS developers allows you to save over 50% compared to outsourcing, and around 70% compared to in-house hiring.

In the United States, the national average React frontend developer starting salary is $88,800. The table below shows average starting salaries of front end (React) developers in different cities of the USA.


Front end (React) developer
New York City$78,000
Los Angeles, California$75,000
Washington DC$80,000

List of front end developer salaries in different US cities

From the table above, it can be seen that even within the different US cities, the front end developer salaries are within the range of each other and are still high. Comparing the numbers of front end developer salary in NYC and California you may see that there is almost no difference taking into account a margin of error that depends on the job conditions, a company, a project itself, and influences the salaries. If we compare the front end software engineer salary in NYC, San Francisco (CA), and Chicago (IL), the difference is quite significant: $95,000, $111,000, and $80,000 accordingly. It is evident that the front end developer salary in New York is not the highest although not the cheapest as well.

Looking to the other side of the globe, in Ukraine alone, (according to DOU) an average monthly salary for a JavaScript developer, which includes React developers, is $1,800, which translates to an average React frontend developer hourly rate of $10.26 or an annual salary of $21,680.

A larger list of an average starting salary of a front end web developer and React developer in different countries can be seen below:

CountriesReact/JS developerFrontend developer
CanadaC$67,126 ($53,400)C$55,392 ($44,000)
the United States$90,298$68,000
the United Kingdom£36,097 ($48,800)£28,253 ($38,200)
AustraliaAU$70,000 ($54,600)AU$69,318 ($54,100)
SwitzerlandCHF 90,994 ($93,400)CHF 78,604 ($80,700)
SingaporeS$49,036 ($36,700)S$53,546 ($40,000)
Germany€49,135 ($59,000)€43,333 ($52,000)

List of salaries of React developers and front end developers in different countries

With React front end developer starting salary in Ukraine being the least costly, it is evident that hiring React developers from Ukraine will be the most cost-efficient option for you.

Experience of a developer is important in reviewing different front end architect salary rates. A starting front end developer salary differs much from a senior frontend developer salary. A starting front end developer surely can be hired at a lower cost than an experienced developer, although the later can provide you with extensive skills, significant working knowledge, and most likely quicker and more diverse solutions. However, if the rates of junior devs are also high for you, you should consider outsourcing or building a remote development team in nearshore countries.

To add more details, a table outlining an average salary for junior front end developer and lead front end developer in some countries around the world is provided below.

Junior and lead front end developer salary

List of junior and lead front end developer salaries in different countries

Looking at the numbers presented for Canada, the jr and sr Canada front end developer salary are C$52,164 ($41,500) and C$70,999 ($56,500) respectively. As you can see there is a marked difference between the (entry-level) junior frontend developer salary and the (experienced) senior frontend developer salary. It is also evident that an average entry level front end web developer salary in Canada is lower than in the United States, but is higher than in the UK.

Comparing junior and lead front end developer salary in UK and Australia, we can see that front end developers in Australia earn more, on average, than front end developers in the UK. This can mean that it is more cost-efficient to hire entry-level or junior front end developer in the United Kingdom than in Canada or the United States. However, front end developers from Ukraine still cost less than those in the United Kingdom, which makes hiring React front end developers, both junior and senior, from Ukraine the most practical solution to your needs. If you are to hire a front end developer or a React developer in Ukraine, you may get both quality work and experience at a manageable cost compared to other countries from around the world.

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