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People Mobilunity Hired: Did They Have Else Offer?

Having 9 mos hires analysis made, an interesting observation is attached right below.

An intro:
In 2020, last year, 72.5% of all people we hired had else offer to compare Mobilunity with.
This year, this % is only 50.8% of all our hires.
With the demand on the market grown significantly, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised with these numbers.

An explainer:

  1. As a Hiring Company, we had to learn on finding people who are not in active job search. Such people allow our clients and ourselves having a recruiting process of some 7-10 days (more – we risk to lose the very right candidate).
  2. Talking to people not in active search we have time to pass through our clients’ corporate culture and values, their processes and advantages of working on their project. As for the time defined, we as a hiring company have no competition, in a nutshell, the Candidates are organically driven by their interest to continue their career working on
    1. interesting stack of technologies
    2. company’s domain
    3. quality of development processes inside the Client’s teams
    4. potential to professionally grow on that project
    5. fair pay

and with such 5 motivators our chances are of course way higher to prevail.

Working with candidates ACTIVELY IN SEARCH is still GO of course. It just requires different approach in sourcing and candidates processing, from both the Client and us as Nearshoring Vendor.


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