The List of the Most Promising Top 50 Biotech Events Worldwide

Biotechnology and Its Perspectives

Science is one of the main engines of the progress. All current achievements are the result of work of a huge number of researchers and scientists. Technical Sciences terms such as technology, engineering increasingly began to be used in the framework of modern biology. The speed and effectiveness of biological research has increased significantly, and the practical possibilities of biology became really enormous. Scientific leaders even express an opinion on the accession of mankind in an era of biology. In fact, biology was the science of living nature for a long time, it was of mainly descriptive designation in order to accumulate factual material and systematize living organisms inhabiting the Earth, but at the moment it is becoming an experimental science. It exerts increasing influence on the development of human society and its productive forces.

An essential attribute of the scientific work is the continuity and exchange of experience. Absorbing material accumulated over many years of development, one can come to completely new discoveries. Not just reading and studying scientific literature allows enriching knowledge. Direct communication and contacts with representatives of the scientific world is also an important element of biotech 2017 progress. Direct exchange of experience takes place at special events such as a biotechnology conference 2017 or a council of researchers. Here you can share your experiences, achievements, discoveries and other interesting facts. Other participants will listen to you, appreciate, give advice and push on further biotech web or mobile development of your work. With the participation in the conference biotechnology 2017 you get the opportunity to publish your work in a book or a scientific journal.

TOP 50 Upcoming Biotech Conferences Planned in 2017

Biotech Events Which Take Place in the USA

  • Engineered Cells and Tissues as Platforms for Discovery and Therapy in Boston, MA
  • Frontiers of NMR in Life Sciences in Keystone, CO
  • 10th Oncology Biomarkers Conference in San Diego, CA
  • BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference in Newport Beach, CA
  • BIO Legislative Day Fly-In in Washington D.C.
  • Stem Cell Summit 2017 in Boston, MA
  • BioSafe US General Membership Meeting in Massachusetts, MA
  • Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase 2017 in North Carolina, NC
  • Genome Editing & Advances in Transgenic Technology USA Congress in Boston, MA
  • Cell & Gene Exchange 2017 in Washington D.C.
  • Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston, MA
  • BIO Executive Training Programs in San Diego, CA
  • BIO International Convention in San Diego, CA
  • Global Biotechnology Congress 2017 in Boston, MA
  • 3rd qPCR & Digital PCR Congress: USA Plus workshops in Philadelphia, PA
  • NGS & Clinical Applications Congress: USA in Philadelphia, PA
  • BIO IP & Diagnostics Symposium in Alexandria, VA
  • BIO Investor Forum in San Francisco, CA

European Biotechnology Current Events 2017

  • Biowales in Wales/ Cardiff
  • The 8th International Conference on Marine Bioprospecting and Biotechnology in Norway/ Troms
  • BIO-Europe Spring® 2017 — 11th International Partnering Conference in Spain/ Barcelona
  • 15th World Congress on Biotechnology and  Biotech Industries Meet in Italy/ Roma
  • BioNanoMed 2017 — Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine in Austria/ Krems
  • 8th Gene Quantification Event in Germany/ Freising
  • Biovision in France/ Lyon
  • 3rd International Symposium on Biomaterials & Biosensors in Turkey/Mugla
  • 10th Annual Proteins and Antibodies Congress in the UK/ London
  • Bioprocess International European Summit in the Netherlands/ Amsterdam
  • PhoBiA Annual Nanotechnology International Conference in Poland/ Wrocław
  • 3rd Annual Formulation & Drug Delivery Congress in the UK/ London
  • Biotrinity in the UK/ London
  • 2nd Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress in the UK/ London
  • Downstream Processing in Biotechnology, Part 1, Filtration Techniques in Germany/ Frankfurt am Main
  • Downstream Processing in Biotechnology, Part 2: preparative separations in Germany/ Frankfurt am Main
  • CRISPR Summit in the UK/ London
  • 37°C – Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition in Norway/ Stavanger
  • Microbiome Discovery & Development Congress in Germany/ Berlin
  • Photonics Technology Roadshow in Scotland/ Glasgow
  • Green for Good IV: Biotechnology of Plant Products in Czech Republic/ Olomouc
  • Biotech France 2017 International Conference and Exhibition in France/ Paris
  • BioTech 2017 Sensor Technology and Online Analytics for (Bio)Process Understanding in Switzerland/ Wädenswi
  • 17th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum in Switzerland/ Basel
  • 6th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering in Germany/ Offenburg
  • X International exhibition «LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. Hi-Tech in Ukraine/ Kyiv
  • The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy in Belgium/ Brussels

Biotech Events 2017 in Asia

  • BIO Asia International Conference in Japan/ Tokyo
  • BIOPharma Asia Convention in Singapore/Singapore
  • BIOtech Japan 2017 = Asian Hub of bio business  in Japan/ Tokyo
  • BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Canada/ Montréal

Upcoming Biotech Conferences 2017 in Other Countries

  • BIO Latin America Conference in Brazil/São Paulo
  • InnovateBopitech2017 — Biotechnology & Industrial Revolution in Australia/ Brisbane

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