Reasons to Hire Dedicated Sencha Touch Developer

Owing to the proliferation of mobile devices and the subsequent surge in the use of mobile applications to perform a growing number of essential tasks, the mobile app development industry has now become very business-friendly and web app programmers have become very demanded. Whereas previously, developers who wanted to create a mobile application that can run on different mobile operating systems needed to code using a different programming language for every platform, there are now a large number of technologies that enable cross-platform mobile application development from just a single codebase. As a result, these technologies have made mobile app development both significantly faster and more affordable.

Sencha Touch, now a part of ExtJS, is a JavaScript framework that takes on a different approach to mobile app development by allowing the creation of web applications that look and behave like native mobile apps. In this article, we take a look at this technology in greater detail.

Every Sencha Touch Developer Should Know

Created in 2010, Sencha Touch is a JavaScript UI library that enables developers to quickly create mobile-focused web applications that look and feel like native mobile applications, complete with native-looking UI elements. In 2015, it was merged with ExtJS, a larger product of Sencha that allows the creation of cross-platform web applications that can be optimally viewed from any device, be it a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

The framework is different from other mobile application frameworks in that it allows the creation of mobile web applications that behave like mobile apps, but can be viewed from the browser instead of requiring installation from the mobile app store. Effectively, it provides developers with a highly comprehensive library of UI components such as buttons, navigation and menu components, search and filter forms, calendars, and charts. It also provides its rich set of Sencha Touch themes, as well as its own user interface assembly system called grids, to make its web applications look and perform like a native mobile application with minimal lines of code. What’s more, its comprehensive documentation provides a great source of Sencha touch tutorial materials for every developer.

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Note, however, that being a mobile web app framework, Sencha Touch provides only the frontend layer of a mobile application, so it will have to connect with some backend data source. For this purpose, Sencha Touch and ExtJS provide a high level of abstraction, so that developers can easily connect their web app to any backend architecture.

Sencha claims to have over 10,000 customers worldwide, most of whom are ExtJS and Sencha Touch users, including over 60% of Fortune 100 companies. Among its most prominent clients are Accenture, Verizon, Walmart, Symantec, and Seagate. According to BuiltWith, its largest market are in the United States, Germany, UK, Spain, and France.

Sencha Touch vs PhoneGap

We have taken a look at PhoneGap, another popular mobile application framework, on our blog, which can be also useful for PhoneGap developers. Let’s compare the Sencha Touch framework and ExtJS with PhoneGap and see where they differ.

sencha touch vs phonegap

Sencha Touch Developer

For those who are looking to use the Sencha Touch platform for their next mobile-ready web app, hiring a Sencha Touch developer will be the first step. Sencha provides several tools and technologies available to Sencha developers to maximize the performance and capabilities of the web applications they will create. It is important for a Sencha developer to be familiar with these tools in order to get the most out of the framework. Among these tools are:

tools sencha developer should know

  • Sencha Test – This is a fully comprehensive tool for testing your ExtJS and Sencha Touch apps. This tool enables the quick creation of automated unit tests as well as end-to-end tests that can run on different browsers, and can even run simultaneously on multiple browsers.
  • Sencha Pivot Grid – This is a highly useful tool for handling and analyzing big amounts of data. The Sencha Pivot Grid collects data points from different sources and packages them into a format that emphasizes the trends among them and allows developers to immediately gain insight into the data.
  • Sencha Charts – This tool enables developers to add rich and complex data visualization functionalities to any Sencha Touch and ExtJS web application. It includes a wide range of charts and graphs to choose from, and allows for deep customizations.
  • Sencha ARIA Package – This is Sencha’s accessibility package that allows developers to create web applications that also cater to users with disabilities or those who make use of assistive technologies. This package can quickly make web applications comply with ARIA standards.

Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Sencha Developer

There are many ways by which you can hire a Sencha mobile developer, but arguably the most practical way is to hire a dedicated remote mobile developer Sencha. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

reasons to hire sencha mobile developer


affordabilityHiring a dedicated remote developer is typically one of the cheapest methods of availing Sencha development services, especially if you hire from countries that have a low cost of living, such as Ukraine. Moreover, hiring dedicated remote developers eliminates the need to allocate physical resources like office work stations, dedicated computers, and software licenses. In addition, providers of dedicated developers usually pay for their developers’ taxes, insurance, and other additional expenses, so you won’t have to worry about those fees.

Full Control

full controlWhen you hire dedicated Sencha Touch developers, they will remain in their company’s premises but will report directly to you and will work for you full-time. You can therefore closely monitor their progress on a regular basis, and you will have full control over your developers, just as though they were physically working in your office.


scalabilityHiring dedicated developers allows you to easily add or remove developers from your team as your project requirements change. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with long-term contracts that are mandated by some governments, thus giving your project full scalability and allowing you to maximize cost effectivity.

Sample Sencha Touch Developer Resume

Let’s take a look at an actual example of a Sencha Touch developer resume in order to give us a clearer picture of the common background and skills of ExtJS and Sencha developers.

ExtJS/Sencha Touch Developer Resume Sample

sencha touch developer resume sample

Hire a Sencha Touch Developer Now

Sencha Touch is a JavaScript library that’s part of the ExtJS framework, and together, they enable web developers to create fully responsive web applications that run smoothly on mobile phones and behave like native applications. We have seen the benefits of using this framework, and some tips on the best way to hire Sencha Touch developers. Having all this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to hire Sencha mobile developers!

For all your developer needs, we’re here to give you the best bang for your buck. Here at Mobilunity, we house Europe’s best and most highly skilled dedicated developers who can utilize Sencha Touch and ExtJS to their full potential to create the perfect web application for you. Located in Ukraine, we not only have excellent developers, we also offer incredibly low rates. When you hire from us, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s full value.

Reach out to us and let’s find you your ideal Sencha mobile developer for your next cross-platform web application.

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