Why Choose Ukraine for Your IT Outsourcing?

In an increasingly globally connected world, there are many options out there if you’re a company that is looking to outsource its software development. However not all locations are created equal. So we’ve compiled a list below of some of the best reasons to choose Ukraine for your outsourcing and outstaffing initiatives.

Top Reasons to Choose IT companies in Ukraine to Outsource

Cost of IT Outsourcing UkraineCost. The first reason IT companies in Ukraine generally look to outsource is to cut cost. Outsourcing in Ukraine is cheaper than Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania and offers the best value for money especially with IT companies in Ukraine with limited resources, saving western countries up to 60 % on their total IT costs.


Ukraine IT Outsourcing LocationLocation. One of the scary aspects of outsourcing is having to deal with a huge time difference that could hinder communication. Ukraine, however, has a unique geographical location. Central to almost everything, you can cut costs and still easily monitor teams or development centers you have. At most, you will have a two hour time difference if you were in the UK and a 1 hour difference in central Europe. Its also basically in the middle of Australian and the Americas time zones. In other terms, IT outsourcing Ukraine as a hub, allows for more operational monitoring, ease with communication, and control if a company so desires it.


Talent of Outsourcing in UkraineTalent. With 15,000 IT graduates annually, Ukraine in 2014 ranked 4th place in the world in terms of the amount of Certified IT specialists. So you won’t have to worry about finding affordable talented software specialists to fill your needs.”Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in the number of certified IT professionals (after the United States, India, Russia), as Ukraine is among the top 30 locations for the transfer of orders for software development. This indicates the presence of a huge growth potential for the industry. Key benefits of developing software are the fact that increased production does not require significant investments in fixed assets as the main asset of the IT industry – the human factor – the programmers.” – IT Ukraine Association.


IT Outsourcing Ukraine SecuritySecurity. One of the biggest risks that a company takes is with securing their work, ensuring that their intellectual property is protected. There is no need to worry about the security of your projects when operating with the web development outsourcing company. Ukrainian Legislation guarantees your intellectual property rights and has regulatory systems in place that enforces all NDA’s.


Ukraine IT Outsourcing InfrastructureInfrastructure. With a large percentage of the country’s economy depending on IT, Ukraine has invested in ensuring that the infrastructure needed to scale IT projects is in place. There are over 15,000 registered IT companies in Ukraine with development centers popping up all over, especially in its capital city of Kyiv. Also, Internet in Ukraine compared to many other outsourcing destinations, is fast, cheap, and reliable, so there will be no issue in ensuring that you’ll have a team in place with all the tools necessary to complete your projects.


Cultural Similarities of Outsourcing in UkraineCultural similarities. Ukrainian developers tend to have a more collaborative and less process-driven approach to projects. This allows for better collaboration, with a company and more consistency within teams. Other outsourcing hubs such as India, culturally find huge differences with their western counterparts, which may lead to issues in terms of management and overall outlook. Which in the IT field can lead to major problems?

IT Outsourcing Ukraine Is Easier Than You Think

Whether you are a company that is looking to cut costs, or just tired of dealing with the mundane aspects of software development and would like to outsource so that you can focus on more pressing issues; this country has been and will continue to grow as a premier Ukraine IT outsourcing hub. Other countries have plenty of options, but when you take into consideration the cost, decreased risk, talent pool, and location, it’s hard to go against all that Ukraine has to offer and choose a different location for your outsourcing needs.IT Outsourcing Ukraine

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