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Dedicated Development Team Services VS Recruiting: Costs, Delivery, Risks

One of our “persona” is a company interested in recruiting services. Especially now, when recruiting agencies would still be seeking remotely working and distantly placed developers.
In general, how Dedicated Development Team Services is more advantageous than Recruiting?
Let’s consider COST, DELIVERY, and RISKS for both.

COSTS. With an average level of a range, 25% from annual salary, making it $9000 on $3000/mo candidate.
DELIVERY. A contract signed with a dream candidate of yours.
RISKS. I cannot call it RISKS as after you get such DELIVERY, it is purely your job on organizing a new person’s onboarding, communication, retention, and so on. You don’t risk, you start spending on admin stuff with your new person.

Dedicated Team
COSTS. On average, it is ~$1500/month on top of the salary, $18000 annually.
DELIVERY. With recruiting fully included, it is an ongoing monthly delivery of office premises/facilities, office/workplace furniture/hardware, payroll and HR, security, HR/retention, Helpdesk, and else tiny things you commit for doing yourself when you go for RECRUITING alone.
RISKS. The Vendor earns in parallel with your remote team delivery. You share the risks for the team to remain successful, and your Vendor will be by your side taking care of things should they not go as planned.

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