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DevOps is one of the fastest-growing cultures in the software industry powered by innovative toolchains and development methodologies. Due to the faster adoption of DevOps, a huge increase in the DevOps engineering services and solutions has also emerged in the marketplace in recent years. According to the information of the Fortune Business Insight forecast, the total market size of DevOps will reach $14.97 billion by 2026 from just $3.7 billion in 2018 with a staggering growth of 19.1% CAGR during the forecast period. 

Let’s have a deeper insight into DevOps, its components, and supportive methodologies from both technical and commercial perspectives.

What Are DevOps Services?

DevOps is a combined term derived from ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’, which means that DevOps services include a wide range of services provided by a DevOps development company ranging from development to operation & monitoring of the services based on software applications. The major DevOps services offered by the DevOps recruitment agencies and the specialist offshore IT resources worldwide include the following:

  • Continuous software development in a cross-functional environment 
  • Consulting services from DevOps specialist company in the collaborative and contributing environment by developing a new adaptive and collaborative work-culture
  • Operations, maintenance, quality assurance, and monitoring services with a combined set of toolchains
  • Cloud computing-based top DevOps services based on containerization and virtual machines VMs
  • Continuous deployment and testing based on continuous development and continuous implementation CD/CI
  • Cloud-based solutions on numerous cloud platforms like AWS, Google, and Azure DevOps services
  • Process automation and quality feedback-based services from professional DevOps software companies
  • And many others

According to the DORA State of DevOps 2019, DevOps increases 208x times deployment frequency and improves lead time by 106 times. The failure rate of software deployment has decreased 7 times in a DevOps environment. Influenced by all those factors, the demand for companies that offer DevOps services has increased significantly in recent years. A professional-level cloud and mobile app development agency can help cater to increasing demand for AWS DevOps services, other cloud platforms, and mobile app development via offshore and nearshore DevOps services in the cross-functional ecosystem. 

Key Building Blocks of DevOps Professional Services Model

DevOps is continuously evolving with different innovative approaches adopted by the top DevOps companies to devise the strategy that provides faster development and better quality of software-based solutions. The key building blocks of a professional-level DevOps service offered by the best DevOps recruiting agencies can be divided into the major categories broadly adopted in the DevOps ecosystem as mentioned below.

  • Develop. A top DevOps company starts the DevOps service lifecycle from developing source code, which is the first building block of the DevOps system. It consists of requirement analysis, planning, and coding of the software product or feature in an iterative agile methodology. The shorter sprints for the development are used with the help of numerous toolchains used for different development environments.
  • Build and test. The second major building block of DevOps services adopted by a top cloud company DevOps is compiling, converting, packaging, versioning, and testing of the software to make an implementable build. An executable file as a final product to implement is made in this building block of DevOps with the help of numerous build tools like Make, Cake, Gradle, and many others.
  • Deploy. The most exciting feature of DevOps is the deployment of the code based on continuous deployment CD principle in which the shippable product, capability, or feature is built and deployed continuously through numerous deployment tools. A best DevOps company always focuses on continuous deployment or continuous delivery of packaged releases in a shorter period.
  • Operate and monitor. Once the DevOps solutions company deploys the release or update, the next step is to operate and monitor. In this building block of DevOps, the performance monitoring, feedback analysis, and other factors impacting the real-world performance of the product or feature are assessed by the DevOps software company with numerous real-time monitoring, analytic, feedback tools. Any kind of continual improvement is also initiated from here.

Benefits and Challenges of Co-working with DevOps Companies

DevOps staffing companies are pursuing the DevOps lifecycle of software development and operations in almost all domains of industries. It offers numerous benefits as well as challenges to all sizes of companies as listed below. 

Large Corporations


  • Breaking silos in the teams
  • Better collaboration, and understanding
  • Knowledge sharing and ownership
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improved business competitive edge
  • Greater project success rate
  • Reduced requirement of a tech-talent team due to the cross-functionality nature
  • Centralized management with greater efficiency


  • Selection of right tools
  • Culture transformation
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Defining boundaries and responsibilities

Medium-Sized Enterprises


  • Cross-functional teams offer greater productivity
  • Reduced cost of development and operations
  • Better competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Faster releases and reduced failures
  • Smaller cross-functional teams reduce operational overheads
  • Efficient and effective approach to problem solving  
  • Better use of modern approaches like Agile, continuous deployment CD and others
  • Comprehensive test coverage
  • Faster improvement in processes


  • Hiring right tech-talent
  • Transforming work-culture
  • Visualization of integrated service
  • Choosing the right roles

Startup Companies


  • Faster positioning to new technologies and trends
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Easier for the startup DevOps company to adopt changes
  • Reduced cost through DevOps outsource company services
  • A comprehensive and cross-functional approach to business solution
  • Effective use of continuous testing, integration, and deployment
  • Faster decision making and troubleshooting


  • Hiring tech-talent with the desired skills
  • Retention of tech-talent
  • Continuously incurring cost
  • Automation of manual processes

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Top 4 Companies That Succeeded by Implementing DevOps Practices

Numerous small, medium and large organizations have implemented DevOps services at scale successfully. Some of the high-profile companies are listed below:

  • Capital One – This financial and bank holding company increased more than 20 times the number of releases and reduced failure by establishing DevOps within the company as well as developing new infrastructure models to provide its sufficient maintenance.
  • Verizon – This giant telecom company improved the development and operations visibility and transparency in the entire service lifecycle by implementing DevOps extensively.
  • Yahoo Corporation – This IT giant company has enhanced the user experience of millions of users significantly by adopting the DevOps culture in its development and operations.
  • Starbucks – Famous coffee brand improved the continuous integration and development by adopting DevOps services for enhancing the user experience for millions of its customers. Starbucks values every single DevOps engineer company that helps to implement DevOps product lifecycle in operations.

How to Know Your Business Needs DevOps Service Implemented?

DevOps is a comprehensive ecosystem powered by toolchains and standard practices that improve efficiency, performance, delivery time, and quality of software products continuously. When you see the following signs in your software-based business solutions, be sure that your business needs the services of a DevOps recruitment agency to help you implement DevOps services. If you are a small business, a DevOps startup company is okay to help you out.

  • When your teams say, it was okay from my side
  • When releases are too late to meet the requirements
  • When failures and rework suck your budgets
  • When you fail in comprehensive testing at initial stages of development
  • When improvement in features become an uphill task 

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Tips to Implement DevOps Services to Your Business

Whether you are a DevOps company Europe or the Americas, you need to follow the following useful tips to make your DevOps agency successful in implementing DevOps systems.

Finding Top DevOps Companies for Strategic Business Need

DevOps service provider companies can be found in multiple ways, but you should make sure you choose the professional one.

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