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Mobilunity Has Started Hiring Internationally Since 2021

We are in people business, and thus, whatever relates to a general problem of PEOPLE – we aim to be valuable to our clients!

Our primary models of “talented software developers provisioning for short or long term” are naturally extended with something we as the vendor MUST be having perfect – our Recruiting services.

Since 2021 middle, we source and we hire internationally.
Since 2021 end, we massively market our Recruiting as a Service solution – basically acting as a recruiting agency.

Few weeks ago I asked for a map to be drawn on where we were recruiting tech candidates from. US, Japan, Israel and Australia did not get to the picture, yet, you may see bigger and smaller whales in European countries we were successful finding the right people with the right skills – whether working directly as an agency, or being a subcontractor to local agency operating in a country.

In our primary model, Recruiting is one of three critical expertise each vendor should posses. Reminding 3Rs of Nearshoring – Recruiting, Retention and Relationships. Mind all three. And, may you want to explore how Mobilunity could help you closing your local talent use – come over for a chat!

p.s. The Picture. Two 💙s is my team’s hello to those two friends of Ukraine’s Democracy that stand out in Ukraine’s fight for its freedom. I myself would add some 45 hearts more, knowing and appreciating whole support and commitment of all our friends, but, lets keep the image as is :)

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