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Unlocking Tech Talent: Hire Developers in Vietnam

Many businesses choose to outsource their software tasks and hire developers in Vietnam. It is not surprising as Vietnam dedicated developers contribute to the country’s internet economy growth by 40%.

Only in 2019, the IT market here had 3,000 startups. Dedicated Teams in Vietnam also contribute to 4% of the country’s GDP from IT services. The Vietnam economy has rapidly grown in the last 30 years. IT sector and web developers in Vietnam for hire are one of the significant contributors to this development.

An Overview of the IT market in Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing country with one of the fastest-growing economies in the 21st century. In recent years, the country has become a major tech hub in the Asian region. With its young population it is easy to see why the country is pushing innovation and  many young Vietnamese are choosing the IT sector as a career choice. In fact, the IT industry in Vietnam is estimated to show a growth of 12.68% between 2023 and 2028.

Currently the Vietnam tech industry is well established compared to other developing countries, with over 4900 IT companies choosing to call Vietnam home and employing more than 430 000 IT professionals. This has led to a tech export value of $101 Billion. Vietnam boasts a great education system and therefore produces well-educated IT  professionals who are sought after in the tech world with many of the graduates working for big-name tech companies all over the globe. 

The IT professionals working in Vietnam are mostly fluent in English and Javascript, SQL, Java, CSS, and .NET are the most popular programming languages. This makes the developers easy to work with and enables them to quickly get on board and seamlessly  work together with international teams. All of this makes the country a great destination for outsourcing to hire developer Vietnam candidates. 

Vietnam’s Tech Hubs

Vietnam has a population of more than 98 million people, with most people living in the  bigger metropolitan areas. As a result, most IT companies are situated in these cities. Let’s look more closely at the individual cities that makes up Vietnam’s tech industry and how each of them impacts the industry as a whole:

  • Ho Chi Minh

With an IT industry which has grown by about 20% year on year, this city is one of the tech hubs in the country. The government also plans to invest 2% of the city’s annual  budget in the coming years to expand the IT industry and create a destination for international companies to manufacture electronics. The city is located in the southern region of Vietnam, making it the perfect destination for business. 

An Android developer Ho Chi Minh city expert or an experienced database developer Ho Chi Minh can earn anything around USD 2107.44 per month and with the low cost  of living in the country, this ensures a comfortable living. 

  • Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam is a business hub for all industries and of course, the IT industry is also centered here. IBM is one of the big tech names which calls Hanoi home and with good reason as the city is the leading tech hub. The city features some of  the top universities in the country which means there are lots of developer circles Hanoi to choose from for tech companies looking to employ IT professionals. 

A web developer Hanoi working for one of the big tech companies in the city can earn up to USD 1980,99 per month. A specialist such as a Java developer Hanoi can earn  slightly more. With a cost of living about 68.2% lower than a big European city such as Lisbon, you can easily make a good living as a developer in this beautiful, historic city. 

  • Da Nang

Probably the best tourist destination in Vietnam with a coastline stretching more than 30 km, this city is gorgeous and a great place to live. The city also features more than 700 IT  companies that mainly specialize in software production. 

Developers are keen to take up employment in the city as it has been named the leading destination in the VietNam ICT Index from 2009 until recently and presents many  opportunities to up-and-coming developers. The salaries for developers in this region are around USD 1068.04 per month. Specialists such as Vietnam Mean Stack developers for hire or experienced Vietnam python developers for hire earn much more. 

  • Haiphong

The city has attracted many big foreign investors who mainly are in the iPhone  manufacturing industry and with this came many opportunities for developers. Haiphong has a growing IT sector and the government is there to support it through all sorts of initiatives to make business easier. 

The future looks bright for the IT industry in this city and a developer’s salary currently is around USD 657,52 per month which seems low, but with a low cost of living the salary can give you a decent living in this region of Vietnam. 

  • Bien Hoa

There are various companies in this city and the sector is growing with many  developers returning to the city after their studies are done. The city is very business friendly with a huge industrial sector that contributes most to the city’s GDP, but with all of these manufacturing companies, there are also opportunities for developers. A developer can expect a monthly salary of USD 1893,18. Specialists such as Vietnam full stack developers for hire or experienced Vietnam front end developers for hire can earn salaries closer to that earned in Hanoi.

Why Do Companies Hire Developers in Vietnam?

Vietnam developers for hire are popular because of one reason. Recruiting a dedicated development team in Vietnam is much cheaper than in other regions.

Pros of hiring software developers from Vietnam:

  • Price. The cost of outsourcing here is much cheaper than having an in-house team;
  • Convenient location. Asian companies hire developers in Hanoi as it is comparatively close and easy to get to.
  • A dedicated Software Development Team in Hanoi can be hired because of the stable economy, political and social situation. That’s why some also hire developers India.

Is It Comfortable to Have a Dedicated Development Team in Vietnam?

The choice to hire developers Vietnam depends on the company, its goals, budget, and expectations. For Asian countries, it is a perfect destination as it is close. They hire Vietnamese developers as they share similar business values. You may also check here how to hire developers in Singapore.

But for companies from Europe and the USA, it is not as comfortable. First of all, it is far away and difficult to get to. A flight from NY to Hanoi is approximately 23 hours. So to hire remote developers in Vietnam, American businesses need to go through much effort. And there is a huge difference in work methodology and business ethics.

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a world of talent and boost your team by recruiting expert developers from around the globe. Gain from a range of unique viewpoints and skills to propel innovation and development in your technology initiatives.

What Is the Alternative to Vietnam Dedicated Team?

For European and American enterprises it is much more convenient to find software developers in Ukraine than a Vietnam dedicated team. It is a huge IT hub that offers high-quality services for reasonable prices in Europe. It is much easier to access than a dedicated development team in Vietnam. More than 100 companies from Fortune 500 use Ukrainian software development services.

There are more than 12,000 IT companies here and about 70% of them provide outsourcing services. In 2015, IT services became the third largest economy sector for export in Ukraine.

The Legal Aspects of Hiring Developers in Vietnam and Ukraine

  • Hiring Process: Legal Implications in Vietnam and Ukraine

When considering to build tech team in Vietnam or Ukraine, it is crucial to understand  the legal and regulatory aspects that pertain to the hiring process. When searching for offshore software development Vietnam, employers must adhere to labor laws that govern employment relationships, ensuring fair treatment of employees, work hours, wages and other related matters. Additionally, employers should be aware of the differences between various employment contracts, such as definite-term and indefinite-term contracts and how they affect the rights and obligations of both parties. 

Compliance with social insurance contributions and taxation regulations is also of utmost importance to avoid legal repercussions. In Ukraine, similar labor laws and regulations  are in place to safeguard the rights of employees. The hiring process involves drafting clear and comprehensive employment contracts, specifying job descriptions, compensation, working hours and benefits. It’s crucial to navigate these legal requirements effectively to establish a solid foundation for outsourcing operations in both countries.

  • IP Protection: The Legal Framework in Vietnam and Ukraine

Regarding intellectual property (IP) protection, understanding the legal framework in Vietnam and Ukraine is essential to safeguard sensitive information and proprietary  assets. Vietnam has made strides in enhancing its IP laws and enforcement mechanisms, aligning with international standards. However, businesses must still exercise caution and ensure that contracts with outsourcing partners offering Vietnam dedicated development team solutions include clauses addressing IP ownership, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Ukraine, too, has updated its IP legislation to align with international norms, offering protection for patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. When outsourcing to either country, it’s crucial to work closely with legal experts  to draft comprehensive contracts that address IP rights, usage, transfer and ownership, as well as mechanisms for dispute resolution in case of IP-related conflicts.

When looking at Vietnam web developers for hire salaries it is important to note what level of seniority you require. Equal to other industries the level of employment also  makes a difference when it comes to developers. A young developer with minimal experience will earn significantly less than a developer with years of experience, so let’s look at the difference this makes in the Vietnamese IT sector:

Cost Comparison USD Monthly
Junior Engineer$1 306,61
Mid-Level Engineer$2 107,44
Senior Engineer$3 329,76

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

Let’s delve into the advantages of outsourcing software development Vietnam to professionals and explore how they can shape your business:

  • Cost Savings

Countries like Ukraine and Vietnam boast a notably lower cost of living, resulting in lower salary expectations. This enables you to outsource your development requirements  to other countries and save on the expenses associated with hiring local, higher-cost developers. For example, if you’re looking for specialists, Vietnam DotNet developers for hire or experienced Vietnam iOS developers for hire will cost lower than mid-level developers in some first-world countries. 

  • Access to Talent

Outsourcing broadens your access to a global talent pool. Having the opportunity to tap  into international talent provides you with a wider range of choices compared to local recruitment. This, in turn, simplifies finding the perfect match for your business or project. For example, finding specialists locally can be tricky if the demand is high. Whereas you can find plenty of Vietnam mobile developers for hire or experienced Vietnam Go developers for hire fast and efficiently. 

  • Innovation

While you may already have an in-house team, they might be primarily focused on  routine tasks and regular projects. This concentration often leads to missing out on current trends and advancements. Outsourcing projects to professionals such as a Full Stack development company in Vietnam exposes your business to input from developers who specialize in specific domains and stay updated with the latest innovations.

When these professionals join your team, they bring their expertise with them, greatly  influencing your upcoming projects. Gaining an outsider’s perspective on your operations periodically is also vital.

  • Time Savings

Involving outsourced developers in your project, or specific parts of it, can significantly  expedite the project’s completion. The outsourced team concentrates solely on designated tasks, enabling you to finalize your project within a shorter time frame. This not only saves you money but also ensures client satisfaction.

  • Scalability

Today’s business landscape is marked by volatility and having the ability to adjust your staffing levels gives your business the competitive edge needed for success. Outsourcing  facilitates effortless scaling of your workforce, whether you need to expand or reduce it. When you outsource web developers Vietnam through an agency, they handle administrative and HR-related matters, streamlining the process for you.

Why Choose Mobilunity for Hiring Developers in Vietnam

Outsourcing has become less risky and expensive compared to a few years ago, making it  an excellent alternative to local talent search. At Mobilunity, our expertise lies in recruiting IT professionals for businesses around the world, offering top-quality experts, such as Vietnam app developers, at the most competitive rates.

Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity boasts over a decade of experience in aiding international clients in resolving their staffing challenges. Our focus is on sourcing IT professionals to  fill vital roles, ensuring the success of your projects or ventures. We’ve streamlined the process for you – just reach out to us, outline your requirements, and we’ll identify the ideal candidates from our carefully selected pool of experts. 

We source both basic developers and specialized candidates such as Vietnam PHP developers for hire. Should we not have a suitable candidate readily available, we’ll actively seek out the perfect match tailored to your needs. Before sharing their CV with you and arranging an interview, we’ll thoroughly vet the candidate. Additionally, we offer support during the employee onboarding phase, guaranteeing their full comprehension of  your company’s values and brand identity, aligning them with the objectives and targets. Once the employee is seamlessly integrated into your team and operational, we maintain regular communication to ensure your satisfaction and assist in resolving any potential issues.

We have a decade of experience in this field and can be a perfect choice for software development in Ukraine. While exploring alternatives to hiring developers in Vietnam, you might draw inspiration from Spotify organizational structure for team management, and consider incorporating elements such as a dedicated software house tech support team to ensure efficient troubleshooting and system stability.

Our team can offer you access to a wide pool of talent and developers with high expertise in almost any technology or programming language, whether it is web development or logistics software solution.

Mobilunity’s Main Service Models

At Mobilunity, we are all about providing you with options. Drawing from our years of experience, we’ve come to understand that every business is unique and has its own  distinct requirements. This realization has led us to develop three distinct options that we offer to our clients when they look for software developers in Vietnam or elsewhere.

Let’s delve into these three options, so that you can make a well-informed decision about which one aligns best with your needs:

  • Dedicated Development Team

This option grants you access to a full-time team of developers who will exclusively work on your project. They will dedicate all their time and expertise solely to you. The  time duration and the number of team members are negotiated in advance. The price encompasses not only their salaries but also covers all aspects of HR, accounting and helpdesk support, which are managed by our team. You will have control over the management of the team.

  • Part-time Developers

If you run a small business or require a resource on a part-time basis, we can assist you by providing a part-time developer or even a team of developers. The number of hours  they will dedicate each month is agreed upon beforehand. Just like the previous option, Mobilunity handles HR, accounting and help desk support, while you oversee the management of the resource.

  • Recruitment

Our recruitment option offers a straightforward process. You communicate your resource needs and timeline to us and we take care of the search on your behalf. We maintain a substantial pool of talented candidates who are prepared to take on your project and you can hire locally in Vietnam or find the best candidates in Eastern Europe. We thoroughly  evaluate and introduce these candidates to you. This option has been highly successful through the years and we have managed to source talent from all over the world, including Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru and Tajikistan to assist businesses. 

If you need a build tech team in Vietnam for your ongoing business or projects, talk to Mobilunity. Find the right candidates effortlessly.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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