Types of Remote Models: Global Delivery (GTM) vs Virtual Team (VTM) vs Dedicated Team (DTM)

As the workforce continues to see a shift towards convenience for the employee, the number of remote workers in many different industries continues to rise. In the IT industry, hiring remote developers is a great advantage to businesses. Those who take advantage of hiring remote developers gain access to high quality development, competitive costs, and a variety of unique development skills. Businesses open the doors to more possibilities when they hire remotely, because they give highly qualified developers the option to apply for their position even if they aren’t from the area. This gives them the advantage of finding the right person for the job, not just who is available in their area.

According to Stack Overflow, 10% of developers work remotely full-time and 19% of developers work remotely part-time. Major companies like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Dell hire remote workers for several different positions. Remote positions can range from customer support to quality control, and everything in between. Many developers work remotely on software outsourcing projects for a variety of different companies. Apple offers specific projects, like macOS software engineers, that are requested frequently.

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Types of Remote Models

With an increase in popularity of remote work, three remote models have taken the scene in the IT world. The global delivery model, virtual team model, and dedicated team model each offers its own benefits when hiring remote workers. They deliver a variety of IT work based on the specific needs of the development project. Since each development project is unique, businesses need a dedicated development team that can meet their requirements and deliver the quality work they desire.

global delivery model vs virtual team model vs dedicated team model

Global Delivery Model

The global delivery model provides quality IT services through a flexible system that uses both onshore and offshore resources. Once customer requirements have been gathered and analyzed, IT outsourcing companies can determine whether the global delivery method would be the best option. By using resources from multiple sites across the globe, this model allows for a more customized development project. Global delivery services can help to minimize costs, gain access to the best expertise and knowledge, and provide 24/7 resources around the clock work. This method is highly effective when executing IT projects that need a fast response to changing customer requirements.

global development team

Virtual Development Team Model

The virtual team model refers to a group of individuals who work together from different geographic locations and communicate electronically. One of the major benefits of virtual development team model is the idea that the group is truly a team who are engaged in interdependent tasks. Each member has their own set of skills and expertise, and they communicate electronically to collaborate on each development project. Virtual development teams can gather the best talents without a geographical restriction. An effective virtual team can offer a full suite of services from independently employed individuals to deliver the highest quality development project results to their clients. Clients benefit from cost savings, highly skilled global talent, and an increase in productivity.

virtual development team model

Dedicated Development Team Model

The dedicated development team model is generally used for long-term projects. In this model, an outsource company works with a dedicated project team to meet the requirements of each assignment. This model is often used when specific expertise is required. When a team doesn’t have the knowledge needed to complete a project, the dedicated team model is an effective way to collaborate with expert individuals who have the skills needed to deliver results. Clients who use the dedicated team model have more flexibility and scalability. Since the scope of the work is not generally defined with a dedicated development team, requests can be changed at any time.

dedicated development team

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Models

There are both advantages and disadvantages of hiring remote workers. Since each model has its own unique characteristics, some might be better for a specific company or project than others. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each model:

pros and cons of software outsourcing

Remote Models in the Workplace

Many popular companies use remote models to increase productivity and drive better results for their business. Large corporations like IBM and General Electric use the virtual team model to boost performance. Larger companies have found employees to be more productive and have a more positive morale when they have the option of flexibility. In 2016, FlexJobs created a list of 100 companies who hire remote workers. Amazon, Aetna, Wells Fargo, and the U.S. Department of Transportation are other popular companies mentioned on the FlexJobs list.

So Why Remote Developers?

A flexible workforce will continue to gain popularity as technology advances more and more in the future. When companies choose to hire remote developers, they take advantage of several benefits for their business. By managing virtual teams, businesses can improve productivity, hire more qualified employees, lower overhead costs, and increase revenue. And, with a variety of remote models, there is an option available for businesses and industries of all sizes and types to benefit from this new method of daily operations. With remote developers, the possibilities are endless as businesses grab workers from across the globe whose expertise and skills can bring their projects to a whole new level.

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