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Peculiarities of Teamwork

In recent decades, the need for cooperation at the workplace has been increasing in the production sphere. Many organizations deepen their specialization, technological processes require integration, and information exchange becomes global. Today, in the era of the world’s strongest competition and the emergence of new technologies, teamwork plays a leading role in achieving tangible organizational results, contributes to maintaining the competitive advantages of companies, and becomes an instrument for reducing the level of misunderstanding between people.

The team can be defined as a group of people who are highly qualified in a certain field and are maximally committed to the overall goal of their organization’s activities, for which they work together, mutually agreeing their cooperation. Selecting people into the team, we usually make our choice based on their skills, knowledge, and experience. In order to achieve team effectiveness, not only skills, knowledge, and experience are important, but equally personal qualities and characteristics of team members, that’s why we take into account many details.

Outsourcing Benefits with Mobilunity

Sooner or later, almost every company faces a hard choice between building its own IT department and signing an agreement with an outsourcing company. Making this decision, consider the following advantages of cooperation with Mobilunity outsourcing and IT staffing company and getting Ukraine outstaffing service:

  • Experience and innovation activity. We have a wide range of in-house specialists of various specializations who work with clients from all over the world. It is a difficult and expensive task to hire¬†tech professionals for a non-IT¬†company. Thus, we help them to extent the team easily and quickly possessing¬†the database of candidates of any level and any stack;
  • Interchangeability. We can easily provide another programmer¬†for working on a¬†project¬†during the vacation, sickness or dismissal of a dedicated engineer;
  • Saving your time and money. Some projects require part-time dedicated development and you can hire our¬†in-house developers saving time for search and money for monthly payment. Their¬†monthly salary is definitely higher¬†than the all-inclusive¬†rate¬†of our cooperation;
  • We offer all-inclusive rate that covers salary, payroll taxes, sick leaves, vacation period, equipment and software, office expenses, recruitment, employee retention;
  • You can be sure in¬†the quality of work. We are specialists in the¬†industry and our employees have considerable experience in development, designing, planning and management of any types of projects;
  • Our¬†outsourcing and outstaffing services allow you to increase the efficiency of work, concentrating the main efforts on core values of your business;
  • Controlling authorities have no questions to you since our relationship is absolutely honest and legitimate.

Switzerland dedicated team vs Ukrainian costs

Average net salaries of developers in Switzerland and Ukraine

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in Switzerland and Ukraine?

The most popular technologies used by developers worldwide are PHP, .Net, Java, Angular, Laravel, Magento and others. It will be useful to compare wages of php developers Switzerland offers with Ukrainian ones in different cities. Keep in mind that if you want to hire .NET developers, PHP and JavaScript specialists, they earn $1900, $1500 and $1700 per month in Kyiv.

If you want to hire developers in Bern, the prices for their services will be as follows. A¬†JavaScript developer earns $5282. Average monthly salary of a¬†.Net developer is $8227. A¬†Bern web developer with PHP skills will ask $5589 for his work. You also will be forced to pay from $7000 to $9000 in order to hire developers in Z√ľrich. A¬†PHP developer¬†salary is $9873. A¬†Java developer salary receives approximately $8227 per month. The average salary of a¬†Net developer¬†is $7833 in this location.

costs of hiring developers in Geneva vs Kyiv

Comparison of net wages of developers in Kyiv and Geneva

Prices for hiring developers in Geneva are also high. For example, a Java developer receives $6404 for his work. A PHP developer salary is estimated in $3895 in this city. Services of a Net developer are the most expensive and reach $8006. Let’s consider costs of maintaining development team in Basel. Average monthly salary of a Java consultant is $9873. A PHP developer work is evaluated in $6081. In turn, a .Net developer salary is at the level of $7354 per month.

If you need to find developers in Lausanne, pay¬†attention to the next salary indicators: a¬†PHP developer’s approximate wage is ¬†$6171. A¬†JavaScript developer earns $7234 per month in average. The price for¬†.Net developer’s help is $9050. It is possible to conclude that hiring developers in Switzerland will cost near $6659 compared to $2400 in Ukraine, which is twice less.

hire developers in Switzerland or in Ukraine

Ukrainian vs Swiss Developers

Costs for hiring Swiss dedicated team cannot be called low, but there is another solution if you want the service of the same level and quality. You can easily hire qualified programmers from Ukraine for your project and be sure that everything will be implemented on time and with the highest quality.

You can hire Swiss developers for your project or benefit from cooperation with Mobilunity saving up to 60%!

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