Software Developers UK: Finding the Best Team

The software development UK industry is huge that hires software developers from the local market as well as from abroad through different skill-based visa programs. Both the offshore and nearshore development models also play a vital role in custom software development UK.

Let’s have a deep dive into the different perspectives of the England software industry. Software design companies in UK, as well as the development ones, are worth this deep research. UK software developers and software development services UK are a topic for discussion among representatives from other countries who are looking for effective IT outsourcing.

Software Development and Software Design Companies in UK

The total revenue of the UK software development industry stands at about £29 billion or ($38.64 billion) in 2017-18, as per the research report by IBIS World. According to the report, the industry grew at a whopping 10.1% annual growth during the past five years. The majority of the business software UK development is focused on banking, finance, IT, Telecom and consulting services.

According to the DICE Research Report 2017 data, more than 13% of software developers UK are employed in the programming software products and services. The project management (23%), support and operations (17%), and consultancy (16%) as well as agile software development UK are the major areas where the software developers and IT professionals are employed on a large scale.

The custom English software development mainly focuses on the custom products and platforms of big multinational software design companies in UK, such as Accenture, Capgimini, Cognizant, Cisco, IBM, SoftCat, Infosys, Google and other such big companies operating from the UK for the European region operations. So, custom software programmers UK are very popular among foreign customers.

Software Development UK: Market Growth

According to the Tech Nation UK Growth Report information, the digital economy of the UK is growing more than 2.6 times faster than the overall economy of the country. The total size of the digital economy stands at about £184 billion in 2019. According to the survey, London is the second most connected cities after Silicon Valley in the world. Many companies developing custom software London are oriented not only to the domestic IT market but also are cable to export their services around the world. Opening a software development company in London or any other part of the UK is a dream comes true for the entrepreneurs nowadays.

The total market value of application development is expected to cross £31 billion in the UK by 2025, as found out in the UPBEAT research report. According to the research report, the application development will require as many as 380,000 software developers UK in more than 8,000 companies directly working in the app development field. The cost of developing software will also increase as the salaries of custom software developers UK are anticipated to increase substantially by 2025.

Software Developers in UK Market

According to the STATISTA information, there were about 292,000 software developers and computer programmers in the software development companies in UK in 2017. The number of software remote engineers hired remotely from abroad is not included in this research report. So, the total number of software developers is huge in the UK, and it is anticipated to increase the software industry substantially in the coming years, which will also increase the number of software developers in the country.

According to the upbeat research report as cited above, the number of software developers and software related jobs will cross 380 thousand by 2025. It will be a big number of software development related roles that the UK market is going to demand in the near future.

This huge demand of developers is not possible through local talent; the software development companies in England, including London, Manchester, will have to search for other options like remote hiring, offshore hiring, nearshore hiring from nearby countries like Ukraine and other Eastern European countries where the highly skilled and qualified developers are available in sizable numbers.

There is already a dearth of software developers in the UK, especially in London and in the South East of the country. To fulfill the demand of software developers, hiring the software dedicated developers through the nearshore hiring model from other countries is going to become more and more popular in the industry.

Major Cities With Demand on Software Developers UK

According to the Dice survey report as cited above, London houses the most software developers in the country as compared to other cities. According to the Telegraph News Report, more than 72% of the jobs advertised in the UK are based in London. The same we can say about UK software outsourcing: 2 from 3 IT outsourcing companies are located in London. The majority of the multinational companies are based in London; so they hire developers in UK in large number.

According to the Glassdoor research report, the best place for the developers to work is Slough followed by Manchester and Cambridge. This list covers many factors related to both the personal and professional life. The demand of web developer vs software developer varies in these cities. The web developer is less demanded in multinational companies, but usually, it is in high demand for a small software development company in UK or startup company.

Let’s have a look at the top cities where the demand of the software and web development UK is high.


London is the second highly connected city after Silicon Valley. London can cover almost all software development in UK. A large number of multinational companies have their headquarters and regional offices in this city. The operation of multinational companies in the European countries is mostly handled from this city. A large number of software developers are required annually in this city for multinational, local and startup companies in this city.

Only the startup companies attracted over $682 million venture capital financing in just one quarter of 2015, as per the report published in Telegraph News. This allows each software development company UK, London creates thousands of jobs with the highest average salaries as compared to other cities on a regular basis.


Manchester appears at the second position in the Glassdoor survey report 2017 in terms of the city’s popularity in software development in UK. This city offered over 41,555 thousand technical jobs majority of them in the IT domain. The median base salary of a developer in this city is about £29,600 per annum.


The city of Leeds creates more than 41 tech jobs. It is one of the most popular cities in the UK for the high tech companies to operate their businesses. The median base salary of a technology person is about £29,300 per annum.


The average salary of a software developer in Birmingham city is about £32,500 per annum. This city accommodates more than 47 thousand jobs yearly. Custom software development Birmingham is well-developed and there are many big companies and SMEs that use the services of the local developers as well as hire remote developers from abroad. While software companies in Birmingham hiring remote developers from abroad, foreign companies are often looking for remote developers Birmingham.

Why Hire Ukrainian Developers for Software Development in UK?

The software development cost in the United Kingdom is very high as compared to many other countries of Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Belarus, and others. The hiring of Ukrainian developers remotely for the software development projects in Europe and North America has become an attractive hiring option for the entrepreneurs. According to the STATISTA information, the total market value of outsourcing industry stood at about $88.9 billion globally.

There are many reasons for hiring Ukrainian programmers instead of UK software development team dedicatedly for your IT projects. The main reasons are mentioned below:

#1 Low Development Cost

The development cost in Ukraine is almost 3 times lower than in the USA and about 2.5 times lower than in the UK and other major Western European countries. This makes the Ukrainian developers a top choice for remote hiring.

#2 Larger Pool of Experts

More than 35% of the total Ukrainian graduates achieve their degrees in information technology, especially in the software development and design domain. This makes a strong pool of IT experts in Ukraine. There were more than 100 thousand developers in the country in 2017. The outsourcing client can get the most matching skill set for his/her project in the Ukraine.

#3 Ideal Geographical Location

Ukraine is located at ideal geographical location for many countries in the Europe, North America, Africa and even Asia Pacific region. For the European countries, it is just a few hours’ flight or even drive from the nearby countries to have a face to face meeting with the developer team. The sufficient working hours overlap in the Asia Pacific, North America and African countries with the Ukrainian working hours. So, it is very suitable for the companies from all over the world to establish more effective communication with their respective teams easily.

#4 High of Quality of Development Services

The quality of code developed by the Ukrainian developers is well known across the globe. The engineers and developers are trained as per European standards and the management teams make their work fully in compliance with the international standards and the quality benchmarks. The professional approach of software developers and management teams make it happen to achieve the full confidence of the customers.

#5 Common Language and Culture

Ukraine shares the common European culture inspired by the concept of the global village that makes the people of the country so adaptive and cooperative with the people from any part of the world. They speak English, which makes them acceptable for the communication with the clients from all over the world. The flexibility and professional attitude of Ukrainian developers make the best in the region for the successful completion of the development projects.

So, there is something to think about before resorting to expensive outsource software development UK.

Cost Comparison of Ukrainian and UK Software Developers

The United Kingdom is a developed country where the cost of a software developer is very high as compared to the Ukrainian developer.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Living Cost in UK

The monthly living cost of a single person may range between £695 ($933) and £1,370 ($1,840). Thus, the living with a full family will definitely cost much more than this amount. The monthly living cost for a single person is about ₴9,982 Ukrainian Hryvnia or ($380 per month).

The living cost in the UK is very high, especially in the big cities like London. The majority of the software developer jobs are concentrated in major cities and towns in the UK. The high living cost, stringent rules for social security, healthcare and other fringes makes the hiring of a software developer in the UK so costly.

Final Takeaway

  • Outsourcing in software development is increasing globally
  • Demand of software developers in the UK is very high and with high salaries
  • Supply of remote software developers in Ukraine is feasible for the UK companies
  • Remote and dedicated hiring is very cost efficient
  • Living cost in the UK is almost 2 to 3 times higher than in Ukraine
  • Salaries in the UK are almost 2.5 times higher than in Ukraine

After having compared the market demand, living cost, development cost, quality and skills of professional software developers in the United Kingdom and Ukraine, we come to the conclusion that the cost of software development with Mobilunity in Ukraine is much more cost efficient than in-house development in the UK.

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