How to Find a React Redux Developer for Your Team?

According to Stack Overflow Report React is one of the most loved technologies among developers (66.9% of respondents) in 2017. Taking this into account, we can assume that the demand for these experts is also very high. Many companies look for the most affordable ways to extend their development teams with such programmers. In this article we have reviewed the common, traditional ways to hire a React Redux developer vs cost-saving ones. Still, first of all let’s check what Redux is and what salaries React Redux developers get in different countries.

Functionality of ReactJS Redux

Redux is one of the technologies created for React JavaScript that is indeed widely used by React developers (React Native is another one). It is an instrument for controlling data-state and UI-state in ReactJS Redux apps. Redux is not associated with any particular framework, and although designed for React, it can be used with any of view libraries and frameworks like AngularJS or jQuery. It stands out from libraries and frameworks due to its ability to intelligently solve many different issues by introducing a simple and predictable model of states.

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Flux / React+Redux present ViewModel layer in MVVM pattern. Still, there are a lot of other technologies/stacks with the help of which other layers in different patterns are presented and which are combined during the development of a website or an application. Below you may check the mind map that presents some of the commonly used technologies:Mind Map on different technologies (React Flux, Redux) used in MVC pattern

Mind Map of MVC, MVVM, MVP patterns and technologies used for each layer

Redux React JS & Flux

Redux React JS is quite suitable for development of Single Page Applications (SPAs), but its functionality allows to develop not solely SPAs but different websites and apps. There are a lot of projects created with this technology. Some of them are:

Most of these websites and applications are created using Redux and many of the apps, viewers, and frames were also created with the help of combination of several of the following technologies: React Flux Redux. Flux is a pattern used for coordination of an application state and it allows to have separate stores for different types of data. This means that if a developer needs to do any changes in the data, the state won’t be affected. Many experts state that Redux was inspired by this very pattern and is also called “Flux-like”, still, Redux doesn’t have stores and all the changes and actions are done on a state tree.

Popularity of Flux and Redux

Usage of React and Redux by a DeveloperResults of comparison of Flux Redux in Google Trends

According to Google Trends for the last three years Flux was much more searched for and, thus, is more popular than Redux. In terms of the territorial distribution of the popularity of these technologies: Flux is widespread in Canada, North America, some countries of Europe and India. Redux, in its turn, is also popular in North America.

Popularity of React Flux Redux by RegionsPopularity of Flux and Redux by regions

Cooperation with a React Redux Developer

It will be interesting to see how much it costs to hire a ReactJS Redux developer. We have conducted a research in order to discover what ReactJS and React Redux cost for developer is in different countries and obtained the following results (these are average net salaries of programmers):

  • A React Redux developer receives approximately $5,900 per month in the UK.
  • An average salary of a ReactJS programmer is approximately $7,000 in the USA. Junior React Redux developer can earn $8,100 there.
  • Being a country with high living standards Switzerland also offers good rates for React Redux programmers. Here they are able to get from $6,300 up to $10,100 a month.
  • An average wage of a frontend JavaScript coder in Australia is $5,100 per month.
  • At the same time, to hire developers in Ukraine will cost only $1,800 (net salary) according to the Payscale or $2,300-$2,500 as an all-inclusive rate, what in any case will be cost-effective. Although rates of inexperienced developers with Redux skills may be even lower depending on the city. You may check more on React salaries in Ukraine in our article.
the USA$8,100
Switzerland$6,200 – $10,100
the UK$5,500

Monthly middle-level React developer salary worldwide

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CV Samples of React Redux Developers/Programmers

It is very important to know what things to pay attention to before hiring a developer to your project. Here are some web developer sample resumes with Redux skills.

Middle-level React Redux Developer Resume Example

Experience: 3+ years in full stack web and mobile application development using React and React Native.


  • Front-End development using React/Redux;
  • Back-End development using PHP;
  • Deployment process using Ansible.

Technologies: React/Redux, React Native, JavaScript….

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Middle-level  React Redux Developer CV Example

Experience: 2,5 years of experience in front end and back end development.


  • Front end and back end development using ASP.NET MVC framework;
  • Front end and back end development using Laravel5 framework.

Technologies: React/Redux, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, Laravel5….

Request web developer sample resumes with Redux skills

React Redux CV Sample

React Redux developers for hire in Ukraine sample CV

request React Redux CV Samples


Senior React Redux Developer CV Sample

Experience: 5+ years of experience in creating web apps.


  • Development of responsive mobile-first test-driven UI;
  • Creation and development of the structure of client-server architecture and security systems for all applications;
  • Validation of all user input before submitting to back end services;
  • Optimization of applications for maximum speed and scalability.

Technologies: JavaScript,ES2017, ReactJS, Redux, Flexbox, CSS Modules, Webpack….

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Dedicated programmer with React Flux Redux stacksReact Redux developer for hire
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If you need developers with other stacks, send us your request and requirements HERE

How to Extend the Development Team Quickly And Save the Money?

ways to hire remote React Redux developers

After considering the average rates of frontend developers, you need to think how to hire a freelance programmer or build the proper team that will сreate your website or application. There are several ways to do it. Firstly, you can do it on your own by hiring developers on a freelance platforms or just via looking through resumes of programmers online. If you are going to gather a team of programmers independently, be sure to pay attention to their experience, skills, stacks, and readiness to work in a team. The latter can be even more important factor than professional skills if you are looking for an extension of your development team.

Let’s consider what are main advantages and drawback of each of these three options.

direct hiring of junior react redux developerDirect/local hiring. In this case, you will be completely engaged in the search process of Redux developers. This means that you have to spend time and resources (at least, hire a competent recruiter to help you). The advantage of this method is the possibility to completely control the process of searching and hiring of a React Redux developer. However, the main drawback is that this process can last for a long time, for example, due to a lack of specialists in the market, the complexity of the project or inflated expectations.

react redux developer outsourcingProject-based outsourcing. This method means that you are working with React Redux developers solely within a single project and they are not in-house. The advantage of this solution is that you can always hire different contractors for different projects and compare the result. However, practice shows that it is always better to work with an already formed and proven experts or development team.

dedicated react redux developersDedicated development team model. This is the most advantageous option to get started your development project as you can hire remote developers in another country where Redux developer salary is lower than in your country. Moreover, all organizational issues will already be resolved for you. You will get a team of developers who will work exclusively on your project. You do not need to look for them, interview and test them, check skills and knowledge, formalize them as full-time employees, pay taxes and salaries, work on employee retention. All this will already be done in advance by such companies as Mobilunity, a dedicated development team provider.

Hire Redux React JS developers at affordable rates

We offer a ready-made solution: to hire a dedicated development team with our help. We have a pipeline of more than 15 frontend programmers (you may check some of their CVs above) skilled in different JavaScript frameworks and technologies like React, Redux, Flux. We also have in-house ReactJS experts, who already have all the necessary tools, skills and experience to build your application in accordance with your requirements.

We can find a programmer skilled in different stacks and technologies like: HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp, Rest API, SASS, Responsive, JS(ES6), React.js, Webpack, AngularJS, Node.js. All of them have Intermediate level of spoken English (confident) and can be easily interviewed. The experience in usage of the above mentioned technologies on different commercial projects comprises from 0.5 years to 2+ years. Make sure that we have a coder you are looking for.

why should you hire junior react redux developer in Ukraine

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