What Will It Cost for You to Hire Developers in Netherlands?

The Netherlands has experienced strong economic growth the past couple of years and is among the most wired countries in the world, meaning a lot of its population is connected to the internet. Although this makes the Netherlands seem like an ideal candidate to get IT services, it has been reported that the country actually has a shortage of IT professionals, and owing to its close financial ties to the United Kingdom, it’s among the countries most affected by Brexit. Analysts therefore expect the Netherlands to experience subsequent heightened inflation and increased insolvency for businesses in the coming years.

The question, then, is: would it be a wise decision to hire developers in Netherlands?

Popular Technologies in the Netherlands

According to BuiltWith, which analyzes the technologies used in websites from different countries according to the URL suffix, the programming languages and frameworks most used by websites ending in .NL (for Netherlands) are PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails, while the most used JavaScript library is JQuery.

Usage of Frameworks in the Netherlands

BuiltWith data on the most used frameworks by websites in the Netherlands

Meanwhile, according to Netherlands-based software quality analyzer Tiobe, the top programming languages are Java, C, C++, Python, and C#.

Popularity of JavaScript programmers and language

Top programming languages according to Netherlands-based company TIOBE

The in-demand technologies in the Netherlands are definitely matched by developers around the world, so the possibility of outsourcing and/or offshoring development services to other countries may come into consideration.

Outsourcing and Offshoring in the Netherlands

According to the Centre for the Promotion of Imports in Europe, the Netherlands is among the European countries that demand development outsourcing and offshoring services the most. Due to the shortage of IT services in the Netherlands, more and more companies are opting to outsource or offshore their development services to other countries.

According to British consultancy company Consultancy.UK, the demand for IT outsourcing and offshoring in the Netherlands is exhibiting strong growth and is expected to continue growing. As of 2015, 49% of Dutch companies plan to outsource IT services more, while 36% plan to retain their current IT outsourcing arrangements. Among the respondents, the top reasons for outsourcing are to focus on the core business and to save on costs.

Meanwhile, within development departments, the area that companies plan to use offshoring/nearshoring services the most is application development, maintenance and testing.

Nearshoring and offshoring in the Netherlands

Offshoring and nearshoring plans of IT departments within Dutch companies, taken from Consultancy.UK

Top IT Cities to Hire Developers in the Netherlands

We have explored the cities in the Netherlands with the highest demand for developers for hire and compared the average salaries in each to help those looking for a Netherlands dedicated team.


Amsterdam is a thriving ICT hub and home to many startup companies. Across all of the Netherlands, it has the highest demand for developers. Out of the 14,481 job postings for developers on Indeed on the Netherlands, 4,106 or 28.4% come from Amsterdam. You can hire developers Amsterdam for an average annual rate of €47,802 ($54,501) according to PayScale.


Rotterdam is another big player on the IT scene. With 2,281 IT job postings or 15.8% of all IT job postings in the Netherlands on PayScale, it has the second highest demand for IT professionals in the country. Developers Rotterdam have an average annual salary of €41,642 ($47,478).


Not far behind Rotterdam is Utrecht, knows as the “beating heart of the Netherlands’ life sciences and health industry”. It has 2,199 IT job postings on PayScale (15.2% across all of the Netherlands) and Utrecht developers for hire have an average annual salary of €37,259 ($42,481).

The Hague

Known for its huge investments in fiber optics for high bandwidth internet connections, the Hague is another city with a high demand for IT professionals. It has 2,109 IT job postings on PayScale (14.6%) and a web developer Hague has an average annual salary of €40,023 ($45,632).

Demand for JavaScript and React Developers in the Netherlands

PayScale data on cities in the Netherlands with the highest number of IT job postings

Should I Hire Developers in Netherlands?

We have examined the average annual salaries of developers in the top IT hubs across the Netherlands, which range from $42,481 (Utrecht developers for hire) to $54,501 (to hire developers Amsterdam). If you’re looking to hire developers in Netherlands, these rates could prove to be unnecessarily high especially when much more economical options are available. For example, in Ukraine, the average salary for a developer is $23,987, around half the amount you would otherwise pay a developer in the Netherlands and $30,514 per developer more expensive than a development team Amsterdam.

a good alternative to Netherlands dedicated team

It would therefore be much more practical to hire dedicated developers from Ukraine, as doing so will net you enormous savings. A dedicated teams provider like Mobilunity, which is based in Ukraine, is an excellent option because we provide developers with top-notch skills at incredibly affordable rates.

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